Introduction Edit

Yuyuko Saigyouji, once a human mistress to the Saigyouji clan, she is now the ghost princess of the netherworld pagoda, Hakugyokurou, her death having been a suicide. Able to invoke death in mortals and one of the relatively older beings in Gensokyo, she possesses somewhat of a mysteriously carefree but ambiguous personality and keeps very few personal friends outside of the netherworld, most notable of which being Yukari Yakumo.

To play Yuyuko you must be patient, and not overly aggressive when you clearly do not have momentum. Yuyuko may seem like a powerhouse or a spam character, but her lack of defensive moves make it hazardous to play her recklessly. Thus, learning proper use of her seemingly abusable attacks will help a great deal. To benefit from her midrange it's a good idea to learn how to use set-ups and projectile cover, most notably from her 214 series and normal bullets.

Hisoutensoku 1.10 ChangesEdit

  • 66B now makes the opponent go directly down to the ground, groundslams on CH.
  • Dance of the Butterfly Dream (default 623BC) now launches the opponent forwards, almost to the opposite corner of the screen.
  • Spirits that Died Well (alternative 214BC): The initial wisp that Yuyuko launches travels much more faster upwards, making this move potentially more useful.
  • Sphere Bloom (alternative 214BC): The C version has changed; now Yuyuko does a big leap backwards, (not unlike her backflip 623BC skillcard) leaving a trail of dots in her way. Not sure about this version's usefulness.
  • Delivery from the Deceased (alternative 421BC):After this move connects for the first time, a tiny wisp will appear from the contact area of the attack, and it will chase the enemy until the end of the match. This wisp can hit the enemy for a low damage, but its hitbox dissapears quickly. If you connect this attack again, a new wisp will appear, (you can have up to 8 wisps in the screen) and the unactivated wisps will gain their hitboxes again. Further research on this skill will be appreciated.
  • Life Limit "Ticket to the Netherworld" deals much less damage. Around 3000-3500.
  • Lost Again "Gensokyo's Hell" now doesn't launches your opponent that high upwards. It's easier to combo after doing it.

Normal Moves Edit

Move Description Damage Proration Hits Limit Notes Image
Close 5A Yuyuko pokes the opponent with a wisp. Cancellable into 3A. High Drains 1 orb if wrongblocked.
5AA Starts with 5A, then Yuyuko does a 360 while swinging a butterfly. High x2
5AAA Yuyuko swipes with a small soul, does a 360 while swinging a butterfly, then follows with another butterfly from the opposite direction High x3
Far 5A A forward-moving chop with a large butterfly. The animation for this is deceptive, the hitbox is actually just a horizontal rectangle that extends at roughly shoulder-height forward from the middle of Yuyuko's back. Fairly slow, and takes a while to recover on miss. Chains and combos into 6A or 3A.
2A A crouching finger-poke with a wisp. Chains and combos into 6A. Also chains and combos into 3A for a nice two hit knockdown. Low
3A A low sweep with some wisps. The appearance of this is deceptive again, it's extremely long but very low to the ground with a very tiny amount of vertical reach (almost no vertical reach, really). A great general purpose poke. Low Hits low and drains one orb if blocked wrong.
3[A] Same as 3A. Low Guardcrushes if blocked high.
6A Yuyuko does an overhead slam with a butterfly. The hitbox for this begins at roughly head-height and reaches to the ground, making it a pretty good move. High Drains 1 orb if wrongblocked.
6[A] Same as 6A. High Guardcrushes if blocked low.
j.5A Airborne version of 5A. High
j.6a Yuyuko spins in the air with two butterflies, moving her slightly forward and up at a set speed. The hitbox starts directly in front and behind Yuyuko and then rotates so that the hitbox is directly below and above Yuyuko. This is a really good move that covers a lot of area, use it to smack opponents that are trying to graze your bullet moves, or as a good easy way to stop airteching. High
j.8a Yuyuko does a backflip in the air. Cancels into bullets, supers, and specials. This move appears to be similar to Yuyuko's old IaMP Flip but it's significantly different in a lot of ways. This version contains no invulnerability frames, and will move Yuyuko slightly upwards. The hit area is roughly the area of Yuyuko's lower body, but slightly larger, hitting diagonally upforwards and directly vertically. High
j.2a A diagonally downward wisp attack. Hits up to four times. The hit area on it is really huge, so it's pretty good at beating out a lot of attacks. Really good move in general. High Drains half an orb with each hit if blocked wrong
66A Yuyuko sticks out a floaty wisp in front of her while dashing forwards. Contains no graze frames. Despite its appearance this is a melee move and can't be grazed. Can be special canceled and combos into 623B/C Fanspin. High
66B Similar to 6A. Contains no graze frames. Although it has the same animation as her 6A, 66B actually hits a lot higher, going all the way above her head. A very good anti-air move, use it to stop people constantly trying to chicken block. High Air unblockable.
66C Similar to j.6A. Contains lots of graze frames and has the same hit area as j.6A, but has a long recovery period. Also has crossup potential as it is possible to hit opponents from behind with this. Due to it being punishable on block, avoid overusing it predictably, or as a means of approaching. High

