Introduction Edit

Utsuho Reiuji (also affectionately known as "Okuu") is a Hell Raven with the ability to manipulate nuclear fusion. In Subterranean Animism, She uses her powers for the fitting purpose of conquering the world, - or at least that was her plan until Reimu thwarted her schemes and put her in her place. Interestingly, Utsuho marks the first antagonist in the Touhou series to lack an ulterior motive of some sort, making her an actual villain (a Touhou Project first). According to soku's story and in-game dialogue, Utsuho is a tad on the stupid side - which is chilling, considering the kind of raw destructive power she has control over.

Unlike a certain other black bird youkai in the roster, Utsuho has more in common with ranged-melee heavy hitters like Alice Margatroid and Iku Nagae. Utsuho suffers from having one of the worst movements and flight in the game. She is NOT strong both in the air and in close quarters, and can easily be beaten out by quicker players ranging from Youmu to even Yuyuko. This problem is further exacerbated by the fact that Okuu has no defensive options when she's pressured up close and must rely heavily on Bombs and Guard Hangekis to break out of serious pressure. A ton of patience and tenacity is required to utilize Utsuho effectively.

Okuu has a great set of normal bullets for coverage and piercing, and her 5C is even capable of destroying Yukari's lasers. She can easilly clear the screen of enemy bullets with very little effort, often forcing the opponent to come in close if they wish to deal damage. Don't underestimate her speed, as her melee - quite effective despite an unusual range - will make quick work of overaggressive opponents if she has the proper spacing. Utsuho is best played alternating between a defensive and offensive manner as circumstances dictate - this stems from her powerful, ultra-dense shots and formidable melee, and her passive-aggressive combat style means she can switch up with few changes in pace in skilled hands. This makes it extremely difficult for enemies to close in, as they risk powerful bullets and an even more formidable bout of melee punch, and easily intimidates foes - especially unfamiliar ones - into making poor decisions while on the offensive. Even the most hard-edged player breaks out in a cold sweat at the prospect of her offensive punch, and exploiting this is the key to being a good Okuu player.

Unique Features Edit

Moving with Okuu:

  • Utsuho's ground dash launches her forward significantly and cannot be canceled early. Keep this in mind, as Okuu can't quickly stop her dash and melee like other characters unless she goes directly into a dashing attack (66A, 66B, 66C).
  • Utsuho's back dash goes very far backwards, has startup invincibility and a lot of graze frames. Is an absolute lifesaver. Use this move if you are being pressure stringed midscreen to get some distance. It also isn't bad on wakeup, but keep in mind if you are in the corner its effectiveness is reduced almost to nothing.
  • Utsuho jumps and highjumps significantly higher than other characters, and she's also slower on the ascent/descent.
  • Her flight and airdashing behave almost the polar opposite of other characters: instead of tapping the 66/44 directions twice to quickly air dash a short burst forward, Utsuho pauses a moment before leaping across the screen. Tapping 6D/4D instead lets Utsuho move a shorter distance forward with shorter startup. However the rule of aerial attacks out of movement still applies, you will be able to get out a jumping attack faster after an airdash than with her fly.
  • Despite being allegedly slow and thus being vulnerable to being cornered, this is not quite as true as people claim. Her dashing 66C covers an enormous amount of ground, as does her default 214B. Her 214C makes a good retreat move, and making things a bit more interesting, both moves can be done in the air, and are hard to punish mid-flight. Do not exploit these moves too much (predictability leads to defeat), and you will find her mobility can be quite impressive.
  • One last thing to note: She's huge. Utsuho has the largest sprite in the game bar none, as well as the second-largest hitbox. This renders her somewhat more vulnerable against certain characters with superior mobility and options for dealing with you in-close (read: Cirno).

