Introduction Edit

Youmu Konpaku is the dual sword-wielding half-human, half-ghost gardener of Hakugyokurou. She is straightforward, focused, and loyal to her mistress Yuyuko Saigyouji, though her stoic personality often makes her a victim of her mistress' playful, good-humored demeanor.

Much like her personality, Youmu is a straightforward character. Her gameplan revolves around using bullets as cover and landing melee attacks. To help her accomplish this task, she has tremendous speed, slow moving projectiles, and high priority normals. If you're flying to the top of the screen and mashing out j.2A, you're doing it wrong.

Advantages: Youmu's speed combined with her huge damage allows her to relentlessly pressure and push opponents. Her loose pressure is arguably the best in the game, and her damage output is high in all situations. Additionally, Youmu has all the tools necessary to avoid her opponent's offense. With a reversal special, high speed, and a small hitbox, Youmu can effectively shut down her opponent's offense without much difficulty.

Disadvantages: Youmu's disadvantages easily lie in her projectiles. Though excellent for offering cover, they don't serve well as a poke and have low density. Additionally, Youmu must spend most of her matches approaching, and most characters can shutdown any of Youmu's approaches if the Youmu's mixup game hasn't been developed. Youmu can have difficulty with other character's zoning games because 623C is her only graze attack.

Hisoutensoku 1.10 ChangesEdit

j.2A - A bit more of a start-up and seems to have less recovery.

5B/6B Bullet - HJC can be activated later than in 1.03.

5C/2C/j.5C/j.2C - no apparent delay after input. 2C and j.2C both seem to not last as long as before.

Netherworld Reflection Slash (236B/C) - Bullets that strike the shield create another special type of arrow-like bullet while still reflecting. Same sound effect as all of Youmu's B's. No longer becomes a projectile at MAX level but the size is very large compared to level 0.

Slash of Life and Death (214B/C)- C Version's first hit seems to move further than before.

Lotus Stance Cut (alt 236B/C) - Has a new animation trailing behind the projectile. Only hits once now until level MAX where it hits twice again.

Phosphorus Spirit Slash (alt 236B/C) - The circles come out at an angle, not like the flat circles they were before. Level 3+ gives it an after-image that may do more hits (?).

Heart Carving Cut (alt 214B/C) - new "sliding" animation after dash, and other graphical additions. C Version no longer hits three times, but travels much larger after a longer start-up. The slide at the end makes you go through the opponent's hitbox. As well, no longer hits high vertically like before.

Overhead Flower-Pruning Slash (alt 214B/C) - C Version can now be charged as well.

Strange Half-Body (alt 22B/C) - The projectiles now move in a wavy motion, and size fluctuates a bit. New difference between the B and C version: B shoots bullets down then up, C version the opposite.

Youmu seems slower in general as well.

Notables Edit

Non-continuous dash: Youmu’s dash is non-continous. This means that at the end of her dash, she no longer counts as grazing and must block or be hit by any projectiles near her.

Normal Moves Edit

Move Description Damage Proration Hits Limit Notes Image
Close 5AA Standard jab. Cancellable into anything. Middle x2
5AAA Two jabs, then a forward slash. Cancellable into anything. Middle x2, High
5AAAA Two jabs, then a forward slash, followed by a vertical slash. Cancellable into spellcards and specials. Middle x2, High, Low
5AAAAA Two jabs, then a forward slash, followed by a vertical slash and ended with a downward slash. Only cancellable into spellcards. Middle x2, High, Low, High
Far 5A A kick that moves Youmu forward slightly. Can be cancelled into anything. High
2A Fast low kick. Can combo into itself up to 4-5 times if done up close to the opponent. Cancellable into anything. Low
Far 2A Youmu does a low punch to the opponent. Cancellable into anything. Low
3A Youmu does a golf shot on the opponent, launching the opponent on hit. Cancellable into bullets, spellcards, and specials. Low
3[A] Same as 3A, but the swing is bigger and launches even higher if done on counterhit. Only cancellable into spellcards. Low Guardcrushes if blocked high.
6A Youmu stabs forward with her sword. Cancellable into bullets, spellcards, and specials. High
6[A] Same as 6A, but Youmu slides forward during the attack and has great range. Cancellable into spellcards. High Guardcrushes if blocked low.
j.5A Youmu does an elbow that lasts for awhile. Cancellable into other aerial normals or bullets. High
j.6a Youmu does a forward aerial kick that slides her forward. Cancellable into bullets. High Wallslams.
j.8a Youmu does a upwards slash with her sword. Has a large hitbox, and can be canceled into bullets. High
j.2a Youmu quickly descends onto the opponent with her sword. Cannot be canceled. High Groundslams on CH.
66A, (A) Youmu dashes forward and does a kick. Pressing A during this attack will result in Youmu doing a roundhouse kick that knocks the opponent away. First hit can be cancelled into spellcards and supers. The second hit can only be cancelled into spellcards. High, High
66B Youmu does a low sweep with her sword while sliding forward. Has a bigger hitbox than 66A, but is slower. Cancellable into spellcards. Low
66C Youmu slides forward while doing an overhead slash. Cancellable into spellcards. High Wallslams the opponent.