Bullet Moves Edit

Move Description Maximum Raw Damage Proration # of Projectiles Limit Notes Image
5B Spews out a bunch of butterflies that fan out in front of Yuyuko. Bullet or special cancelable on the first wave or highjump cancelable on the second wave. Pretty decent move because it covers a lot of space, and because of the somewhat slow speed of the bullets. Very useful against characters who lack decent graze attacks. 15
5[B] Same as 5B, but with much more butterflies. 20
2B Yuyuko performs a backflip and a bunch of of multicolored butterflies quickly burst into a fan shape angled upwards in front of her. Bullet or special cancelable as soon as Yuyuko touches the ground. Pretty good move because it's so fast and covers a really good area. Can also be used as a sort of bullet "shield" to avoid incoming quick bullets while you set up your own cover. 12
j.5B Same as 5B. 15
j.5[B] Same as 5[B]. 20
5C Pews out 6 wisps that start overhead then float near the ground and track the opponent forwards. Special cancelable on the first wisp or highjump cancelable on the fourth. The wisps do not come in contact with most bullets, and will go through almost everything, save your opponent. Due to how long and drawn out this string of bullets is, it's hard for the opponent to air dash towards Yuyuko and attack her while she's using it, as their airdash will most likely end before the bullets have finished firing. 6
5[C] Same as 5C, but with more wisps. 10
2C Yuyuko ascends into the air and pews out 6 wisps that start near her feet then travel downwards and track the opponent forwards. Special or airdash/flight cancelable after the wisps appear. The downside is the startup, but this is a really good move anyway. Shares the same bullet avoidance as her 5C wisps. 6
6C Sends out a giant wisp that starts out fast then decelerates to a slow moving hover, homing towards your opponent. Special cancelable as soon as the wisp appears, highjump cancelable as soon as the wisp slows down. Hits three times. Lasts 3 seconds. Shares the same bullet avoidance as her 5C wisps. 1
j.5C Same as 5C. 6
j.5[C] Same as 5[C]. 10
j.2C Similar to 5C, but fires at a larger downward arc. 6
j.2[C] Same as j.2C, but places the wisps in a different position, instead making a denser, more vertical wall-like pattern, instead of a horizontal line. 10
j.6C Same as 6C. 1
j.8C Similar to 5C, but fires the bullets in an upwards arc. 6
j.8[C] Same as j.8[C], but fire more wisps. 10

Special Moves Edit


Light of the Undead -- 236BC (air also)

Flavor Text: A five-branched laser. Since it radiates outward, it covers more area the farther it goes.

Shoots a wide laser beam horizontally. Wallslams on hit. Highjump cancelable as soon as laser becomes active. C Version is much wider than B version. Each laser line has its own hitbox, so this move will do very low damage if the opponent is caught at the edges.


Dance of the Butterfly Dream -- 623BC

Flavor Text: Steps forward and attacks with fans in both hands. An effective grazing rush attack markedly different from her usual slow movement. With C, it travels further.

Commonly known as the "fanspin". Yuyuko rushes forwards then does a diagonal twirl with a fan in both hands, large butterflies also trail along with the fans. Both versions contain graze frames. The C version travels farther before Yuyuko spins. Yuyuko will instantly begin the spin as soon as she is within point blank range, or will wait a set amount of time before spinning if the opponent is out of range. Pretty good move in combos or out in the open to graze through bullets or cancel your own bullets. The high reach of it makes it useful against chicken blocking. It's unsafe on block, so use with care.


Ghostly Butterfly -- 214BC (air also)

Flavor Text: Releases ghost-shaped bullets from her hands that turn into homing butterflies when they reach the edge of the screen.

