Introduction Edit

Suika Ibuki, a cheerful little drunken Oni girl with the ability to manipulate density, and a friend to Reimu and Yukari. Suika is patriotic to Oni so she enjoys drinking and is passionate about joyful festivals, but underneath her playful and tipsy outer persona is a very cunning and powerful being that possesses extreme raw strength and energy.

Suika's playstyle isn't much different from her personality. She may seem haphazard even in highly experienced and skilled hands, but Suika really packs quite a punch when she actually lands just about anything. But instead of randomly attacking and hoping to land hits, formulating a gameplan for Suika usually consists of punishing the opponent for poor movement. Suika is able to cover wide areas with both bullet and melee moves pretty easily. In addition to covering space, Suika is also really good at pressuring the opponent into moving, since a lot of her mixups and bullets can result in heavy consequences if the opponent doesn't move. Thus, forcing your opponent to move so you can hit them, or packing on the pressure if they don't move.

Hisoutensoku 1.10 ChangesEdit


  • Dial A: Reach reduced, similar to how it was in SWR.
  • 3A: Spirit damage reduced on incorrect block (1.5 > 1.0)
  • 6A: Spirit damage reduced on incorrect block (1.5 > 1.0)
  • J6A: Increased recovery
  • J2A: Now hits twice. Each hit has different properties.
  • 66C: Activation speed greatly decreased. Slower roll.
  • 2B: Launch height on counterhit greatly reduced.
  • 6B: Comes out slower, travels slower, bullet density reduced.
  • C Bullets: Increased recovery time.


  • Spectre -Dense- (236): Increased recovery time. C version is slower.
  • Gnome -Dense- (623): C version's height has increased.
  • Spectre -Thin- (214): Cannot be used in the air at Lv0.
  • Gathering Oni (22): Character sprite will now appear in front of the black hole instead of behind it.
  • Oni Spirit Bomb (alt 236): Will now fall if charged in the air. B version will launch a slow fireball when charged. C will launch a fast fireball. Level changes the speed.
  • Fire Oni (alt 623): Does not split at Lv1. Splits into up to 8 fireballs at max level.
  • Unpleasant Mist (alt 214): Teleport area reduced, but you have more control over it.
  • Great Oni Will-o-wisp Art (alt 214): Comes out slower but spirit damage increased.
  • Thin Oni (alt 22): Can now be charged.
  • Kidnap Oni (alt 22): Speed when leveling increased? (unconfirmed)


  • Mist Sign "Gathering and Dissipating" (1): No longer has frame advantage on block.
  • Drunk Sign "Art of Oni Binding" (2): Speed increased.
  • Oni Sign "Missing Power" (2): Can no longer counterhit.
  • Four Devas Arcanum "Demolition in Three Steps" (3): First hit will no longer counterhit.
  • Drunken Dream "Art of Gaki Binding" (4): Speed increased.
  • Will-o-wisp "Superdense Conflagration" (4): Moves slower but the time it stays on the screen has increased.