Hisoutensoku 1.10 ChangesEdit

  • Utsuho is now overall faster. Appears to fall faster as with a majority of the cast.
  • 6B travels faster and is bigger. To compensate it is less dense and travels slightly less than in 1.03.
  • 6C charged seems to have more height at long range (?).
  • 66B is now slightly faster.
  • 66C no longer lifts as high and travels far less than before.
  • Ground Melt (236) has a delayed explosion to replace the original "fizz." Shakes the screen for fun.
  • Hell Geyser (alt 236) will now no longer stay on floor as it vanishes after used. Has a much later high jump cancel.
  • Shooting Star (214) the bullets juggles a little before moving, purely esthetic.
  • Shooting Sun (alt 22) is much more powerful, range covers up the entire y-axis of the map. Damage has increased sharply.
  • Flare Up (623) is now much smaller than before. Leveling the skill though increases size and damage.
  • Break Sun (22C) now gains more bullets as the skill is leveled up.
  • "Fixed Star" (3) seems to be faster (?) and travels less far (?). Takes an 45° angle on bounce (downward if launched in air, upward on ground).
  • "Subterranean Sun" (4) will now pull the opponent towards the sun.
  • Geothermal "Atomic Blaze Geyser" '(4) now does exactly 3.3k damage.'
  • "Ten Evil Stars" (4) now does about 4.9k damage. Still retains startup invulnerability.

Normal Moves Edit

Move Description Damage Proration Hits Limit Notes
Close 5A Utsuho does an upward kick. Hits high. Decent anti-air like Komachi's 5A, but can be airblocked. Raises her hitbox so will dodge some lows. Launches crazy high on aerial counterhit, so tag on a 2C. Ground counterhits causes the enemy to spin around, however this usually pushes them too far out for a 6A after 5AA, so keep this in mind. High
5AA Overhead swipe with the buster arm. Cancelable into command normals/specials/supers.
5AAA A stomp. If blocked, drains one orb from the opponent. Low
5AAAA Utsuho hits the opponent with a cape uppercut. Cancelable only into spellcards.
Far 5A An overhead swipe with the buster arm, looks like her 5AA. Very good range, a lot of the time you will be throwing this out as a poke to prevent people from getting too close. Be aware if someone reads the whiff though. High
Far 5[A] Same as 5A. High Guard crushes if blocked low.
2A Pokes low with her buster. Low Drains 1 spirit orb if wrongblocked.
3A Utsuho's cape uppercut as seen on the fourth hit of her Dial-A combo. This move has surprising range and is a great meaty attack for oki or overaggressive people, and is wonderful melee anti-air against jump-ins and techs. One of Utsuho's best ground moves; use it to keep opponents wary. Terrible when whiffed. High
3[A] Same as 3A. Unfortunately the recovery on a 3[A] is so huge that even if you successfully crush you can not follow up with anything at all. High Guard crushes if blocked low.
6A Utsuho's stomp, as seen on the third hit of the Dial-A combo. Can followup with a normal 6A in the stagger period. Low
6[A] Same as 6A. Low Guard crushes if blocked high.
j.5A Horizontal buster arm swipe in the air. Very very good horizontal range, can cross up and hits behind her. Your preferred aerial normal. Hitbox not quite as extensive as it looks vertically. High
j.6A Utsuho glows gold and charges forward in the air hitting the opponent. Covers a good distance, has lots of active frames, and is decent for graze and tech punishing. SLOW on startup, be aware of characters with fast j.As as more than likely you will be counterhit out of the startup frames. Cancel into j.22B/C on block to make the move safe. High
j.8A Utsuho does a backflip kick hitting above her. Useful when the opponent likes to tech or fly above you. High
j.2A Utsuho hits directly below her with her Megabuster. Unfortunately no horizontal range at all. High
j.2[A] Similar to j.2A, but hits with the buster arm first, then fires a projectile shot that groundslams. Unfortunately no horizontal range at all. High, High
66A An overhead swipe with the buster arm while dashing. Basically, it's her Far 5A, but hits while dashing. Questionable block and hit stun - several players have supposedly been hit out of attempting a 5A followup on a successful hit. Generally, her weakest Dash move. High
66B Utsuho cancels her dash into a quick backwards fly while swinging her buster like her jA. Has a decent range, used mostly to break through blockstrings with bullet gaps. Overall a decent Dash move. Wallslams. Grazes.
66C Utsuho dashes and does a leaping flip kick that hits twice. She gets some pretty wicked air, and it can be used full screen to catch fliers for some amusing results. Vulnerable until she lands, but not always easily punishable. Can be a surprisingly good move if not abused too heavily - does good damage, functions as an anti-air, and is one of Okuu's only moves with virtually no start-up lag. High, High