  • B version: Sends multiple harmless wisps diagonally upforwards. Onces the wisps connect with the ceiling or a wall they will convert into three butterflies per wisp. The butterflies will automatically target the opponent's position to some degree. A staple move of Yuyuko's bullet cover.
  • C version: Sends the wisps diagonally upback, then acts the same as the B version.
Both versions can be highjump canceled slightly after the wisps appear.

Eternal Wandering -- 421BC

Flavor Text: Calls forth a number of spirits in a ring that floats upwards. As you might imagine, effective against airborne opponents.

  • B version: Creates a ring of wisps directly in front of Yuyuko. Not highjump cancelable until very late. Highjump canceling removes the wisp ring.
  • C version: Creates a ring of wisps diagonally upforward from Yuyuko. Highjump cancelable as soon as wisps become active. Juggles upwards on hit, and amusingly combos into itself in the corner. Combo into this during azure if fanspin gets blocked to avoid any punishment other than graze attacks.

Alternate-Skill Cards Edit


Lance of the Swallowtail Crest -- 236BC

Flavor Text: A piercing attack using a sword-shaped fey mist. The excess power turns into butterflies that scatter over a wide area. Is this accidental or on purpose? Most suspicious.

A very powered up version of Yuyuko's beam move. You lose the ability to do it in the air, and it covers less area than he default, but it fires much faster and wallslams on hit. The beam also pews out multiple butterflies in addition to the "lance" beam. Leveling up increases damage, number of hits, and number of butterflies as well as spreading out the formation of the butterflies to cover more area.


Land of Death -- 236B/C

Flavor Text: Ghosts fly out and advances towards the enemy repeatedly in this ranged attack. An attack that fully showcases the whimsical nature of ghosts.

(Expansion-only)Yuyuko throws out some wisps in an arc in front of her that fall to the ground. Upon touching the ground, these wisps will jump out at a low arc and disappear again a few times. They are quite dense and will cancel out most other projectiles. Can be high jump canceled before the wisps touch the ground. B version sends out 3 wisps and is quicker on startup and recovery, C version is slower, but throws out 4. Powering up this card increases the amount of wisps and the range the wisps will go.


Reverse Screens -- 623BC

Flavor Text: Flips backwards, clearing out the area before her. It has invincibility and is strong, but is very close-range and will usually miss if the enemy isn't attacking. Very counter-centric.

Yuyuko flips backwards. This move is intended as a reversal move, as it contains some invulnerability (both melee and bullet invulnerability). It's first frame invulnerable and the invulnerability lasts up until the active attack frames occur. Because Yuyuko moves backwards, it will not hit a stationary opponent. However, the hitbox is really good at hitting outstretched limbs from an opponent's attack, or hitting opponents out of the air. It is also able to hit stationary opponents if Yuyuko's back is to a corner, since she can't move away in that situation. While this move seems laggy and difficult to use, it's actually quite good as a reversal, use it while defending against an opponent's attack strings or when getting up off the ground.


Sense of Elegance -- 623B/C

Flavor Text: Yuyuko spins in place, using her sharp fans to hit the enemy. A graceful, beautiful and deadly dance.

(Expansion-only)Yuyuko twirls where she stands then swings her fan upwards, moving forward a bit and releasing a large pink slash in front that reaches high. This move is a melee attack despite its appearance, and hits high. B version comes out quicker than C, but C is fully invulnerable while Yuyuko spins, making it decent as a reversal. It does not graze after the spin however, so bullets will knock you out of it. C version is also very punishable on block, so use sparingly or use a spellcard to make it safe.


Spirits that Died Well -- 214BC (air also)

Flavor Text: A variation of Ghostly Butterfly. A ghost sent to the edge of the screen turns into a laser attack.

Sends a single harmless wisp diagonally upforwards. Onces the wisp connects with the ceiling or a wall it will convert into three multicolored light spears that leave behind a laser trail. The laserballs will automatically target the opponent's position to some degree. The C version shoots it slightly further than the B version. Level 2 makes 4 lasers, and Level 4 makes a total of 5 lasers. Not as useful as her default butterflies, but much more damaging.


Sphere Bloom -- 214BC (air also)

Flavor Text: Light particles disperse like whips and become sakura petals that attack the enemy after a time delay.

Creates a spiral of harmless dots that extend forward past Yuyuko and linger for a while.