Normal Moves Edit

Move Description Damage Proration Hits Limit Notes
Close 5A Her old 5A, a short and fast high-hitting punch. It can be used to start almost every string she has. Middle
5AA Middle x2
5AAA Starts with two punches, then goes into an uppercut. Middle x2, High
5AAAA The second strongest Dial-A sequence in the game. It starts with her 5A, goes into the two punches of her 66A animation, and ends with her IaMP 22A which wallslams on hit. The combo can be interrupt at various points to serve as hit-confirms for using Spell Cards. It serves well as a starting combo, but does less damage than those involving leveled-up specials. The second hit no longer has Suika taking a step forward. Middle x2, High x2 Last hit guardcrushes if blocked low.
Far 5A Suika's 6A from IaMP, her sake gourd swung forward on a string. Reels on counterhit. High
Far 5[A] The charged version of Suika's Far 5A. High Guardcrushes if blocked low.
2A Old 2B, doesn't seem as broken as the old one though. Lies back and kicks, somehow sliding her forward in the process. Fairly slow as 2As go. Low
3A Her old 22B animation, a slide that moves her forward. Low
3[A] The charged version of her 3A. This slides her forward about twice as much as the non-charged version. Is fairly punishable on block. Low Guardcrushes if blocked high.
6A A mid-range flamethrower. Unlike in IaMP, this is a melee move. Opponents who dash in recklessly after an Far 5A can be counterhit with this. High Wallslams
6[A] The charged version of her 6A. It has higher range than 6A. High Guardcrushes if blocked low. Wallslams.
2B Her old 2A, but now hitting mid instead of high. Middle
2[B] Charged version of 2B and takes an orb Low Deals 2 spirit damage on wrongblock.
j.5A If you're using j.5A to approach, be careful of characters whose jump attacks have forward hit boxes. Also, be sure to press A at the last second. Otherwise, you're giving away your intent too early and your opponent can counter. High
j.6A With its fairly nice active frames, it makes a good air fishing move. May hit backwards because of the stationary hitbox and Suika's backwards momentum with the move. High Wallslams
j.8A Animation is her old 3DA but...she flies in the air like a helicopter. Can be used to stall in the air or punish air ukemi if the opponent tries to escape with graze. Doesn't do much damage High
j.2A Suika's IaMP j.2A, but now with added recoil! Groundslams on connect, allowing for various damaging follow-ups as the situation would allow. Its animation now features an explosion similar to her j.6A's, and is broken into two hits instead of one, and can be canceled from both. The first hit is Suika's gourd slapping the enemy, and the second features the explosion, recoil, and slam. High (x2) Groundslams
66A Her old 66A; does not graze, but seems better! The first hit is a mid punch, and the second a launching high uppercut. Either hit can be used to cancel into specials or spells as needed. This move should always be followed up with a special attack to prevent being punished. If someone lazy lands 66A, any 623B, alt or otherwise, works. Main 623B does the most damage. High, High Deals 2 spirit damage on wrongblock.
66B Her old 3DB, it hits low and is the only move Suika has with startup graze. It also grazes through the animation. If the opponent starts with a wrongblock, they can switch inbetween hits, meaning this will almost never actually eat three orbs. It can't be cancelled with specials, but it serves as a lead-in for various spells. Low (x3) Grazes. Drains 1 orb on wrongblock per hit.
66C LOLIBALL. After a lot of startup that almost makes it embarrassing to be hit in the first place, this attack has graze frames throughout. If the opponent is too far away and the loliball ends in front of them, prepare to be punished. On both block or hit, an opening develops in which Suika falls to the ground. Here, there are a few options: if blocked, you can just fall; 623B/C(dive); 214B/C(babies); or alt 236B/C(spirit bomb). The dive leaves its own punishable opening afterward, but comes with a chance to punish greedy opponents and can be used with B/C mindgames! The genki dama, on the other hand, leaves no ground opening. Instead, the bullet itself can be grazed and punished, but by then you should have dashed away or in. Those wishing to keep their firepunch can instead use 214B/C babies. This follow-up is slower, but delivers better bullet cover. High Grazes

