Introduction Edit

Sakuya Izayoi, a human who is the head maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion and personal attendant to Remilia Scarlet. With an unknown past or true name, she can manipulate time and space, which makes her very handy with knives and as a maid.

Advantages: Sakuya possesses arguably the best spirit-building potential out of all the characters coupling with several high-damage spellcards to make her a very offensive and aggressive character. Due to the thick nature of her projectiles, Sakuya excels at controlling the space in front of her with her B knives and regular 214C bounce knives (both of which make decent anti-air as well). Likewise, she has a powerful grazing 66C that can juggle into decent combos. Her time knives keep enemies guessing, and her time-slowing spellcards help already considerable momentum. Her B knives provide a powerful corner game similar to the likes of Marisa and Reisen.

Disadvantages: Many of Sakuya's abilities are slower compared to other characters (Such as 2A, 3A, 66A), but pulling them off usually results in a hitstun that can lead into some sort of combo. The proration on her B knives is fairly large, a full barrage will often prorate to 50 to 66% if they all land. Many of her melee hitboxes are awkward- 6A can hit behind skinny characters like Reisen, j.5A can sometimes kick an enemy so far that you can't j.6A, j.6A is extremely quick to execute but slow to combo from, it's easy to start 66C too early and land on a projectile or too late and slash behind the enemy, 66A hits the enemy too far away to 623B into on counterhit, etc.. Several of her combos require quick reflexes for hitconfirms, especially in sequences using 66A (which the enemy can quickly recover from if you don't follow up immediately). There's a good reason so many of her combos require the enemy to be frozen in hitstun from a barrage of B knives.

Hisoutensoku Changes Edit

  • 66C now launches the enemy to a lower altitude and no longer moves them forward. In fact, by the end of 66C Sakuya will be facing away from the enemy, who will fall behind her.
  • 2C now causes Sakuya to throw 5 of her 6C knives at a 45 degree angle into the air.
  • Crossup Magic (default 623B/C): No longer can be made safe in the C version by throwing bullets.
  • Bounce No-Bounce (default 214B/C): Has 5% limit per knife that hits. B version now flies at a much less steeper angle (in SWR they pretty much landed directly in front of Sakuya) and causes damage once released from Sakuya's hand (like the IaMP version).
  • Propelling Silver (alt 623B/C) functions slightly differently. The knives will launch from Sakuya, swirl around a bit, and then be covered in the usual 'red circle' as they move quickly outwards into their usual range. Only 'circled' knives have a hitbox. The C version will circle roughly 4 body lengths away from Sakuya. Overall, doesn't seem to last as long as SWR version.
  • Square Ricochet (alt 214B/C) has no hitbox on the first two bounces. Now speeds up immensely after its second bounce, but once sped up it will continue off the screen instead of bouncing again. Hits 3 times for around 1.2k damage on its own at level 1. Charged version adds a 4th hit for roughly 1.5k damage at level 1. Seems to have had the damage buffed.
  • Conjuring "Eternal Meek" no longer seems to have a point blank whiff range.
  • Time Sign "Sakuya's Special Stopwatch" now summons two rings of clock faces in a 360 degree circle around Sakuya that slowly drift out. In addition, when the enemy is under their time-stopping effect they will turn grey.