  • B version: Finishes spawning after returning to Yuyuko. Spans a bit less than halfscreen.
  • C version: Goes all the way to the center. Spans a bit more than halfscreen. Can be HJC'd halfway through.

The dots don't do anything for a moment, then they begin to explode in rapid succession from down to up, inflicting damage. Drains hard on block, and, though these explosions don't last long, they will interact with other bullets. The delay is pretty long, so this move doesn't seem like it can be used in combos, but perhaps in attack strings or okizeme, or for tech-traps. Both versions will drop great amount of weather crystals if Yuyuko is hit.


Spirit-Luring Nectar -- 421BC

Flavor Text: Simultaneously releases a spirit-attracting orb and spirits. You can control the orbs direction, making the spirits follow. Holding extends the controllable time.

  • B version: Sends five wisps horizontally forwards.
  • C version: Sends the wisps vertically upwards.

Yuyuko pauses briefly before extending her hand and creating a point of light that can be controlled. She then throws out a set of small white whisps which chase the light around. These whisps are quite dense and will cancel most other projectiles, however Yuyuko cannot move while she's controlling the whisps, so it has to be used with some caution.

Holding the button used to fire the wisps will make them last much longer.
Holding a direction will control their flight path. You can hold both a button and a direction as well.
Leveling up increases the duration of the wisps.

Gifts from the Deceased - 421B/C

Flavor Text: Yuyuko flies skywards, grabbing the enemy and throwing her. Since she depends on ghosts for this move, whenever she perfoms it she becomes extremely hungry.

(Expansion-only)Yuyuko leaps in the air and grabs the opponent, doing about 1.2k dmg and 100% limit. This move will only hit an airborne opponent, but is completely unblockable, making it very effective against chickenblocking and HJ8 escapes. C version goes farther than B version and is faster, but has more start up time and recovery. Yuyuko is free to move or attack once the apex of her ascent has been reached. This move will not hit an opponent who is in guard stun.


One cost cards


Nether Sign "Peaceful Route to the Underworld"

Flavor Text: Forms an easy path to the land of the dead at her hands. From there, many ghosts pour out, but since they're ghosts, they just go wherever they want.

Spews out a bunch of wisps that travel in horizontal waves at random heights. Can be used in air.

Two cost cards


Death Sign "Ghastly Dream"

Flavor Text: Fires a wave of butterfly shots out in a circle. It's unrivaled in terms of covering your surroundings, so it's an easy card to switch in.

Creates two rings of butterflies that expand outwards. Each ring is two layers thick and the butterflies in each layer orbit in a circular fashion in the ring. Really good move in combos or even as a reversal, does decent damage.:Notes: Due to its invincible startup, this move can hit certain chars during attacks that move their hitbox into Yuyuko, most notably Sakuya's 6A, making the butterflies on both sides hit her, doing amplified damage (over 3k.)


Ghost Sign "Ageless Dream"

Flavor Text: Drain the enemy's strength with a ghost. Be aware that the possession ends and total damage is lowered when Yuyuko is interrupted by attacks.

Shoots out a tiny wisp that travels horizontally. If it hits the opponent it will "poison" the opponent and drain their life slowly. If Yuyuko is hit while the poison is active then it will end the poison duration. One of Yuyuko's best spellcards, can be used as part of a combo (5AA *poison* 5AAA in the corner) or if Fanspin/C version Fanswipe is blocked to make it safe, chip spirit and keep up momentum.


Psyche "As the Butterfly Flies"

Flavor Text: Ghostly Butterfly, wide version. They form a wall, attacking in all directions. The ghosts do no damage, but it's a good moment to attack.

Spits out a ring of harmless wisps that expand outwards until they touch the ceiling or a wall. Once the wisps touch a wall they convert into a group of butterflies that target the opponent to some degree. These butterflies and wisps will not disappear if Yuyuko is hit, but the butterflies can still be destroyed by enemy projectiles. Basically a super version of her 214 move. This card is a decent way for Yuyuko to gain momentum as it has some invincibility frames at the start, and if your opponent attacks Yuyuko immediately after the screen will zoom such that they will get comboed by the butterflies.

Three cost cards


Elegance "Invitation to the Afterlife"

Flavor Text: Ghosts surround the enemy, slowly moving inwards. A direct hit is difficult, but the enemy's freedom is severely restricted.