Bullet Moves Edit

Move Description Maximum Raw Damage Proration # of Projectiles Limit Notes Image
5B Youmu cuts through the air and creates 5 small slow moving bullets in a formation that resembles a slash. This can be canceled into C bullets, high jumps, specials, spell cards, and backdashes.
6B This move has the same properties as 5B, but the bullet formation is shaped like a backslash and the move is slightly faster.
2B This move resembles 5B, but the bullets travel upwards rather than forwards.
j.5B Youmu cuts through the air and creates 5 bullets that come down at a 30° angle.
j.2B Youmu cuts through the air and creates 5 bullets that come down at a 70° angle.
5C Myon spins in a half circle, shooting 2 waves of bullets in opposite directions.
2C Resembles 5C, but it has a slower startup, can be canceled into high jumps sooner, and Myon fires more bullets.
6C Youmu sends Myon to attack the opponent. It has slow startup, but the bullet flies fast. Myon will be canceled by ANY attack, physical or projectile. When this happens, both hitboxes become invalid.
1.10 Note: Range is now shorter.
Wallslams on hit.
j.5C An aerial version of 5C. Youmu floats in the air for a bit upon activation.
j.2C An aerial version of 2C. Youmu floats in the air for a bit upon activation.
j.6C An aerial version of 6C.

Special Moves Edit

{Skill name translations need verification.}

Netherworld Reflection Slash -- 236BC:

Youmu creates a reflector in front of her that throws back any projectiles that hit it. It's also HJCable. The bullets will maintain trajectory, but horizontal (forward) movement will be reversed. Reflected bullets can collide with non-reflected enemy bullets. Both reflected bullets and non-reflected bullets get converted when the opponent is struck. At level 4 the "mirror" becomes a projectile and can strike the opponent for 2 hits, and the duration of the mirror is increased.

Crescent Moon Slash -- 623BC:

Basic Shoryuken move (Dragon Punch).

  • B version: Single hit move with melee invulnerability
  • C version: Two hit move with grazing frames. First hit is super-cancellable.
Slash of Life and Death -- 214BC:

ॐ . Basic rekka-ken move (3 part move). Youmu slides a bit forward and slashes with her sword. Repeat the motion to perform the second and third hits. Second hit launches, third hit being an airborne knockdown. The followup slashes don't cost additional meter and can be delayed between hits or omitted. At higher levels, if 214C is used for the 2nd iteration, it is a high guard crush.

Medium's Bind -- 22BC:

Same as her 6C but has the properties of a special move. Unlike her 6C this variant is bigger and inflicts more damage. When it hits, Myon will follow the opponent for a few seconds. During these few seconds you can activate Myon's 5C or 6C, useful for a okizeme. (Hisoutensoku : range is increased and density is greatly improved, making it effective to clear parts of the screen. You can also use 22BC again while Myon is attached to the opponent; hitting them in this fashion will not reattach Myon)

Alternate Skill Cards Edit

Lotus Stance Cut -- 236BC:

Shoots a huge green projectile through the screen.