Bullet Moves Edit

Move Description Max Damage Proration # of Projectiles Limit Notes
5B Utsuho throws 5 small bolts in an arc. Has decent coverage and a relatively quick start-up, useful to get out against opponents at close to midrange. 5
5[B] Same as 5B, but with more bullets and can be held to delay the shot. It can also be completely canceled as a feitn so that it fires no bolts into another projectile. 10
6B Fires a giant atom that travels forward slowly and stays out for an annoyingly long time. Sort of like Yuyuko's 6C, but even more annoying. This move is interesting: the core is vulnerable to bullets and disappears if it hits a target, but the two little green atoms flying around it are very dense and eat through weak bullets, and also don't disappear if they hit the opponent's body cleanly. Use this against melee heavy characters such as Meiling in conjunction with your own melee to keep them out. 1
2B Utsuho fires the same 5 bolts above herself, but in an arc that travels about 30-40 degrees from in front of her head into the back. Not bad anti-air for enemies flying or teching directly above you. 5
2[B] Same as 2B, but similar to 5[B] in that it can be canceled into another projectile and can be held to delay the shot. 10
j.5B Same as 5B. 5
j.5[B] Same as 5[B]. 10
j.2B Downward angled j.5B. 5
j.2[B] Same as j.5B, but unlike 2[B] and 5[B], cannot be held down to delay the shot. Is still cancellable into another projectile however. 10
j.6B Same as 6B.
5C Utsuho releases a large burst of energy from her evil eye that travels at a fast speed. The startup is a bit slow on the slow side, but Okuu generates the energy ball (roughly the same size as herself) in front of herself before hurling it. This bullet is INCREDIBLY dense, instantly neutralizing things like Reimu's amulets to Komachi's wisps, and even entirely wiping out Yukari's 5C lasers while still retaining its offensive power. Great to trade with opponents in bullet spamming battles. Will still lose to real laser class projectiles like Reisen 214 or Utsuho's own lasers. 1
5[C] Same as 5C, but gains several smaller projectiles that orbits the regular shot.
2C Utsuho kneels and fires a laser beam at a roughly 35 degree angle off the ground. This is pretty good anti-air at the right angle, and can even hit opponents on the ground if they're close enough. 1
6C Utsuho fires a horizontal laser, much like Marisa's 6C. Good to use once in while to catch opponents off guard as a piercing move, but don't overdo it, since 5C is a lot better at bullet trading while forcing the opponent to block or graze out of the way. 1
j.5C Same as 5C. 1
j.5[C] Same as 5[C]. 1
j.2C Same as 6C, but angled downwards. 1
j.6C Same as 6[C]. 1

Special Moves Edit

Ground Melt -- 236B/C (Also in Air)

Flavor Text: Sears the ground with her control rod. The actual heat wave has no hitbox, but the ground explodes in this attack.

Utsuho fires a laser at the ground, causing it to melt and deal damage to opponents on the ground. Starts angled down in front of her, and then goes forward across the entire screen. Against certain characters can be used as a full screen tech trap after 5C if they attempt to graze along the ground as it will knock them out of their dash recovery. The laser itself does not hit anything despite appearances so it doesn't hit anything more than a couple centimetres above ground. Like many moves Utsuho has, this move can be done in the air. If done in the air, this move still rakes along at ground level, making it an unbelievably effective move for catching opponents off-guard when used for fake-outs. This is especially true if you invested in it to level 3 or 4, where the resulting fire pillars expand the range upwards. As of 1.10, the pillars are much sparser when used in the air.

  • Level up: +10% damage. At level 3 and 4, using this will also spawn fire pillar extending the damage area upward.
B version: The explosions of the beam are focused closer to Utsuho. Note that this doesn't change the effectiveness of the move all that much, generally only adding or subtracting 1-2 hits for minimal damage.
C version: The explosions the beam creates are focused further away from Utsuho. Note that this doesn't change the effectiveness of the move all that much, generally only adding or subtracting 1-2 hits for minimal damage.
Flare Up -- 623B/C

Flavor Text: Shoots nuclear radiation around, which then ascends in a helix and burns enemies. At higher levels, Okuu herself also becomes a hitbox.

Utsuho summons 2 plasma balls from the ground around her, which spiral upwards. Quite fast and covers a huge vertical and horizontal area. Opponents struck by this will be sent very high up into the air. A useful skill to have, it works wonders as an anti-air skill and can be used for dealing with enemies that insist on getting too close, but that are risky and/or dangerous to melee normally, such as Remilia. This is Utsuho's only initial special move that cannot be done in the air.