Creates an enormous ring of wisps around the stage, centered on the opponent's location when the ring was created. The ring will slowly contract until it is small enough to hit the opponent. However, if the opponent moves the ring's center will not track the opponent. Does a ridiculous amount of spirit damage and can easily lead to a guard crush by having Yuyuko tack on more bullets. The ring will also destroy any destructable opponent projectile. Only combos out of CH Fanspin. Not a particularly exciting card in comparison to her other choices, though it may be useful as okizeme or something.


"Ressurection Butterfly"

Flavor Text: Beams of light emanate from Yuyuko, and swarms of butterfly attack. It starts out weak, but becomes stronger and stronger as it is used more often.

(Expansion-only) Lasers spring up from the ground in an upwards fan-like pattern, and four waves of butterflies fly up one after another. Rammstein would be proud. Does a good amount of spirit damage on block, but more importantly drains the opponent's spirit rapidly should they try to graze it, making it ideal to use against opponents who are low on spirit. This spellcard has a cumulative effect with itself in that after every use, the next one will be approximately 33% bigger and stronger. The first use is a bit mediocre, but it quickly becomes much more powerful, literally doubling in damage on its 4th use. Either use 4 of these or none at all.

Four cost cards


Deadly Butterfly "Endless Nap"

Flavor Text: Create a storm of butterfly shots. The butterflies spiral around Yuyuko and spread out across the screen.

Powered up version of her Ghastly Dream butterfly super. Creates more rings that expand further outwards and does a lot more damage. Really useful card to have, use it on hit, block, reversal, whatever. Note that the position that you hit with using this move is important as well: too close and the second ring will whiff doing much less damage.


Life Limit "Ticket to the Netherworld"

Flavor Text: Fire ghosts that possess the enemy. They are harmless, but when the last ghost vanishes, it strikes hard. Be aware that if Yuyuko is damaged before the countdown finishes, possession stops.

Powered up version of the poison card. This version doesn't steadily drain life though. Instead, when the opponent is hit they are surrounded by a group of harmless wisps that disappear one at a time. When all the wisps vanish, which takes 6 seconds, a huge explosion engulfs the opponent and damages them for roughly half their life bar. The explosion cannot be grazed or blocked, but the wisps will disappear if Yuyuko is hit. Note that this spellcard can be gimped with backdash invincibility, invincible spellcards and even some skillcards, so it is best to get opponents blocking before the explosion hits.


Butterfly Sign "Death Lance"

Flavor Text: A fan opens up from behind and fires beams and butterflies forwards at random.

Creates a fan behind Yuyuko, and then after a delay Yuyuko will begin to pelt the opponent with a stream of horizontal moving laser lances. Basically a super version of Yuyuko's 236 laser alt skillcard. Can be used in the air. Can be combo'd into from her Dial-A for over 4k dmg from anywhere on screen except in the corner.

Five cost cards


Lost Again "Gensokyo's Hell"

Flavor Text: The great task of opening the gate to the next world. From the gate, ghosts pour out, attacking the enemy. The enemy's movement is severely restricted.

Creates a glow below the opponent that spews out a steady stream of wisps that travel in waves vertically upwards. This move is pretty good in combos or on block, as it pins the opponent down while they block the wisps. Hard to combo into though, and it stops if Yuyuko is knocked down. Generally not worth the cost, as Yuyuko has much more useful cards at lower cost.


Cherry Sign "Sense of Cherry Blossom"

Flavor Text: Unleashes a spiral of energy skywards. Takes a long time to prepare, but has unparalleled range and power.

(Expansion-only) Yuyuko twirls where she stands, and after a bit more than a second, swings her fan and releases a gigantic pink slash similar to her alt 623, covering a huge area in front of her, reaching very high. This spellcard is a high-hitting melee attack and cannot be blocked or grazed in the air, but can be blocked high on the ground, dealing massive chip damage, but no spirit damage unless blocked low. Does 4733 dmg on hit. Useful against chickenblocking and ceiling hugging, but the long startup limits its usability. Combos from her 421 wisp rings, but the high proration of it limits the damage a lot.

Combos Edit

Midscreen Edit

  • 5AAA
Damage: 1902
Limit: 40%
Spirit Orb Usage: 0
Notes: Sadly, Yuyuko has little to no options midscreen for combos starting with 5A, unless you use a spellcard or Azure is on.
  • 5A 2B 6C j.2A
Damage: 2248
Limit: 50%
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
  • 5AA 623C 421C HJ9 9D J8A
Damage: 2470
Limit: 105%
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: During Azure only.