Bullet Moves Edit

Move Description Max Damage Proration # of Projectiles Limit Notes
5B Fires a bouncing white bullet that bounce off the floor until collision with other bullets or opponents. Can destroy other bullets without exploding themselves, so they're good for annoying things like Alice doll barrages and some of Yuyuko's butterflies. 1
5[B] After a short charge, fires 3 bouncing white bullets. 3
6B Suika throws a fireball at the opponent. Two hits. On collision with any bullet, the fireball explodes in a short radius and destroys any other nearby opposing bullets. If the opponent is in the air, the fireball tracks upward to meet them at a maximum of roughly 40 degrees. Quite fast, making it a decent, if not insanely useful, long-distance poke.
j.5B Air version of 5B. The maximum bounce of the bullet is roughly half of the screen vertically when as far away as possible. 1
j.5[B] Air version of 5[B]. 3
j.6B Air version of 6B. If the opponent is below Suika, the bullet goes down at a maximum angle of about 40 degrees. 1
j.2[B] Air version of 6B. Angled lower than j.6B, allowing for marginally more corner pressure. Hisoutensoku only. 1
5C Tosses a cluster bomb that moves slightly forward. After a short distance, it explodes into 18 smaller ones in a circle. The cluster has no hitbox until it explodes. Ordinary behavior if Suika is hit after throwing and before detonation is for it to travel as normal, then explode into weather crystals instead of fireballs, but if Suika is hit by a 'light' move (moves that never CH, few exceptions) 5C will detonate as normal. HJC point is much later than 2C's and 6C's, so it's better to use this as some sort of meaty or cancel into a special. 18 Deals 2 spirit damage if all 18 orbs are blocked.
6C Same as 5C, with more horizontal distance. Viewed from one corner to the other, its distance is roughly half the screen. 18
2C Similar to 5C, but instead thrown from a crouching position. Travels less horizontally than 5C, but it covers a large area directly above, in front of, and slightly behind Suika. Don't HJC if the enemy is dashing toward you. 18
j.5C Air version of 5C.
j.6C Air version of 6C.

Special Moves Edit

Spectre -Dense- -- 236BC:

Also called her firepunch (FP), the punch itself possesses melee properties while the fireball is graze-able. Both versions feature a brief windup before the actual punch which can be extended by holding down the B or C buttons. Leveling up increases damage dealt, the distance traveled by the fireball, the number of hits the opponent takes, charge speed, and invulnerability during windup. Ground-use only. 1.10 Note: nerfed six ways from Sunday.

  • B version: Suika punches straight forward. At higher levels, you get higher frame advantage so it works great in blockstrings. At levels 2 and 4, Suika gets a noticeable increase in superarmor, which does not come out quickly but instead as Suika winds her arms for the punch.
  • C version: Suika leans forward to prep herself, then punches upward in a 45-degree angle. The startup here is longer than in her B version. This punch's melee hitbox extends fairly far into the air, making it a viable anti-air-approach. Superarmor for 236C works by number of hits, and can take more hits with level ups. Significant increases are at level 2 and level 4(Max).
Gnome -Dense- -- 623BC (air usable):

"Dive" is another move of Suika's to possess both melee and bullet properties. There are two primary parts to this attack: the melee dive itself, and the air-blockable spike that shoots from the ground. At higher levels, damage dealt and the spikes' sizes increase. At level 4, two extra spikes appear behind the first in decreasing size. Also, note that the sprite for the spike is larger than the hitbox itself.

  • Ground version: Suika leaps into the air diagonally forward, then dives diagonally downward. From level 2 and on, her leap into the air becomes a hit as well. The B- and C-versions are identical.
  • Air version: Similar to how the ground version's leap is startup, Suika stalls herself in the air before diving. Unlike the grounded version, however, the B- and C- versions here are different in terms of delay before diving. The B version comes out faster than the C version.
Spectre -Thin- -- 214BC (air usable):

Suika rips a few of her own hairs out and tosses them into the wind, just like Sun Wu Kong, The Monkey King. These strands somehow transform into Mini-Suikas, which take up a fair amount of space and float at a relatively slow speed. Each baby has her own little hitbox that can absorb attacks or bullets, which means that Yuyuko's C-spirits can be blocked by them. At point-blank range, throwing these hellions at an opponent results in them taking X hits all at once, where X is the number of babies. With distance, however, opponents can be locked in blockstun or hitstun. Higher levels have Suika ripping one more hair out per level. This is air-usable at level 0, but she'll throw a lower number there than when grounded. 1.10 Note: The babies move a tad faster now. This can be good and bad: should an opponent be caught unaware, they will be caught in blockstun faster. The trade off would be that, because they're faster, the babies won't be around as long to offer cover, eat enemy bullets, or force movement.