  • Level up: +10% damage and range increased.
B and C version don't seem to differ.
Shooting Star -- 214B/C (Also in Air)

Flavor Text: Moves diagonally upwards and leaves a trail of energy balls behind her. They begin moving outwards after a short time delay. She has no idea she's attacking, she just thinks she's moving.

Utsuho flies slightly upwards as she summons pairs of plasma balls above and below herself, which arc outwards after a short period of time. Holding the button extends flying time from a minimum of 5 sets of orbs to a maximum of 10 sets. Does not graze. Not very useful for offense but a decent mobility option in some situations. Utsuho will continue to fly if she runs into the wall; what this means is that all of the projectiles will stack and fall down in the same spot- the corner. Use this trick to put pressure on a cornered opponent. Like many of Utsuho's moves, this can be done in the air. Doing so removes her tendency to "Float" as the move progresses, causing her to take a more lateral trajectory - this makes it a bit better as an aerial approach or escape move, since it's slightly faster than her flight speed. Done from the ground the move will go diagonally upwards, but in the air it will dip first.

  • Level up: +10% damage.
B version: Utsuho flies forward.
C version: Utsuho flies backward.
Break Sun -- 22B/C (Chargeable, Also in Air)

Flavor Text: Creates a sun-like object above her head, and pulses light particles at the enemy. Holding the button down will make the attack stronger.

Utsuho gathers a small sun above her, and then releases it in rays of plasma balls in all directions - they dissipate after a short distance so the area they cover around Utsuho horizontally is pretty small. Releases a minimum of 1 wave of projectiles, when fully charged it releases 4 waves. This move will start damaging the opponent while it's charging and will juggle them for large damage, so it can be very useful to discourage melee assaults from above. As of 1.02, no longer has the property of continuing despite damage to Utsuho.

  • Level up: +10% damage, also shortens the amount of time before each stage of growth.
B and C version don't seem to differ.

Alternate Skill Cards Edit

Hell Geyser -- 236B/C

Flavor Text: Creates a nuclear reaction underground and shoots the energy diagonally upwards at the enemy. Can also shoot towards the enemy at the back, so it's quite easy to try to use this skill in chains.

Utsuho slams her cannon on the ground, causing a lance of nuclear energy to jut up from the earth. Stays active for a while (unless it hits or is blocked) and comes out very fast; if it whiffs Utsuho can still move while it's up. The beam itself has a large hitbox that extends into the air and can tag jumping opponents by surprise. Highly recommended.

  • Level up: +10% damage, also increases the duration slightly.
B version: The energy comes from where Utsuho slammed the ground, point towards the enemy.
C version: The energy starts farther away, pointing inwards, possibly towards the enemy's back if positioned right. Will knock the opponent towards Utsuho on hit.
Radiant Blade -- 236B/C

Flavor Text: Charges up energy until she gets close to the enemy and then fires it at her. A move between a charge and a projectile, useful for whittling down the opponent's spirit.

Utsuho charges forward, surrounded by a yellow glow. Once her charge has ended naturally or she contacts an opponent, she then immediately lunges back and fires a 3-hit blast with her cannon.

  • Level up: Increases damage. Hitbox also becomes massive and will whack people from midscreen.
B version: Default charge.
C version: Charge goes farther.
Rocket Dive -- 623B/C (Also in Air)

Flavor Text: Propels herself forward using nuclear fusion and attacks. Huge hitbox and is extremely powerful, but she's quite exposed after she moves off the screen, which is a problem.

Utsuho braces herself, and then flies straight forward as bursts of nuclear energy encase her wings. Forces limit on hit. When finished, will vanish into the edge of the screen she charged into, before popping back out and slowly falling to the ground. Wide, fast hitbox but vulnerable to punishment on whiff (or block - there is no collision hitbox so you will go right through anyway). No invulnerability or graze frames throughout the entire duration, either; this is no conquer dive.

  • Level up: +10% damage. At level 2 and higher the startup frames have a hitbox. Worth noting is the fact that at higher levels this move can potentially hit twice. If used at very close range, the spark at the very start of the attack will also hurt the opponent.
B version: Utsuho rushes across the screen with moderate acceleration, and re-enters at roughly her original height.
C version: Utsuho rushes across the screen with very fast acceleration, and re-enters at a higher position in the air.
Melting Pummel Kick -- 623B/C

Flavor Text: Pins down the enemy and stomps her with her left foot, infused with fission energy. The move is a kind of throw, so it can't be blocked; the enemy is at Okuu's mercy.