  • B version: Slows down right after it's fired, then travels almost through the whole stage before dissipating.
  • C version: Slows down halfway across the screen, then travels through the whole stage.

Usefulness: Can be used in near-corner BnB. When properly used it really eats the opponent's space, and will negate/destroy many normal projectiles, making it good for zoning. Somewhat slow startup. But nevertheless it's Youmu's "best" alternative skill card. Leveling increases damage and size of the projectile.

Phosphorus Spirit Slash -- 236B/C: (Expansion-only)Fires pink rings arranged in a curve a short distance in front of Youmu, which are then pulled back. Whiffs at point-blank range. Leveling increases damage and the size of the rings. B version fires two rings while C version fires four.
Intolerant Avici -- 623BC:

Unblockable command grab. Inflicts zero damage and 40% Limit. Can be comboed on hit, but will not grab an opponent during blockstun.

  • B version: Grabs and pushes opponent forward.
  • C version: Grabs and pushes opponent to the opposite direction.

Usefulness: can be used for grab mixups, but damage is very very poor. a runpast lvl 5 after a grab will do around 1000 or less. If b or c is held down, Youmu will do a knee for 100% limit and 300 damage at lvl 1. Amusingly, triple grab is a valid combo for full limit.

Insightful Sword -- 623BC:

Reversal move. Youmu unsheathes a sword, pose duration depends on which button was used. C version lasts longer. If the opponent connects a melee move during the pose, Youmu will automatically parry and stagger the opponent, then perform an automatic followup slash.

Usefulness: Similar to Sakuya's counter, this card also only works on melee. It is a lot more powerful than Sakuya's counter though.

Heart Carving Cut -- 214BC:

Similar to 66B except for the range and damage. Both versions cause knockdown.

  • B version: One hit slash that travels half a screen distance.
  • C version: Three hit slash that travels slightly farther.

Usefulness: Good for crush strings, but not very effective anymore once your opponent learns to block it low. Can actually hit after a full dial-A in the corner for 100% limit, if inputted fast enough. Grazes.

Overhead Flower-Pruning Slash -- 214B/C: (Expansion-only)Youmu rises into the air at a 60 degree angle for about two character heights, then slams down with her sword. A power capable of killing celestials, one of the five signs. B version goes forward by one character width before attacking while C version goes forward by three character widths. B version can be charged to do extra damage.
Wicked Soul -- 22BC:

Myon freezes in position and sense out circular waves of energy around itself. Hits five times, causing knockdown. Hits a much larger area at max level. No difference between B and C. Myon rests for a while before being used again for any C or 22BC moves.

Usefulness: Quite situational for offensive use, good counter against jump-ins. Leads into 6B j.A j.6A for pretty good damage.

Strange Half-Body -- 22BC:

Myon shoots a series of gigantic pink bullets which grow larger the farther they go, the amount of bullets is determined by the level of the move. Fires 3 shots at base level, and +1 per additional level. No difference between B and C. Myon rests for a while before being used again for any C or 22BC moves.

Usefulness: This is alright for zoning and corner okizeme, since the bullets are slow, but there are other choices such as the alternative 236 for zoning and 5c or 2B/5B for okizeme. However, it is the only special that can be used in the air.

Spellcards Edit

Human Sign "Slash of Present":

Costs 2, Runpast that hits once. May be used in combos, as a frametrap, and as a long range punish. Forces blue ring (100% Limit).

Soul Sign "Ghostly Wheel of Pain":

Costs 2, clone. Good damage if you can get her BnB in. Duplicates any melee move you perform. Lasts a very short time, but C bullets are disactivated for the duration of the spell.

Life Terminating Sword "Meditation":

Costs 3, green sword. Hits from about 3-4 bodies away. High damage. Counts as a high guard crush. Is a projectile move. Does 5 hits, 3455 damage, 50% Limit.

Sword Skill "Thousand Cherry Blossoms":

Costs 3, Sakura runpast. Runpast doesn't have a hit box. Delayed explosions afterward do the damage. Somewhat useful against blockers, and someone who doesn't know the spell card may stop blocking after the runpast and get hit by the explosions. Delayed explosions will stack up in the corner for high damage upwards of 5k and does massive spirit (around 4 orbs) if blocked in corner. Can easily be high jumped out of on reaction though.