  • B version: Babies float horizontally across the screen.
  • C version: The babies fall to the ground and run as a little mob.
Gathering Oni -- 22BC:

Suika manipulates density and creates a black hole that sucks opponents toward it. Most useful for restricting enemy movement and disrupting spacing, it can also open up new combos. Throwing black holes out simultaneously will not have them stack, but instead the latest one will cancel out whatever came before it. It will still suck opponents in if thrown off the screen. Higher levels give "longer and stronger suck."

  • B version: Assuming the camera can zoom in no closer, the black hole is created half a screen away.
  • C version: The black hole is created roughly half the map ahead of Suika.

Alternate-Skill Cards Edit

Oni Spirit Bomb -- 236BC (air usable):

Creates a Genki Dama above Suika which can be held to charge it up, more charges increase size and damage. Upon release, the ball targets the opponent if they are lower than the ball, but it will not track upwards. If the opponent is above the ball when it's thrown, it will fly horizontally. This special is rather dense, allowing Suika to plow through bullet walls and can even catch opponents mid-windup. Higher levels increase damage, flight speed, and charge speed. Can be used after Loliball.

  • B and C versions have no clear differences between them.
Foot Bellows - 236B/C (air usable): (Expansion-only)Suika jumps forward, dealing damage when she hits the ground close to her opponent. her jump covers a short distance in B version, and slightly longer in C version. Despite looking like an overhead, hits low - 1.5 spirit orbs on wrongblock. Leveling up slightly increases the the hitbox of the attack and also increases the damage.
Gnome -Thin- -- 623BC:

Suika punches the ground which suddenly spews purple-ish wisps into the air. They come out with no pattern set. The pound itself is a low melee hit, making this yet another of Suika's two-part specials. It works as decent anti-air: The wisps stick around for a while and are fairly dense. Not HJC-able, and thus hardly useful in combos unless you're trying to be flashy at the end of something. B-version has wisps popping out instantly, while C-version stalls first and produces more wisps. You can, of course, move around during the stall. Higher levels increase wisp count. HISOUTENSOKU: wisps now last much shorter, and the stall is now on the punch rather than the wisp ejection, so you can't move in it.

Fire Oni -- 623BC:

Another version of the ground pound, this one pops a giant ball of lava into the air. It arcs up and then crashes down with an explosion, whereupon 4 smaller balls spring out. This move is possibly Suika's densest bullet and is highly functional in combos, since the B version will combo off a plethora of attacks and can be jump canceled for additional hits. It also serves as a great setup for pressure. Opponents will have to either block the first ball and the ones after or risk being punsihed for dashing or high-jumping away. Unfortunately this move overwrites the default 623 dive move, which is usually used as a followup to her Loliball. At MAX level, the first glob breaks into six spread-out balls instead of only four. The bullets will often persist even if Suika is hit. 1.10 Note: The first level of this move no longer features the smaller balls on contact with the ground.

  • B Version: The fireball is launched and travels roughly half the stage's length.
  • C Version: The fireball is launched and travels the entire screen's distance.
Unpleasant Mist -- 214BC:

Suika changes density and becomes a mist. During her mist form you are invulnerable and can control your movement with directionals. She maintains some trajectory when reforming, and hops a bit upwards into the air if you're close to the ground. Shortly after reforming you are able to move/attack. This move has some startup to it before Suika becomes invulnerable, so it isn't a good reversal move. Higher levels cause short range projectiles to appear when you re-solidify, dealing fairly nice damage as well as offering protection during recovery. HISOUTENSOKU: the duration of the mist is now controlled by holding the B or C button, up to a certain maximum. Still has startup though. Also no longer sprays bullets...leveling increases max duration. Now air-usable, but not repeatable - although you can still move after the mist ends, another mist attempt will just result in j.B or j.C. 1.10 Note: Lasts way longer.