Hisoutensoku 1.10 ChangesEdit

  • Buriallusion "Phantasmic Killer": New animation (doesn't leave the screen anymore, and instead quickly goes to the opponent), is air usable, and at close range, can hit for 99 hits although damage output is low if that occurs.
  • Misdirection (alt 214): No longer hits opponent when flung up into the air.
  • Dancing Star Sword (alt 623): No longer disappears while Sakuya is blocking. Depending on the attack, knives will be tossed at different speeds and different quantities.
    • 4a: 1 knife, moves slowly
    • 2a: 1 knife angled down, normal speed
    • 3a: 2 knives angled high, fast speed
    • f5a: 1 knife straight, normal speed
    • 6a: 1 knife straight, fast speed
    • 5aaaa: 1 slow knife on first hit, another slow knife on second hit, 1 normal speed knife on 3rd hit, and 2 fast speed knives on last hit.
    • j.2a: 3 knives angled down, fast speed
    • j.5a: 1 knife angled slightly down, normal speed
    • j.6a: 3 knives going in 3 different directions (straight, slightly up, and slightly down), fast speed
    • j.8a: 3 knives going up, fast speed
  • Square Ricochet (alt 214): Now has 2 bounces uncharged at level 1 and 2, and hits 3 times (5 when charged). At level 3, hits 4 times (6 charged) and at max level hits 5 times (6 charged).
  • Time Paradox (alt 22): If the first attacker (be it Sakuya or her clone) misses, the other will not attack.
  • Parallel Brain (alt 236): Sends out an initial green knife with no hitbox and 4 rows of knives behind the green knife. The 4 knives don't hit but are frozen for a second. Starts slow, then picks up speed. Is now air usable. The C version has a high curve radius and the B version fans out. Increasing the level adds more knives.
    • Level 1 4 knives x 4 rows
    • Level 2 4 knives x 4 rows
    • Level 3 4 knives x 5 rows
    • Level 4 4 knives x 5 rows
  • Crossup Magic (default 623B/C)
    • Level 0: 3 rows x 3 knives, 4 hits 1214 damage
    • Level 1: 4 rows x 3 knives, 4 hits 1334 damage
    • Level 2: 4 rows x 3 knives, 4 hits 1452 damage
    • Level 3: 4 rows x 3 knives, 4 hits 1572 damage
    • Level 4: 5 rows x 3 knives, 4 hits 1690 damage
  • Sense of Thrown Edge (alt 236B/C)
    • Level 1: (B) 5 knives straight, (C) 7 knives spread
    • Level 2: (B) 7 knives straight, (C) 9 knives spread
    • Level 3: (B) 9 knives straight, (C) 11 knives spread
    • Level 4: (B) 11 knives straight, (C) 13 knives spread

Normal Moves Edit

Move Description Damage Proration Hits Limit Notes
5A The standard jab. 200 98% middle 0
5AAA Two jabs and a kick. 821 86.4% high 0
5AAAA Adds a turnaround slice to 5AAA. 1495 69.1% high 40
f.5A A spin heel kick. 450 92% high 0
2A Low sweep kick type move. 450 92% low 0
3A 2 hits. Moves very far forward and puts you airborne. 925 81% high 80
6A Moves very far forward and juggles. 800 85% low 40
j.5A A high jump kick. 450 90% high 0
j.6A An aerial slice. 850 85% high 40
j.2A A flying drop kick. 650 90% high 25
j.8A Looks like an aerial version of her 3A. Moves forward and slightly up. 850 85% high 40
66A Dashing version of her f.5A. 500 90% high 0
66B A dashing turnaround slice. Hits three times. 839 83% high 30
66C A dashing ground slice that grazes. 950 85% high 40