Utsuho lunges forward with her left foot raised, surrounded in nuclear flames. If she touches the enemy, she then slams them down and proceeds to roast them with aforementioned flames, kicking them aside with her concrete foot afterward. Forces limit. If Utsuho fails to connect her lunge, she falls flat on her back. There are definitely some odd hitboxes when she is in this state as assorted crouching jabs from all characters will whiff, however probably not invincible to say a spell card. She cannot tech from this position. Cannot be guarded, but against most crouching and airborne opponents it will miss. Note that this will work and knock down even against characters with super armor. Combos after 5AA.

  • Level up: +10% damage.
B and C versions don't seem to differ.
Retro Atomic Model -- 214B/C (Air also)

Flavor Text: An energy ball spins and follows Okuu. The ball itself can be used as a shield or a weapon, and is an excellent tool for Okuu, whose moves are usually very wide and sweeping.

Utsuho summons a teal orb that floats around her for a few seconds. Upon contact with an enemy they receive damage. It has a lot of startup so must be used carefully. The orbs can also be neutralised by enemy projectiles and aren't too dense themselves - in addition, their hitbox is pretty much what it looks like, meaning it doesn't really cover you while the orbs are in their "behind/infront of Utsuho" part of the animation. Using this move again in a row will not cancel out the previous orbs; the new orbs will be added to the existing orbit to create a thicker, less exposed ring (but not for long...). Orbs will not overlap; they will be spaced apart at equal intervals in a circle.

  • Level up: +10% damage. At level 3 and 4, the lasting times are increased by half a revolution around Utsuho.
B version: Summons one orb.
C version: Longer summoning time, summons two orbs. At the maximum level, three orbs are summoned.
Vengeful Nuclear Spirits -- 214B/C (Air also)

Flavor Text: The B button places a nuclear marker. The C button unleashes a wave of energy from the marker using Okuu as a vertex. If you move after the attack starts, the energy waves will adjust accordingly.

Utsuho summons a floating radiation warning sign as seen in many of her spellcards. Upon pressing C, the sign then fires a series of bullets in the opposite direction of wherever Utsuho is facing relative to the sign. Very hard to aim. Warning signs fade after awhile or on hit.

  • Level up: +10% damage, and +1 projectile per sign. The time it takes for a sign to fire remains the same, so the shot frequency increases as the skill level goes up.
B version: Conjures sign.
C version: Fires all active signs.
Shooting Sun -- 22B/C

Flavor Text: Collects nuclear energy over her head and throws it at the ground. She can collect energy for as long as she wants, and the projectile is not affected by other bullets until it explodes.
Utsuho conjures a small fusion ball over her head before tossing it in front of her. Holding down B/C makes the ball float higher over Utsuho's head, causing a farther shot when released. Has a small splash area of effect when it hits the ground. Doesn't strike airborne opponents or opponents at close range (the ball itself has no hitbox), but the explosion is incredibly dense and has deceptive range, so this move can be used for neutralizing certain bullets and for oki. It is also a good move for surprising opponents. Okuu's fastest move. Not so great otherwise.

  • Level up: +10% damage. At level 3 and 4, the ball also shoots a pillar of fire upwards. Extremely powerful at level MAX.
B version: Fires one body length ahead by default.
C version: Fires three body lengths ahead by default.

Hisoutensoku 1.10 change - This move has turned into a very powerful attack. horizontal axis of the hitbox remains but the vertical axis is as tall as the entire map. Damage has doubled, as much as Rocket Dive. Great anti-air move.

Hell Wave Cannon -- 22B/C (Chargable, Also in Air)

Flavor Text: Unleashes waves of light, then gathers and points them to fire in any direction she wants. Holding down the button concentrates fires and makes the attack as powerful as possible.

Utsuho conjures four balls of very dense nuclear energy in front of her. Letting go of the button causes her to hurl all four of them forward. Holding the button causes all four balls to gradually spread out. Holding the button for the entire duration causes the orbs to instead fire lasers that go all the way across the screen. Does around 2k damage point blank if you use the normal orbs, but 20% limit per hit and can combo into a 9j.5A. Much more reliable than her default 22 skill and worth the investment. When used in tandom with 5C bullets this can easilly clear the screen of enemy projectiles.

