How Spirit Works

  • Spirit orbs are used to fire bullets, use special moves, and fly. The first two consume one orb and thus can't be done without a complete orb. Flying is a gradual drain.
  • Your spirit can be drained/damaged when blocking enemy bullets, specials, or spellcards. You will also take spirit damage for blocking moves in the air, incorrectly blocking melee attacks, or blocking the wrong way against guard crush attacks.
  • Spirit orbs refill automatically. After firing bullets, there is a short delay before refilling starts. Special Moves have longer delays before refill. Flying has no delay.
  • Using up all your own spirit will not crush an orb.
  • Orbs will become crushed if your spirit takes damage when you are completely out of spirit (or last orb is drained by damage), or you incorrectly block a Guard Crush attack.
  • If your spirit is crushed in the air you will enter into a juggle state and your character will be launched very high into the air and float very slowly down.
  • If your spirit is crushed on the ground you will enter a stagger hit-reel state, which lasts for a moment, during this time you are completely vulnerable to attacks.
  • Crushed orbs (red orbs) refill significantly slower, but will continuously recover regardless of what's going on.
  • The Hail Weather will increase the rate at which you regenerate spirit.
  • The Spring Haze Weather will remove all delays on refilling spirit.
  • The Sunshower Weather will let incorrectly blocked melee instantly guard crush. However, guard crushed orbs recover much faster.