Bullet Moves Edit

Move Description Maximum Raw Damage



# of Projectiles



5B Throws 5 waves of knives that spread. 1053 46.3% 15 45 Drains 1.2 spirit orbs on block.
5[B] Throws 7 waves of knives that spread. 1287 34% 21 63 Drains 1.6 spirit orbs on block.
6B Throws 5 waves of knives 30° up and spread. 1053 46.3% 15 45 Drains 1.2 spirit orbs on block.
6[B] Throws 7 waves of knives 30° up and spread. 1287 34% 21 63 Drains 1.6 spirit orbs on block.
2B Throws 5 waves of knives 70° up and spread. 1053 46.3% 15 45 Drains 1.2 spirit orbs on block.
j.5B Throws 5 waves of knives spreading down. 1053 46.3% 15 45 Drains 1.6 spirit orbs on block.
j.5[B] Throws 7 waves of knives spreading down. 1287 34% 21 63 Drains 1.6 spirit orbs on block.
j.2B Throws 5 waves of knives 30° down from horizontal. 1053 46.3% 15 45 Drains 1.2 spirit orbs on block.
j.2[B] Throws 7 waves of knives 30° down from horizontal. 1287 34% 21 63 Drains 1.2 spirit orbs on block.
5C Throws a bunch knives at the ground that bounce off the first screen they hit. 1119 60.1% 7 35 Drains 0.8 spirit orbs on block.
2C Throws knives at an upwards angle. 917 69.5% 5 30 Drains 1.2 spirit orbs on block.
6C Throws knives straight forward. 917 69.5% 5 30 Drains 1.2 spirit orbs on block.
6[C] Throws knives straight forward. 1175 60.1% 7 42 Drains 1.8 spirit orbs on block.
j.5C Throws a bunch of knives angled down that bounce off the first screen they hit. 1122 60.1% 7 35 Drains 0.8 spirit orbs on block.
j.2C Throws knives downward at an angle. 917 69.5% 5 30 Drains 1.2 spirit orbs on block.
j.2[C] Throws knives downward at an angle. 1175 60.1% 7 42 Drains 1.8 spirit orbs on block.
j.6C Throws knives straight forward in the air. 917 69.5% 5 30 Drains 1.2 spirit orbs on block.
j.6[C] Throws knives straight forward in the air. 1175 60.1% 7 42 Drains 1.8 spirit orbs on block.

Special Moves Edit

Magic Star Sword - 236BC (ground/air)
  • (B Version) Very similar to her 6C, but with much more damage. Sakuya throws a series of 8 very fast moving knives straight ahead. Slow startup and causes a delay in spirit regeneration.
  • (C Version) Covers a slightly wider arc at the cost of additional startup. Likewise causes a delay before spirit regen.

Leveling up increases damage.

Crossup Magic - 623BC (ground/air)
  • (B Version) Sakuya takes to the skies with knives floating around her. Doesn't have quite as good a hitbox as her old iamp version.
  • (C Version) Sakuya jumps higher and further, and her knives spin in a greater radius. Whiffs grounded opponents, even at point blank.

Typically used as your standard combo finisher, but can also be used to stop jump-ins. Has quite a lot of graze frames too. Leveling up increases damage.

Bounce No-Bounce - 214BC (chargeable)
  • (B Version) Throws a barrage of knives at a steep upwards angle that then bounces down to the floor. Short coverage, can stop jumpins.
  • (C Version) Knives are thrown behind Sakuya before rebounding a good distance across the screen. Bounces twice.

Leveling up increases damage and knives as such:

  • Level 0: 3 waves of 3 knives. Charged: 3x4.
  • Level 1-3: 4 waves of 3 knives. Charged: 4x4.
  • Level MAX: 5 waves of 3 knives. Charged: 5x4

This skill card has an excellent return for reaching level 1 as it adds an entire wave of knives.

Vanishing Everything - 22BC
  • (B Version) Sakuya teleports towards the opponent.
  • (C Version) Sakuya teleports away from the opponent.

This ability is useful when combined with delayed or bouncing projectiles in order to rapidly approach enemies under cover or confuse their blocking. Very effective at teleporting under characters who are spamming projectiles in the air. This is most useful when the enemy is cornered but airborne as it often leads to a free 3A at minimum. Consider using when running for your life from Suika's MPP.

Sakuya is now able to use it in the air after leveling it one time.

Alternate-Skill Cards Edit

Sense of Thrown Edge - 236BC
  • (B Version) Knives are randomly placed, all facing directly forwards.
  • (C Version) Knifes are systematically placed, facing in an outward arc forwards. This version always throws two more knives than the B version.

Leveling up increases the number of knives by two each level.

Sakuya gets her old freeze knives back. No backwards facings ones now though, since they'll only go forward. Casting another will unfreeze all frozen knives in the playing field. When used in the air, Sakuya recoils backwards. Under normal circumstances, only one set of knives can be frozen. When stopping time, however, multiple sets of knives can be setup at once (which is only good for scenery, considering you'll hit 100% limit with only 1,100 or so damage if you actually get as many knives to hit as possible).