Great Oni Will-o-wisp Art - 214B/C: (Expansion-only)Suika drinks from her gourd, then spews blue mists that travels fast in a straight line along the stage. B version has a fast cast time but only does 2 hits, while C version is slightly slower but does 4 hits. Both versions will also track the opponent's vertical height on release to a small extent, curving upwards given sufficient range. Pretty dense. Leveling increases damage and at level 3, it deals an additional hit.
Thin Oni -- 22BC:

Suika tosses a white vortex in front of her. The move has no vacuum effect, but instead randomly fires small white bullets and can absorb some bullets if they collide with it. Another one of Suika's long-lasting bullet attacks, giving it utility when spacing.

  • B Version: The vortex is thrown roughly a fourth of the stage's distance.
  • C Version: The vortex is thrown roughly half the stage's distance.
Kidnap Oni - 22B/C: (Expansion-only)Suika uses a vortex and sucks the opponent towards her. If the opponent comes in contact with Suika, she will do a grab and do a bit of dmg. Is unblockable, but really slow - even on wakeup, it can be HJCed out of and punished, so it's less useful against opponents that are paying attention. Works in typhoon, locking them in the animation. Leveling up increases vortex timer.

Spellcards Edit

Mist Sign "Gathering and Dissipating" Costs 1 card.Creates a small field that negates enemy bullet attacks. The mist will slowly drift towards your opponent. Covers a large enough space to be useful. Does not stop true lasers, type three bullets, and various other things. No flash means you shouldn't try to reversal the bullets with it. Hits multiple times with a hitbox about the size of 6A.
Gather Sign "Throwing Mt. Togakushi" Costs 2 cards."Rock toss." Suika attracts some boulders on her hand and then throws it at the enemy. Its long windup and being entirely blockable makes this card not especially useful. The rock is also type three and is ungrazable, so it may hit some people who try to dodge it to avoid the spirit damage. As of Hisoutensoku, the windup time has been decreased by a lot, easily combo-able via Dial A combo in the corner. Nearly undodgable, use this to force Typhoon weather or while in it for a free slap.
Drunk Sign "Art of Oni Binding" Costs 2 cards."Chain." Crushes one orb from the opponent on hit, can combo into it and after it on hit. Effective range is a little under half of the playing area. Deals no damage.
Oni Sign "Missing Power" Costs 2 cards."MP." Suika assumes her giant form for a split second. If she makes contact with the opponent, deals massive damage. However, is blockable and has a long startup, so its use is limited. Primarily used as a reversal. Combos off nearly everything, so its quite useful if you need a little extra guarenteed damage.
Four Devas Arcanum "Demolition in Three Steps" Costs 3 cards. (Expansion-only)Suika punches the opponent 3 times, getting bigger after each punch. Each punch contributes 10% to the limit, but the last always deals 100% limit. Very risky for the opponent if he stops blocking in the second or third punch, as they might get hit. Spellcard can be used to end combos, and deals around 2500 ~ 3000 damage if all punch connects. However, this isn't that great as its not reliable. If you have a CH, the last two hits may whiff completely. Has superarmor after the initial punch.
Drunken Dream "Art of Gaki Binding" Costs 4 cards.Drains spirit steadily from the opponent until they are empty; can combo into and after it on hit. Has the same range as the first chain spellcard. Spirit draining starts when the attack animation ends. Note: If the opponent is orb crushed, the effect of this spellcard will end.
Great Oni "Missing Purple Power" Costs 4 cards.Transforms Suika into a giant form. While in giant form, she takes half damage, has superarmor, and is unable to block but can perform a variety of attacks and move/jump. For information on how to use her attacks, please view the Missing Purple Power section below.
Will-o-wisp "Superdense Conflagration" Costs 4 cards.Super version of Suika's Fire Oni "Volcano Pound" alternate skill card. Suika hits the ground, and a large fiery orb lands near the opponent. When it lands, it splits into two smaller orbs, which split into two smaller orbs when they land, which also split into two smaller orbs. Can combo from 5AA and 66A among other things. Can be used as offensive/defensive cover with all the space the little balls cover.
Gathering Oni "Throwing Atlas" Costs 5 cards.Suika performs a movement similar to her 66C, except if it hits, Suika will grab the opponent and begin to charge her boulder throw with the opponent caught inside. Deals massive damage- up to 5000 when outside of a combo. This move will grab airborne opponents, unlike the IaMP version. This super is also currently able to grab opponents during Typhoon weather, ignoring super armor, which means it will grab them almost no matter what for a huge chunk of damage (they can't jump/HJ on reaction to the flash). The invincibility frames start up instantly, making it a good reversal.
Oni Sign "Massacre on Mt.Ooe" Costs 5 cards.Unblockable grab, the reach is point blank (basically inside Suika) and it doesn't affect jumping or airborne opponents. Deals 6515 damage on it's own, and even if you combo it, no matter what you do it'll still probably do over 5000 damage. Can be jumped or backdashed (even in corner) in reaction to the superflash. Does not work in typhoon weather and also does not work when the opponent is in blockstun.