  • Level up: +10% damage, and decreases the amount of time you need to charge prior to lasers coming out.

Like many of Utsuho's moves, this can be done in the air.

B version: The orbs and lasers fire in a slight fan arc.
C version: The orbs and lasers fire in a wider angle.

Spellcards Edit


"Hell's Artificial Sun" -- 1+ Cards

Flavor Text: Creates an energy mass that has gravity, and shoots it forwards. She will continue to inject energy into this mass. This massive attack uses up all the cards in her hand.

Utsuho conjures a small orb of fusion overhead, then tosses it forward. On contact the enemy enters a consistent hitstun or blockstun. This ball gradually begins to grow over time. Every few seconds the screen will flash and you'll hear the spellcard activation sound again- this means that the spell has consumed one of your spellcards. From this, the spell card grows bigger and continues damaging them. This continues to consume your remaining available cards (up to 4). Utsuho is locked in position during the duration of this spell, so if it whiffs an enemy can either hit you out of it or let you destroy your entire hand. Assuming 5-card power and the orb fully hits, you're looking at 4170 or so damage.

Control "Self Tokamak" -- 2 Cards

Flavor Text: Fusion energy surrounds Okuu and activates when she flies or dashes towards the enemy. Requires precision, so a bird-brain like Okuu can't think of any other attacks while using this one.

Utsuho conjures up an atomic field around here. While in this state, if Utsuho performs a forward dash, a forward airdash, or any direction of flight, a bright glow surrounds her. Like Iku's Thunder Cloud Stickleback, if the enemy comes in contact with Utsuho, they take damage. 10% limit per hit. The spellcard immediately ends if Utsuho attacks or uses another card, otherwise it will last 10 seconds.


Light Cover "Nuclear Visor" -- 2 Cards

Flavor Text: Creates a barrier in front of her, which can take a few attacks. The barrier will continue to be in front of Okuu until a certain amount of time passes.

Utsuho summons a pulsating fusion shield in front of her. When it comes in contact with the enemy, they take damage. Lasts 3 seconds or until the visor scores 7 hits on the opponent. It also ends if Utsuho uses a spellcard. As the name implies, it blocks projectiles from the opponent, although most of what it can block is already accomplished from her 5C.

Explosion Sign "Mega Flare" -- 3 Cards

Flavor Text: Collects nuclear energy and fires. A very simple and high-powered attack, virtually impossible to erase from the front.

Utsuho shoots out a massive orb of fusion from the jewel on her chest. When done in the air the blast angles downward at a 45 degree angle. 6 hits, 3,036 damage 60% limit.

Burning Star "Fixed Star" -- 3 Cards

Flavor Text: Throws a ring of nuclear energy at the opponent. The energy ring moves backwards after a while, and hits the enemy a second time.

Utsuho summons a swirling ring of suns overhead that she hurls at the enemy. Upon reaching the edge of the screen, it halts momentarily and then reverses the direction to return to Utsuho. Roughly 2.4k damage, 50% limit or so if it hits them midfield. The ring will return even if it went off-screen.

Nuclear Sign "Creeping Sun" -- 3 Cards

Flavor Text: Creates a nuclear reaction in the sky and sun-like projectiles shoot down from the heavens as a result of the nuclear reactions.

Utsuho creates a small orb of fusion overhead that gradually grows into a blazing sun. It then begins to slowly float towards the enemy once it grows to its full size. Roughly 2.8k damage if they stand still and take it in the corner. 1% limit per hit. Utsuho is free to move, pressure, and combo as soon as the sun reaches maximum size and starts moving. Interestingly, the animation lasts so long and the projectile hangs around for such a duration that if you cast it the moment you KO your opponent, the sun will still be active for about a second after the next round starts. If Utsuho is hit before the sun reaches full size, the sun will vanish.

Light Energy "High-Tension Blade" -- 3 Cards

Flavor Text: Creates a blade-like energy beam from Okuu's control rod. Limited energy, but if used at close-range, the move covers quite a large area. She sometimes uses this as a big flashlight...seriously now?

Utsuho charges forward, surrounded by a yellow glow. When she reaches the enemy, she dashes backwards and pelts them with a series of blasts from her cannon. 5 hits, 2900 damage. Super version of her alt 236.


Burning Star "The Ten Suns" -- 4 Cards

Flavor Text: A ball of nuclear energy attacks along a set path. Covers to the top of the screen so can also be used for defense.