Rebirth Sword: "Slash of Heart's Samsara" (Expansion-only)Costs 3 cards. Super version of her default 623. Basically, five 623C (the first half) slashes which count for 3 hits each and finishes with a 1hit runpast. Limits. May be used as a reversal. Does 16 hits, 2770 damage, 100% Limit.
Enlightened Sword "Rise from Delusion":

Costs 4, blue sword. Upgraded Life Terminating Sword "Meditation", longer range and does more damage. Is a type-3 move. Very slow startup. Most often does 5 hits (4112 damage, 25% Limit), but hits 6 in the corner (4666 damage, 30% Limit).

Soul Cutting "Ascension to Nirvana":

Costs 4, Pillar projectile. May be used as a reversal. Does 10 hits, 10% limit a hit.

Half-Phantom "Slash of Eternity":

Costs 5, runpast with followup. Upgraded version of Human Sign "Slash of Present". The card alone will do more damage than when used as a finisher. Total invincibility during active frames. When blocked, Youmu shows up on the other side of the opponent. Could be good for mixup then, but prefer not to miss. If done during River Mist weather, the final hit (approximately 3000 damage) will whiff as the opponent drifts away. Does 18 hits, 4903 damage, 100% Limit.

Spirit "Secret of Spirit and Wisdom":

Costs 5, Upgraded clone. Lasts much longer. C bullets are still disactivated.

Heaven Viewing Sword "Slash of Clearing the Six Senses": (Expansion-only)To see nothing, hear nothing, smell nothing, taste nothing, feel nothing, think nothing of impurities — to detach oneself from the world.

Costs 5 cards. Melee reversal. The cards are still spent if you whiff. Youmu unsheathes her sword, parrying the opponent's melee attack, spliting into 5 of herself which quickly surround the opponent at high speed before all slashing at once, they then fade and Youmu descends for the finishing slash. If you manage to activate it, you will inflict an absurd 6400 damage for 40% limit on the opponent. Currently works in Typhoon weather, but will only show the parry and will not do any damage unless timed at the end of Typhoon. This card also works against melee spellcards such as Komachi's 2 scythe spellcards and Reimu's Divine Arts "Wind God Kick" spellcard when timed correctly, but will not work against Alice's dolls when they do "melee" moves like f.5A, 2A, 6A, j.2A & her "melee" alt skill.

Combos Edit

Midscreen Edit

  • 5AAA 3A 623B/C
Damage: 2270/2182
Limit: 80%
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: 623C does more damage, but allows airtechs.
  • 2AA 623B/C
Damage: 1506
Limit: 40%
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: 623B/C must be input very soon after a 2a. First hit of 623C can be cancelled into spellcards or other specials during the azure sky weather for more damage. More 2A's can be used depending on character and position.
  • f.5A 3A 623C
Damage: 1944
Limit: 80%
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
  • f.2A 3A 623C
Damage: 1897
Limit: 80%
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
  • 3A 214B/C x3
Damage: 1860
Limit: 120%
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: 3A must be very close.
  • 66A 623C
Damage: 1487
Limit: 50%
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: Though it does not limit, the opponent can not airtech.
  • CH 66A 214B/C x3
Damage: 1945
Limit: 90%
Spirit Orb Usage: 1

Near Corner Edit

  • 5AAA 6A 6C j.5A j.6A
Damage: 2611
Limit: 100%
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
  • f.A 6A 6C j.5A j.6A
Damage: 2306
Limit: 100%
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
  • f.2A 6A 6C j.5A j.6A
Damage: 2258
Limit: 100%
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
  • 6A 6C j.5A j.5A j.6A
Damage: 2020
Limit: 100%
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
  • 5AAA 6A 6C 22C
Damage: 2347
Limit: 120%
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Use this variant ender when you are too far from the corner to combo into j.5A. Input the 22C before the 6C connects.