Like in IaMP, these knives drop enormous amounts of point items (aka weather crystals) when Sakuya is struck. Around level 2 or so, every time you smack Sakuya the weather is almost guaranteed to change to something else, so while the knives themselves may be subpar, they certainly keep the match interesting.

Parallel Brain - 236B/C (Expansion-only). Sakuya throws frozen knives in a formation, almost as soon as she's tossed them they start to move. Knives will curve outward (B version) or inward (C version). Both Whiff at point-blank. Curving knives are transparent and do not hit, but create knives that move straight and do hit. Leveling up increases damage. If used when time is stopped (i.e. during "Stopwatch 'Luna Dial'" or "Sakuya's World"), the transparent knives will simply fade out without doing anything when time resumes.
Propelling Silver - 623BC
  • (B Version) Ground only. Might be good for oki. Not really ideal for combos.
  • (C Version) Covers a larger radius.

Leveling up increases damage

This move replaces Sakuya's default 623, however it can't be done in the air. Instead, on the ground, Sakuya spits out 6 knives with the B version or 8 knives with the C version that spin around in a circle around her. Skillcard is most effective after a knockdown near the corner for okizeme as most characters can not recovery roll far enough to get out of the circle. Characters caught in at least two circles of knives will juggle until limit. Long recovery and easily punishable, slight delay in spirit regen.

Dancing Star Sword - 623B/C (Expansion-only). Sakuya summons 4 knives which spin around her, the knives will be launched 1-by-1 when Sakuya does any melee attack a knife will launch at the enemy. If the melee attack hits multiple, e.g. 6DB 3 knives will launch. Leveling up the skill card increases the number of knives summoned. 4 Knives at level 1. 5 Knives at level 2. 6 Knives at level 3. And 8 Knives at max. Knives disappear if Sakuya is hit, uses a skill, or even blocks an attack, making it mostly useless. C version can be activated by doing 623 again.
Square Ricochet - 214BC (chargeable)
  • (B Version) Throws a single knife upwards that bounces 4 times.
  • (C Version) Throws the knife behind Sakuya instead.

Leveling up increases damage. Bounce limit for an uncharged shot is 4, and leveled up to max gains another bounce for a total of 5 uncharged. Charging increases bounces further to 6 bounces, and at max level a charged shot will have 7 bounces.

This move is functional in juggle combos. It's also useful for okizeme (after knockdown, rushdown), the charged version being particularly useful in this situation. It may even be possible to use this move randomly out in the open, or using the charged version with some bullet cover fire protecting you while you charge it. It may be risky to use this off a blocked normal though due to the recovery period, and if used this way it's recommended to HJC it to reduce recovery time.

Misdirection - 214B/C (Expansion-only). Sakuya tosses a single knife up into the air which hovers for about a second before splitting into two groups of knives which are angled towards the floor and wall respectively . Will never target the opponent, in fact it seems angled to miss them. Could be used for keep away? The knife hits as it is thrown into the air. C throws higher, otherwise there appears no immediate difference between the two? The knife splits into 9 knives at max level.
Perfect Maid - 22BC
  • (B Version) Sakuya does her best Dio impersonation. Once posing, any melee strike will result in a big red exclamation mark showing on screen followed by Sakuya teleporting away to surround the enemy in knives.
  • (C Version) Pose lasts Slightly Longer.

Leveling up increases damage. If you pull this off during Typhoon the weather will end 1-2 seconds after due to all the weather crystals released.

Hisoutensoku Change: Now usable in air.