Utsuho summons a ring of swirling suns around her that gradually rise into the air. 4.3k damage, roughly 70% limit on average. 2% limit per hit. Appears to have invincible frames at the beginning, so it can be used as a reversal.

Geothermal "Nuclear Blaze Geyser" -- 4 Cards

Flavor Text: Infuses the ground with nuclear energy, turning the ground to magma and spewing it everywhere. New magma spouts erupt from where magma landed.

Utsuho slams the ground with her cannon, causing a series of fires to spout up from the ground extending to the top of the screen, all the way until they reach the end of the stage. Up to 4.7k damage, around 80% limit possible. Fast startup and very powerful for a 4-cost card.

Crow Sign "Yatagarasu Dive" -- 4 Cards

Flavor Text: A fusion reaction occurs within Okuu, and a silhouette in the shape of a brilliantly shining bird attacks the enemy. A skill that shows the true spirit of the hell crow.

Utsuho performs a backflip into the air before surrounding herself in fusion energy, and then dives diagonally downwards towards the enemy, Souther style. Can be done in the air to remove the ground startup. The flip hits twice if used on the ground, launching the opponent directly into the path of the dive. Ground flip is fast and can combo off many attacks, and has full invulnerable startup (only melee invuln confirmed). One thing to note is that if the spellcard is used on the ground, the screen will not flash until Okuu is up in the air before performing the dive. Combine it with the fact it has invincibility frames on startup, and you have a reversal that can't be reacted to on activation unlike most reversal spellcards in this game. However, keep in mind that it can still be baited and punished like all other reversal spellcards. Utsuho will use up 4 cards as soon as the spellcard key is inputted, meaning if the opponent manages to hit you after the invulnerable startup but before the preflash, you'll still spend 4 cards from your deck. 7 hits, 3,400 damage. 9 hits, 3700 damage if the ground flip connects.

Nuclear Heat "Uncontainable Dive" -- 4 Cards

Flavor Text: Propels herself using a massive amount of fusion energy in this massive attack. Races back and forth across the screen many times to hit the opponent in multiple places.

Utsuho surrounds her wings in fusion energy and then lunges forward like her alt 623 charge, launching the enemy into the air on contact. She then continues to charge in and out of the screen, pummeling the enemy for around 16 hits, 32% limit and 4.3k damage. Vulnerable on whiff. Grazeable, but luckily grazes itself.

"Subterranean Sun" -- 4 Cards

Flavor Text: Draws energy from the earth and creates a sun on the spot. The sun manifests itself and burns everything in the surrounding area.

Utsuho summons a massive sun from the ground in the middle of the stage, damaging enemies severely if they touch it. It then continues to hover in the air for a few seconds, releasing four circular barrages of bullets that cover the screen. Does 4k damage if you manage to get the enemy in the actual orb. The bullet cover after that is fairly meh. The orb lasts a few seconds in the air after releasing its barrage. This can be used in the air as well.

Explosion Sign "Giga Flare" -- 5 Cards

Flavor Text: Collects a huge amount of nuclear energy and burns everything in front of her. Extremely powerful with a huge range, but Okuu is completely exposed from the back.

Utsuho aims her cannon before her and unleashes a devastating blast full-screen. Does amazing chip damage if it's blocked. A great spell card but quite expensive. 30hit, 5.7k damage 50% limit. Drains 3 orbs on block.

"Abyss Nova" -- 5 Cards

Flavor Text: A nuclear chain reaction occurs within Okuu and destroys everything in sight once critical mass is reached. The explosion has a large hitbox and can not be blocked. An intense skill, even for her.

Upon activation, Utsuho gradually gathers nuclear energy over the course of 20 or so seconds, as a yellow glow on her sprite intensifies. At the end, she freezes and becomes invulnerable, unleashing her built-up energy in a massive, radiating nuclear explosion that gets wider over time. Unblockable damage, roughly 4,500 worth of it, 50% limit. She'll freeze wherever she is, regardless of being in the air or on the ground. Seems to be grazeable, and the startup is long enough for them to stop whatever they're doing and get out, unfortunately.

Combos Edit

Note: In all places where 5AA 6A is used, 2A 6A is also possible for a lower damage variation.