In Hisoutensoku it does work in Typhoon but still not with blockstun.

Missing Purple Power Edit

Suika's Lv.4 "giant" spellcard. This has been given a variety of nicknames, such as: uberloli, biggie size, purple drank, giant, and various others. In this form Suika possesses super armor and can walk, jump, and perform serveral different attacks on the ground and in the air. They are as follows:

  • Activation pose. When the spellcard is activated, the pose contains a hitbox roughly the size of Suika's new form. Hits mid and is air blockable. This activation pose naturally combos into standing A.
  • Backturned neutral standing (Backturned Horn). Unblockable and grazable. While Suika is standing still she sways back, and her horn contains a small hitbox roughly half the size of the horn in the foreground, when she is fully leaned backwards. Though the hitbox is small and there's some startup before it appears during the standing animation, the fact that it's unblockable makes it rather useful at times. Note that the standing animation can be reset by taking a step forward/backward, which is faster to hit with the horn again than allowing the animation to fully cycle on it's own. Horn, horn, standing A is a valid combo.
  • Forward Walking. Hits mid, unairblockable and is melee. The leg and foot in the background (Suika's "left foot" when facing right) contains a hitbox while walking. The hitbox extends from he waist to her foot and is roughly as wide has her foot, then at foot-level it has an increased horizontal range (wider than her foot).
  • Jump (headbutt): When Suika jumps either vertically or diagonally, she gains a hitbox while ascending, her head tilted upwards, resulting in a Mario-style headbutt. Hits high (can GC on wrongblock but whiffs crouchers), air blockable. The hitbox extends from her fingertips on both hands, horizontally, and from her fingers to her forehead, vertically.
  • Standing A: Forward punch. Hits high, unairblockable, unwrongblockable. Whiffs short crouching characters.
  • Standing B: Downward punch. Hits low and GCs on wrongblock, unairblockable.
  • Standing C: Upwards punch. Hits high and GCs on wrongblock, unairblockable. The hitbox for this is gigantic, there is a hitbox between her legs (past the collision box), and from the knees up to her hair, and an additional hitbox surrounding her whole arm. This allows it to hit even crouching opponents at close range. This attack also produces projectiles at top of punch.
  • 2B/C: Suika pounds the ground creating a slow moving wave of earth that will cross the entire bottom of the screen. Moves slightly faster than Suika and continues until it runs off screen. Doesn't seem to be any difference between versions
  • j.A: Jumping kick. Hits high and GCs on wrongblock, unairblockable. Pretty decent move, the hit box covers both of her feet entirely and has a slightly higher vertical reach, above her foot.
  • j.B: Ground stomp. Hits low and will hit on wrongblock, unairblockable. This move instantly modifies Suika's air trajectory, so that if done right after leaving the ground she will quickly land into the stomp. The hitbox extends much further horizontally than her feet, extending slightly past her dress. But only extends as far vertically as her knees. This move will hit going up as well.
  • j.C: Suika flings herself in air, unairblockable.