Corner Edit

  • 5AAAAA 66A 623b
Damage: 2571
Limit: 100%
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: The 66A can be dropped for a minimal loss of damage, but it makes the combo much easier to perform.
  • 5AAAAA 66AA
Damage: 2500
Limit: 100%
Spirit Orb Usage: 0
  • 5AAAAA j.A j.6A
Damage: 2504
Limit: 100%
Spirit Orb Usage: 0
  • f.5A 3A 214B/Cx3
Damage: 2154
Limit: 100%
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
  • f.2A 3A 214B/Cx3
Damage: 2111
Limit: 100%
Spirit Orb Usage: 1

Aerial Edit

  • j.5A j.6A j.6C 66/44 j.5A j.8A
Damage: 2433
Limit: 120%
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: Near corner only for the j.5A j.8A to connect. If you are very close to the corner, 44 is usually better. If they are below you replace the second j8a with another j6a. The second j5a can be omitted if it will not reach.
  • (CH j.2A) j.5A j.8A j.6C
Damage: 2530
Limit: 120%
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: For use anywhere off of any groundslam/wallbounce counter hit. Damage given for CH j2a.

Special Cases Edit

  • 214B/C(Second/Third Hit CH, Corner) j.5A j.6A j.6C
Damage: 2019/2512
Limit: 110%
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Great combo off a staggered 214B/C
  • 214B(Third Hit CH, Midscreen) 66C
Damage: 1920
Limit: 80%
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
  • 5A(Unblockable Anti Air) 623B
Damage: 1193
Limit: 40%
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: 623B must be input very quickly.
  • 623C(Second Hit, CH, Anywhere) j.5A, j.6A, j.6C
Damage: 2249
Limit: 100%
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
  • 623B(High CH, Corner) 5A 623B
Damage: 2327
Limit: 80%
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Second 623B must be input very quickly.

Other Notes: For midscreen guard crushes, cancel into 214 if possible. If not use the 66A combo. For corner guard crushes, use a 5A or f.5A combo.

Using Spellcards in Combos Edit

Note that damage added is dependent on position. You'll add more damage with a card midscreen than by using one in the corner.
  • Obsessor "Slash of Eternity"
Base Damage: 4903
5AAA Lead: 4494
Damage Added: 1883-2312
214 214 Lead: 3775
Damage Added: 2159
3A 214 214 Lead: 3410
Damage Added: 1550
f5A 3A Lead: 3820
Damage Added: 1514-1876
f2A 3A Lead: 3776
Damage Added: 1518-1879
2AA 623C Lead: 4004
Damage Added: 2498
  • Enlightened Sword "Rise from Delusion"
Base Damage: 4666
214 214 Lead(Corner Only): 3656
Damage Added: 2040
Notes: Easily the best combo to use this card in. It is difficult to combo for the full effect.
  • Soul Cutting "Ascension to Nirvana"
Base Damage: 3914
5AAA623C Lead: 3588
Damage Added: 977-1406
2AA623C Lead: 3384
Damage Added: 1878
Notes: Few combos included because this card is greatly affected by limit. Not recommended for use in other combos.
  • Life Terminating Sword "Meditation"
Base Damage: 3455
5AAA Lead: 3424
Damage Added: 813-1242
214 214 Lead: 2939
Damage Added: 1323
f5A 3A Lead: 3052
Damage Added: 746-1108
f2A 3A Lead: 3007
Damage Added: 749-1110
2AA 623C Lead: 3082
Damage Added: 1576
  • Human Sign "Slash of Present"
Base Damage: 1656
5AAAAA Lead: 2656
Damage Added: 45-475
214 214 Lead: 2081
Damage Added: 465
f5A 3A Lead: 2264
Damage Added: -42-320
f2A 3A Lead: 2217
Damage Added: -41-320
2AA 623C Lead: 2134
Damage Added: 628
  • Clones
5AAA 3A Clones 623C
Damage: 2804
Notes: Clone combos can vary greatly. But this variant on the BNB allows you to limit the opponent while activating clones. Works anywhere.