  • 5AA 6A 2C/6C - 2828 damage
Spirit Used: 1
  • 5AA 6A 623B/C hjc8 j.8A - 3184 damage
Spirit Used: 1
Notes: If the enemy is fully cornered j.8A may miss or knock the opponent out of the corner.
  • 5AA/66A Alt 623B/C (Melting Shower Kick) - 2656/2130 damage
Spirit Used: 1
Notes: 100% Limit
  • 3A 2C - 1858 damage
Spirit Used: 1
  • Alt 236C (Hell Geyser) (non-CH) 5A 3A 2C - 2474 damage
Spirit Used: 2
Notes: 100% Limit
Midscreen only:
  • 5AA 6A 2C Alt 236C (Hell Geyser) - 3221 damage
Spirit Used: 2
Notes: All 10 hits of 2C are possible, but will limit knockdown with 5 hits.
  • 3A/(CH) Alt 236C (Hell Geyser) Alt 236C (Hell Geyser) 5A 3A - 2392/2966 damage
Spirit Used: 1/2
  • 5AA 6A 6C 236C (Hell Geyser level 1) - 3166 damage; 13 hits.
Spirit Used: 2
Notes: Limits 100%
Near Corner only:
  • 5AA 6A 5C hjc9 j.8A - 3519 damage
Spirit Used: 1
  • f.5A Wallslam Alt 236C (Hell Geyser) 5A 3A - 2153 damage
Spirit Used: 1
Near Corner to Corner:
  • 3A 2C 623B - 2300 damage
Spirit Used: 2
Notes: Knocks opponent out of the corner ~2-3 body lengths behind where the combo started
  • 3A (CH) j.A j.8A j.5C - 2858 damage
Spirit Used: 1
Notes: 100% Limit. Fairly strict timing on the j.A. Must be normal jumped into, because high jump puts Utsuho too high.
  • 5AA 6A 6C 236B (Hell Geyser level 1) - 3221 damage; 14 hits.
Spirit Used: 2
Notes: 100% Limit. Damage varies pending on how many hits you allow with 6C.
Corner only:
  • 5AA 6A 2C (hjc9 j.6A)/22B/623B/Alt 623B (Rocket Dive) - 3140/3100/3190/3494 damage
Spirit Used: 1/2/2/2
Notes: j.6A variation might result in opponent and Utsuho exchanging positions. 623B variation knocks opponent out of the corner ~2-3 body lengths behind where the combo started.
  • 5AA 3A 5[C] hj8 j.A j.8A - 3365 damage
Spirit Used: 1
Notes: Slightly further you can omit j.A for 3151 damage.
  • 3A 2C 22B/22C/(hjc9 j.5C) - ~2250/2312-2452 damage
Spirit Used: 2
Notes: 22B/C variation only works at very close range. j.5C variation is invalid at max range of 3A and damage is dependent on how early in the 2C you hjc.
  • j.2[A] j.2C - 2000-2250 damage
Spirit Used: 1
Notes: Limit knockdown only occurs if j.2A hits twice, not once.
  • (j.A j.6A)/j.8A 5C j.22B/C - 2517/2296 damage
Spirit Used: 2
Notes: Corner/Near Corner only. Causes 100% limit knockdown.

Blockstrings and Traps Edit

While Utsuho users can rely on defensive playing to beat enemies at lower levels, her tactics can put her at a disadvantage when experienced players wise up and learn to bait and beat her maneuvers. Therefore, it's essential to know her blockstrings to keep pressure on opponents whenever Okuu is in front of the opponent at an advantage.

Most pressure Okuu can do at close range has small gaps, which makes her highly vulnerable to strong and speedy graze attacks like Yukari or Yuyuko's 66C. Because Okuu has no solid melee moves that can be canceled after bullets (aside from her Melting Shower Kick and Rocket Dive, both horribly disadvantageous and punishable if blocked), she must instead use high low mixups to score a wrongblock on an opponent, which can be followed up by her bullet moves to make them airtight.

For example, Utsuho does 5AA 6A 6C on Yukari.

  • If Yukari correctly blocks 6A, she will be able to 6DC graze attack and score a counterhit on Utsuho. Okuu will have no time to cancel her 6C and high jump out of the way before she is promptly smacked by a signpost.
  • If Yukari INCORRECTLY blocks 6A, the increased blockstun from wrongblocking will make the 6C beam by Utsuho airtight. Yukari will not be able to do her grazing signpost attack in between blocking 6A stomp and 6C beam and will be locked in blockstun.