Near Corner Edit

  • 2A 6A 6C 623C
Damage: 2050~
Limit: 100%
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
  • 5AAA f.A 6A 623C
Damage: 3070
Limit: 100%
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
  • 5AAA 6C j.A j.8A
Damage: 2804
Limit: 100%
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
  • 5AAA 6A (a.)623C
Damage: 2791/2946 with a.623B/C
Limit: 100%
Spirit Orb Usage: 0
Notes: Works with both 623s, but the distance from the corner where you can do this for the Flip is much smaller.
  • 5AAA j.A j.6A
Damage: 2749
Limit: 80%
Spirit Orb Usage: 0
  • 6A 6C 421C j.A j.8A
Damage: 2000
Limit: 100%
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
  • f5A 6A 623C
Damage: 2068
Limit: 80%
Spirit Orb Usage: 1

Corner Edit

  • 5AA 2B 2C j.66 j.2A 5AAA
Damage: 3600+
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Limit: 100%
Notes: Works on everyone but Marisa, Yukari, Tenshi, Youmu, Reisen, Alice and Suika.
  • 5AAA 5AA 623B/C
Damage: 2798
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Limit: 100%
Notes: Wait for the opponent to drop a little after wallslam before doing 5AA. Use only one 5A if you have trouble getting the timing down, which nets you 2656 instead, but is much easier.
  • (5AA 2B j.2A)x3 5AAA
Damage: 4951
Spirit Orb Usage: 0
Limit: 100%
Notes: The Komachi Loop. Only works on Komachi. Delay the j.2A as much as you can, so the combo won't cut before your next 5A. Video: (with 2b 623b ender, no point using this anymore)
  • 5AAA 2B 623B/C
Damage: 2598
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Limit: 100%
  • 2A 2B 6C 421C j.A j.8A
Damage: 2300
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Limit: 100%
  • 6A 2B 623C
Damage: 1771
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Limit: 100%
  • 5AAA a.623B/C (Reverse Screens)
Damage: 2714
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Limit: 80%
Notes: Works only on Reimu, Marisa, Alice, Aya, Reisen, Komachi, Iku and Tenshi, for until about 2 character lengths from the corner. One of the few options you have if you chose to get the Flip.

Air Edit

  • j.A j.8A j.421C 9D j.A j.8A
Damage: 2500-2800
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Limit: 100%
Notes: Requires wisp rings at lvl 1+
  • j.A j.8A j.B
Damage: 2135
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Limit: 100%
Notes: Corner only, must be kinda low. Use this if you don't have wisp rings at lvl 1+
  • j.A j.6A j.6C j.A j.8A
Damage: 2514
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Limit: 100%
Notes: Must be past midscreen, low enough for j.6C to connect after land bounce
  • j.A j.6A j.2C 66 j.2a
Damage: 2500+
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Limit: 100%
Notes: Must be low enough for j.2C to hit after land bounce. Only works near corner. Cancel the j.2C as soon as possible.
  • j.2A 2A 2B 421C HJ9 j.A j.8A
Damage: 2900-3055
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Limit: 100%+
Notes: Corner only, must be kinda low.

General Tips & Tricks Edit

Pressuring Edit

Midscreen pressure

Unlike most characters, Yuyuko doesn't have an airtight or reliable string of melee/bullet that can crush or keep an opponent blocking relatively safely all the way to the corner, like Sakuya's 5AAA 2B j2B jA loop, or Tenshi's. Instead, you can use a combination of high/low mixups along with quick dashes and wide bullet cover to keep your opponent guessing. This is where Yuyuko's 5A and 2A's range and speed come in handy. Dashing into a 5A/2A poke can be done by releasing 6 right after you start your dash and pressing 5A/2A. This will let Yuyuko keep her dash momentum while she pokes with 5A2A, resulting in a deceptively far reaching hit that's even faster than her 66A. Mixing up her 5A/2A 3A/6A 6C 421C is a good way to do some spirit damage while setting bullet cover everywhere in front and above you, forcing them to either risk a grazing attack, or continue blocking, as you can follow up 421C with either HJ9 j2A to keep pressuring, or hj7 66 j2A if you think they're gonna try to graze through.