Time Paradox - 22B/C (Expansion-only)Sakuya creates a double of herself before slashing the opponent in a similar style to her 6DC. Using the B version, Sakuya will dash forward and slash closely followed by her double. C version, the double slashes first followed by Sakuya. If the C version is used at point-blank the double/clone will miss, but Sakuya's slash will hit. Both versions dash about half a screen or until they get near enough to slash. Can get interrupted with either melee or bullets. Level 1, 1361 damage. Level 2, 14xx damage. level 3, 1554 damage. Level max, 1673 damage.

Spellcards Edit

Illusion Sign "Killing Doll" Costs 2 cards. Sends out 32 knives which will home into the opponent's position a second later. Startup is moderately slow, and Sakuya can be interrupted. Depending on how fast she is interrupted, it may be launched at half power or not launch at all. Additionally, the knives themselves may be cancelled out by a strong enough projectile or counter-bullet move like Youmu's reflector once they are launched. It's highly recommended to follow this spell card up with melee to stop them from simply grazing through them all.
Silver Sign "Silver Bound" Costs 2 cards (ground/air). Launches a sphere of knives around Sakuya. When they touch the boundary of the screen, they will bounce away. Also Sakuya's only spellcard that is usable in the air. Should generally only be used for extra pressure, since they don't last very long. Slow, vulnerable startup.
Conjuring "Eternal Meek" Costs 2 cards. Sakuya fires a random barrage of knives forward (a recreation of her last spellcard in stage 6 of EoSD). Does an extreme amount of chip damage and spirit damage on block, and decent damage, particularly for only 2 cards making this a versatile super. Whiffs at point-blank, and the knives are spat out randomly along the given range, meaning potential for less damage against small-hitbox enemies.
Time Sign "Private Square" Costs 3 cards. Slows down the opponent's movements and their projectiles by 1/3 of their speed and Sakuya's projectiles by 1/2. Sakuya herself isn't affected. Private Square will cancel itself out after 5 seconds or until another spellcard is used. Has a brief window of invincibility during the activation of the actual time-slow.As of 1.03, any successful hit by the opponent during timeslow will immediately cancel this spellcard. NOTE: This does not appear to apply in Typhoon.
Wound Sign "Inscribed Red Soul" Costs 3 cards. Slashes the opponent 25 times. Not all hits will connect, due to the random trajectory of the slashes. Slashes will likewise gradually juggle opponent up and away. Total range is roughly 4/5 of standard screen range. Bullet reversal. Use in the corner for maximum effectiveness.
Speed Sign "Luminous Ricochet" Costs 3 cards. Launches a fast bouncing knife that instantly knocks the enemy into the air. Depending on where it is launched, it may combo into itself. The knife shoots horizontally across the screen extremely quickly, making this a very useful super for punishing laggy moves from a distance. Holding 8 or 2 before launch causes the knife to bounce vertically. Often fails to combo against certain heavy characters like Tenshi when fired horizontally.
Time Sign "Imaginary Vertical Time" Costs 3 cards (Expansion-only). Sakuya freezes time and then covers the screen with frozen knives in a pattern like her Parallel Brain alt card. she then unfreezes time and the knives travel on their merry way (hopefully) hitting your opponent. As long as Sakuya freezes time, even if she is hit after creating the knives, they will not disappear. Damage ranges, but if the opponent is hit by most of the knives, they'll do 2243 with 28% Limit. Sakuya can act as soon as she unfreezes time.
Stopwatch "Luna Dial" Costs 3 cards (Expansion-only). Sakuya pulls out a stopwatch before throwing it at the opponent. Freezes time for 4 seconds. Adds 40% to limit. A small amount of damage is done by the stop watch. As with Sakuya's world you can throw the stop watch when you've already dealt 80% limit and freeze time with your opponent at 120% and thus, they are invincible. This card is best used near corner when the opponent is on ground, because the opponent will "wall bounce", bringing you forward to give you more time punching the opponent with repeated 5AAA or unlimited 4AAAAAAAAAs. You should always sneak in a Luna Dial while the opponent is throwing bullets and is unable to cancel the attack as Luna Dial can pass through any bullets. The easiest opener for this card is 5AAA 2B, canceling out of 2B as soon as possible to reduce proration.
Buriallusion "Phantasmic Killer" Costs 4 cards. Launches 34 knives that home into the opponent's position after roughly two seconds for heavy damage. Like Killing Doll, it is possible to interrupt Sakuya to lower its damage potential, though these knives come out almost simultaneously.
Scarred Soul "Soul Sculpture" Costs 4 cards. Slashes 30 times at the opponent. Similar to Inscribe Red Soul, but the damage range is higher and total effective range is fullscreen. However, using this spellcard too close to the opponent will end up whiffing. Vulnerable startup. Will not hit enemies behind Sakuya.
Time Sign "Sakuya's Special Stopwatch" Costs 4 cards. Summons twelve clockfaces that move away from Sakuya at a low speed. If the opponent is caught in any of the clockfaces, they will freeze as if they were in timestop until the clockface is no longer in contact with them. Can freeze enemy in graze and wakeup (invincible) frames, so be careful when you use this. Likewise freezes enemies in hitboxes where even touching them is painful (Like Aya's 214 charge/rush).
Light Speed "C. Ricochet" Costs 4 cards (Expansion-only). Sakuya throws a purple knife which ricochets off the walls/floor for 2 seconds, before finally targeting the opponent and drilling through them. 4074, 50% limit. Sakuya is free to act after throwing the knife. If the opponent hits Sakuya while the knife is bouncing around it does not disappear. The purple explosions where the knife hits do not cause damage. Reminds of Buriallusion, except you can see it.
Sakuya's World Costs 5 cards. Stops time. Everything except Sakuya herself is frozen. Sakuya can also melee the opponent to cause damage or knock them out of grazing if possible. Any knife attacks used during this time will also remain frozen in the air until the spell card ends. Lasts for 5 seconds or until another spellcard is used.