Combos Edit

  • 5AAAA
Damage: 2434
Spirit Orb Usage: 0
Notes: dial-A is Suika's most damaging mid/corner off a c.5A without any alternate spellcards. In corner, may be followed by a c.5a on certain characters.
  • 5AA 5B 236B
Damage: 2326
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: use if dial-A is too far away
  • 5AA 2B
Damage: 1892
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: use 5AA 5B 236B is too far away, and if 2nd A is too far away, just end with 2B.
  • 2A (5B 236B)/2B
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
  • 2A 3A 5B HJ9 J5A J2A J6A or 6B
Damage: 2440 or 2318
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: The 2A doesn't connect. The combo starts from 3A. Should be done a bit far away from the opponent.
  • 3A (5B 236B)/2B
Spirit Orb Usage: 2/0
  • 66A 22B j.2A 623C
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
  • j.2A 5C/6C (6D) 5A 6A 6B/623B -
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Use 5C/623B for corner, 6C/6B for midscreen.
  • 2[B] 2C 2C 8D j.6A
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: Generally works most of the time, the aerial ender may be tweaked for more damage depending on character but j.6A is probably most reliable/universal.
  • 66a 214b j.5A j.6A 6B
Spirit Orb Usage: 1/2
Notes: Depends on how many babies connect. If more connect, then it'll limit at j.6A and you can omit 6B.
  • J2A 6C 6C 6C 6B
Damage: Varies
Limit: Yes. If done right.
Spirit Orb Usage: Almost 5
Notes: Depends where you hit the opponent at with the J2A. Damage can vary. Probably, the most simple way to do this is J2A 6C flight 9 6C flight 6 6C 6B.
  • J2A 6C J5A HJ9 J5A J6A J6B
Damage: Varies
Spirit Orb Usage: 2 or 3
Notes: Hit the opponent with a J2A not near ground around head level. Throw out the 6C and fly quickly with a J5A upon landing. HJ9 and J5A again finishing with a J6A J6B.
  • 2[B] 2C HJ9 J5A J2A 623B
Limit: Yes.
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: Useful combo if you land 2[B], which can commonly happen in sunshower if you get a guardcrush. Ex: 3A (guardcrush) 2[B]-> combo.
  • j.A j.6A 5B/6B 623B
Spirit Orb usage: 2
Notes: 5B is more reliable, omit B's if too far
  • 5A 6A 5B 236B
Spirit Orb usage: 2
Notes: Begins with 5A as a poke against characters in the air. Limits.
  • 66A j.A j.6A j.5B 623B
Spirit Orb usage: 2
  • 66A j.A j.2A 623B/2B
Spirit Orb usage: 1
Notes: Less orbs, more execution. Also one of the few rare j5A -> j2A connects since tempest was changed.
  • 3A 5B j.A j.6A 623B
Spirit Orb usage: 2
  • 6A 5B j.A j.6A 6B/623B
Spirit Orb usage: 2
Notes: If you ever land a near corner 6A. Works without CH.
  • J5A J5A J2A J5A J6A J6B
Damage: 3030
Limit: 120
Spirit Orb usage: 1
Notes: Works on Bigger Characters.
  • 236C 236C 236C (GC) HJ9 jA j6A j6B
Damage: 1800-1900
Limit: Yes.
Spirit Orb usage: 4
Notes: For the sake of complete silliness. Catch an opponent out of grazes in the with Lvl.2 Firepunch or higher and keep juggling until they are guard crushed. The punch's fire is what keeps the opponent juggled, so this "combo" is easier with higher levels of it.
Spellcard Combos
  • 5AA (5B) <Card>
Spirit Orb usage: 1 for max damage
Notes: Won't work with Level 1 Giant, Level 1 Rock and point-blank grab supers.
  • 5AAA(66A) MPP Jump/5A/5C
Spirit Orb usage: 0
Notes: Corner combo into a safe MPP. Limits with any ender and leaves the opponent in the corner. It is suggested you move back slightly to setup for horn oki or avoid escape via rolling tech and move into optimal range for 5A and 5C to punish high jumps out.
Spirit Orb usage: 0
Notes: Another safe corner MPP. This one bounces them midscreen. Perhaps not as useful as the first one, but you can setup groundwave after and stop most escapes with a simple 5A after it.
  • 66A(one hit) Massacre
Spirit Orb usage: 0
Notes: Timing is somewhat strict, you need a slight pause after the one hit of 66A to land massacre. Though it may look like it might connect on block, it wont since massacre does not land on blockstun.
  • 5A/3A/66A/66B Dunk
Spirit Orb usage: 0
Notes: Basically any random hit into Dunk. This is rather scary since dunk will do 3k+ with any of the random hits for easy and guaranteed damage.
  • MPP(CH) 5A/5C/j5A
Spirit Orb usage: 0
Notes: If you get a CH for some reason you get a gigantic knockdown. You can immediately j5A, time a 5A, or just push 5C if you're lazy. You need to be in the corner for 5C to land.