Corner pressure

Corner pressure with Yuyuko is very much the same as midscreen (I.E. 5A/2A 3A/6A 6C 421C hj9 j2A, repeat), with the exception that you can now poke with 5A/2A a bit more before being out of range. As you have no airtight string options, your opponent will most likely try to graze forward or graze attack out of pressure, as a high jump will put them right into 421's area, allowing you to HJ9 towards them and continue pressuring in the air, or to punish with Airgrab. To avoid being graze attacked or simply grazed out, you have a few options, mostly in just mixing up your strings. For example, 2A or 4A after 3A/6A will catch a grazing attempt or a slow graze attack if they think 6c is coming, or you can hj7 66 (airdash, not flight, this is important) j2A to get them back into blocking.


Yuyuko's 623B/C can be canceled into from any bullet, quickly adding a layer of melee to your pressure. During midscreen or corner pressure, Fanspin will beat out any graze attempts or chicken blocking. What it will not beat are quicker graze attacks like Yukari's and Tenshi's 66C, if done after 6C. 2A 6A 623C can work if your opponent is really graze attack-happy, but otherwise should be avoided. The one big problem with Fanspin is that it is punishable on block, especially in the corner, so if you guess wrong and Fanspin only to have it blocked, you are vulnerable to heavy punishment. That is, unless you have spellcards on hand.

Note: with the release of Hisoutensoku, Fanswipe can replace Fanspin in catching graze attempts, and is unpunishable on block. Fanswipe will not stop chickenblocking though, which Fanspin will. The choice is yours.


The old blocked Fanspin into rings trick amazingly still works to this day ( America!). This will catch any sort of punish attempt on your 623C for pretty good damage, however, again, if they guess correctly and block it, you are once again vulnerable for punishment, and this time you're out of options. However, the rings do quite a bit of spirit damage if done immediately after Fanspin is blocked; 1.5 orbs for 2 card rings, and 1.7 orbs for the first wave of 4 card rings, 3.2 orbs if they block both. If you have the option, it's up to you whether to risk baiting a punish on blocked Fanspin or just crush them with the rings. With 4 card rings, you can, assuming they wrongblock 2 or more melee hits, do 5A/2A 3A/6A 6C 421C hj9 j2A 5A/2A 3A/6A 6C 623C *Everlasting Nap*. The first wave will crush them, the second will hit and send them into the air, where you can do a follow-up j8A for a total of about 3k dmg. However, rings aren't your only option nor your best option after a blocked Fanspin. Poison and lvl 1 ghosts will also do the trick, as will her reversal 2 card 214-like wisp/butterflies. This one can also be punished on block, but the butterflies will still be on screen harassing your opponent if he decided to hit you out of it.


Poison cards see a lot of use in combos, but they can also be used on Fanspin block to make it safe, cause 1 orb spirit damage, and lets you continue pressuring your opponent as it's advantageous on block. lvl 1 Ghosts is a cheaper alternative for approximately the same results (1.2 orbs). Timebomb also works, but is a rather costly option.

Timebomb Edit

Life Limit "Ticket to the Netherworld", commonly known as Timebomb, puts a 6 second timer on your opponent which after counting down all the way, will make them explode for approximately 5000 dmg. If you are hit at all or even just crushed during this timer, the timebomb will cancel. This explosion is unavoidable by blocking or grazing, but CAN be avoided using any skill or spellcard that makes you invincible for a bit, such as an actual bomb, a backdash, a weather card, or Yukari and Reimu's teleports just to name a few. A badly timed knockdown will also make Timebomb fail, as you cannot be hit while while knocked down or teching.

What this means however, is that your opponent's playstyle will drastically change once he is hit by it. Depending on how you land it, your opponent should either try to rush you down to get just one hit in at all cost, or will back off and wait for the countdown to try to time an invincible ability. Whichever they chose to do, backing off and hoping they fail at avoiding it is a pretty poor way to deal with it, as they will most likely manage to either hit you or gimp your bomb if you do nothing to stop it. Instead, punishing their predictably aggressive behavior, although slightly risky, will get them hit or blocking, which is what you want for timebomb to succeed. Attacking while timebomb is counting down also gives you the opportunity to land some easy combos if they should avoid timebomb with a backdash.

Midscreen Timebomb: You can either 5AA *bomb*, or 5AAA *bomb*, depending on where you are. 5AAA will only land if you're close enough for them to wallbounce, and will result in a knockdown. 5AA *bomb* will reel them away, but keep them up. On 5AA, after Timebomb is set, dashing in with 66A will stop them in their tracks if they try anything short of blocking. On counterhit, which is very likely if they chose to rush, you can keep pressure up to keep them blocking (or keep em taking hits), but play it safe and don't risk any punishable behavior. If they chose to back off and play defensively, pressure as you normally would, using bullet cover from 421C, 214B/C, 6C and j2A as to not risk taking a hit. If you ever lose momentum, or if they get a chance to trade hits, back off and block.