Pressuring Edit

Youmu's pressure game is really powerful, hinging on her high efficiency bullets (Youmu converts 1 of her orbs into 1.25 of her opponent's orbs on block) as well as her numerous tools (Especially 214).

Her tools and their uses in pressure:

214: Simply canceling into this move when your opponent tries to escape will cut off their escape with ease. If one of the latter two hits scores a counter-hit you can expect over 2000 damage. Stops all graze outs, and 6b 214 will catch players trying to highjump the 6b on reaction. Note that by staggering the 3 hits your opponent has to guess where it will end. If the youmu does less hits than the player expects, the youmu can rush in and reset her blockstring. If the youmu does more hits than her opponent expects, the move is liable to hit and on counter hit or with cards, it will convert into a large amount of damage. Additionally it scores chip damage on block.

3a/6a: One orb if your opponent guesses incorrectly. Very powerful tools. Be careful not to overuse it If your opponent starts expecting bullets after the 3a/6a and highjumps immediately after 3a/6a completes you can simply skip bullets and start using 214 immediately after the 3a/6a to catch escapes.

2a: Incredibly fast low hit. Forces your opponent to guess when you might switch from 2a to f5a or 6a. If they start blocking high once you are out of 2a range you can cancel it into 3a instead.

6b: Youmu's fastest b bullets. At larger than average range they will convert for over one orb of spirit damage. Most of the time though one will whiff and it will instead take a single orb. Cancel these into 214 or highjump.

j6a: Incredibly useful tool if people try to escape after your highjump. Because it stops Youmu's momentum, you can use this immediately after a highjump to stop escapes. If you are too high, this is punishable. If your opponent begins mashing out at this point, is recommended to cancel the j6a into a j2b and block upon landing. Not recommended for use against short characters or characters with large and fast 4a's (Such as Utsuho.)

j2a: Mostly a surprising tool to be used for pressuring on oki. Use 5c or 2c to bait a graze, then hj8 pause and j2a. A lot easier to use against short characters for catching escapes than j6a.

Green Sword: Does 1.5 orbs of damage. Grazable. Tight off of second hit 214.

Sakura Pillar: Does 2.5 orbs of damage. Grazable. Tight off of second hit 214.

Use the above in strings such as 5aaa 6b 214 214 Sakura Pillar, if the entire string is right blocked, it will do 3.5 orbs of damage as well as chip damage dependent on the card.

Blue Sword: Does 1.5 orbs of damage. Ungrazable.

Use this card in strings such as : 6b bluesword when your opponent has <1.5 orbs. Guaranteed damage. Many try to graze after the superflash and take the full 4k that bluesword deals.

Sample Blockstrings Edit


...214Bx1~3 The time allowed between each 214B is pretty large, so you can surprise your opponent by making him guess if you will continue or not.
...623B If you know your opponent will try to graze it.
...HCJ7 j.6A j.6C 66 j.A land repeat from start The j.6A mus be very low.
...HJC9 j.A land repeat from start If you think the oponent will block it, you can use j.2B for more spirit damage.

Frame Data Edit

Motion  Damage  Prorate    Limit   Startup   Active   Duration   Block Adv  WrBl   Hit Adv   CH Adv   Block   Airblock   Type
 f.5A   450       93         0        8         2        25          -1       +3      +1
 c.5A   200       98         0        6         3        18          -2       X       0
 5AAA   500       92         0        9         2        31          -6       -2      -4
 5AAAA  700       85         40       14        2        40          -4       +2      D
 5AAAAA 1000      80         40       16        3        50          -12      -7      D
 2A     200       98         0        7         3        20          -3       -1      -2
 3A     850       85         40       10        7        53          -10/-4   -4      D
 6A     850       85         40       15        2        48          -11      -5      D
 6[A]   1200      80         40       30        8        62          -10              D
 66A    550       90         40       10        3        33          -7       -3      -6
 66B    600       90         40       18        4        50          -10      -4      D
 66C    900       85         40       18        4        52          -12      -6
 j.A    650       90         0        6         16       34
 j.2A   700       85         40       15        X        X
 j.6A   950       85         40       12        9        45
 j.8A   1000      85         40       11        10       40