If using either Chain:

  • 5AA 5B <Chain Spellcard> 5AAAA
Damage: ~2400
Limit: 120
Spirit Orb usage: 1
Notes: Normal combo for executing chain spellcards.
  • 5AA 5B 236B <Chain Spellcard>
Spirit Orb usage: 2
Notes: Limit resets here. Chain brings them in limited so you can begin a blockstring for more possible damage. Requires Lvl.0 firepunch for this to not limit before the chain coming out.

Tempest Combos (Old Tempest only):
  • 5AAA/66A hj9 j5A j6A 6B/623B
Spirit Orb usage: 1
Notes: 623B for corners, 6B for midscreen.
  • 3A hj9 j5A j2A 6B/623B/5B 6D j5A j6A
Spirit Orb usage: 1
Notes: Won't work if 3A CH's. If that happens, just hj9 j5A j6A 6B/623B afterwards. For 5B 6D j5A j6A, it only works on a few characters, and timing is tough.

Monsoon Combos:
  • 5AA 2B 2B 2B
Spirit Orb usage: 3
Notes: Easy 3k anywhere. Plus it looks funny.
  • 5AA 2B 5C hj9 j6A
Spirit Orb usage: 3
Notes: Another easy midscreen combo for about ~3.6k anywhere.
  • 5AA 2B 2A 2B 2C hj9 j5A j6A
Spirit Orb usage:
Notes: About 3.5k corner combo with monsoon.
  • 5AA 2B 5C MP
Spirit Orb usage:
Notes: Usable anywhere, and hooray, it breaks 4k on counterhit, extremely good damage for a 2 card. Pause a bit between the 5C and the MP, else the opponent will be launched before the bullet detonates.
  • j2A j6C 6D jA (land) jA j6A j6B
Spirit Orb Usage:
Notes: Midscreen and near-corner. Different heights and ranges on hit with the J2A will result in different positions for the J6C balls. Whiff the followup to JA as needed.
  • j2A jC j623b MP
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Corner. Will whiff without the dive. Limits on the MP's hit at Lvl.0 Dive.
  • 236C 236C 236C
Damage: 1711
Limit: Yes.
Spirit Orb usage: 3
Notes: Corner combo that you can do. Doesn't do the most damage out of a corner 236c in monsoon, but limits and looks funny.


Suika 6a and f.5a
Hisoutensoku Glitch - Hitboxes 1~

Hisoutensoku Glitch - Hitboxes 1~

Suika j.2a
Hisoutensoku Glitch - Hitboxes 2~

Hisoutensoku Glitch - Hitboxes 2~