Corner Timebomb: Using 5AA *bomb* 5AAA 623C will blue ring your opponent and send him flying in the air, landing in the corner and wasting much time on the counter. This puts them in a difficult position, as they only have 1.5 seconds to avoid it, or around a second if they tech. They probably won't try to hit you in this case, and just do anything they can to avoid it. Not teching would spell their doom as all you have to do is j2A 5AAA and they'll get hit, So they will tech 99% of the time. Do you best to be on top of them when that happens, and ideally try to hit them or have them block j2A into Dial-A, which'll waste enough time for Timebomb to explode.

Note: 5AA *bomb* 5AAA 623C does not work on Iku. Either replace your 5AAA for regular pressuring, which can work well since Iku does not have a graze attack, or replace your final 5A hit with 623C, which will not blue ring but still put them in an awkward position if they airtech.

Bullet Cover Edit

Using bullet cover to help approaching is something every character should do ideally, but some get away with not using it better than others (Youmu, Aya), or simply don't have access to decent slow moving cover (Aya, Tenshi). With Yuyuko, this is not the case for either. You simply will not get away with recklessly rushing as Yuyuko, but getting a proper cover setup is quite easy.

Butterfly (214B/C): Her default 214 is a staple move in her arsenal, providing a delayed wave of butterflies covering a huge area if set up properly. As a general rule of thumb, use whichever version sends the wisps towards the wall away from you; If your back is to a wall, use 214B, if you are close to and facing the wall, use 214C, unless your opponent is standing right in front of you. This doesn't provide immediate cover, but rather places a delayed threat that your opponent must deal with; If he tries to attack you, he might get pinned down by butterflies should you block, if HE blocks your incoming attack, the butterflies will fill in the holes in your string and keep him pinned down. Although these butterflies don't do much damage, they can keep your opponent in hitstun for a long time while you beat on him. If you ever get a chance to throw cover and are unsure what to go for, 214B/C is usually a good option. Note that having butterflies on the way doesn't mean you're unbeatable on offense, throwing out 214's and blocking incoming attacks is sometimes a better option if your opponent is too rush-happy.

5B: 5B is often misused or completely foregone in favor of 5C. While 5C is decent for general long range pestering or ground to ground approaching, 5B covers a huge area in front of you, and will actually stop other bullets on contact, though the butterflies are rather light. The slow speed on the butterflies works to your advantage, as throwing j5B and airdashing into j2A will give you cover in front and on top of you in addition to melee. These butterflies can be a huge problem for characters who do not have good graze attacks (I.E. Alice, Komachi), as there's nothing they can do to punch through your offense, and so are forced to either avoid it, throw bullets to counter yours, or just block it.

2B: Mainly used at long range to stop incoming weak bullets, allowing you to set up 214B/B wisps or other bullets, or at close/midrange to stop incoming aerial melee. This move is not as quick as it might look, and shouldn't be used on reaction to an opponent's jA approach, but rather in advance for quick temporary cover. Avoid overusing it at long range against chars with quick dense bullets (Patchouli 6C) or chars with beam attacks (Marisa, Reisen). 2B should not always be followed by 2C, although this fills the screen pretty quick, it isn't a large threat and can easily be avoided.

421C: Continues the tradition of low damage/long hitstun bullets in Yuyuko's arsenal, 421C covers a huge area in front and above Yuyuko, which puts a stop to any chance of the typical graze forward+jA approach so many players are fond of. The wisp rings are actual bullets and are pretty dense, eating up most other bullets. This move is often your best option after 6C, covering pretty much every angle there is aside from right above and behind you. HJ9 into wisp rings if your opponent choses to block 6C, hj7 if you think they will graze it, and follow it up with 66 j2A if you can.

6C: 6C does little damage on hit or block, but covers a deceptively large area due to its tracking. Since it does not go away if grazed and slowly chases the opponent, it can be used to trick others into going past it to hit you, only for it to come back from behind them and hit them while you're blocking their assault, or to cover otherwise unsafe attacks such as 623B midscreen: once blocked, 6C will hover over you and hit them if they try to punish it with anything short of a graze attack. Always a good bullet to have on screen.