Combos Edit


  • 3A 3A (pause) j.236C
Damage: 1655
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
  • 3A 66A 623B
Damage: 1754
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
  • 66C 3A (land) 623C
Damage: 2042
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: The 66C grazes, good to use when punishing bullets.
  • 66C 2B 623B/C
Damage: 1600-2300
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Damage varies widely depending on how many hits are scored. While it's generally best to wait for 2B to hitstun so you know which 623 to launch into, 623-ing earlier can cause more damage as Sakuya's B knives cause heavy proration. Can hit limit.
  • 66C Inscribe Red Soul/Eternal Meek
Damage: 1500-3000
Spirit Orb Usage: None
Notes: This one is all about timing. Once 66C launches them into the air, wait for them to fall down in front of you. WARNING: Midfield you can occasionally cross yourself up and open yourself to punishment, so be careful. The closer they are to you when you launch the super the more damage you'll do. Inscribe Red Soul is best used in the corner as the slashes will gradually push the opponent away. Eternal Meek will occasionally hit limit around 3k.
  • 6A 5B 623B
Damage: 1783
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
  • 5AAA 2B 5C 236B
Damage: 2309
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: Pushes opponent a great distance across the screen.
  • 5AAA 2B hj9 j.2A j.236B
Damage: 2236
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Max limit.
  • 5AAA 2B hj9 j.A j.2A j.2C/j.2B
Damage: 2265/2335
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Only works on tall characters.
  • 5AAA 2B hj9 j.2B j.66 j.A 5AAAA
Damage: 2411
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Max limit. The j.66 is necessary instead of a fly cancel, in order to land in time for 5A.
  • 5AAA 2B hj9 j.C j.6D j.A 5AAAA
Damage: 2535
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
  • 2A 2B 5C 236B/C
Damage: 2070
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
  • 2A 2B hj9 j.2A j.2B
Damage: 1895
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Max limit.
  • 22B/С(Perfect Maid) j.6A
Damage: 1483
Spirit Orb Usage: 1


  • j.A j.2A (land) j.A j.2A 66A 623B
Damage: 2500
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
  • j.2A j.C j.236B/C
Damage: 2003, may vary depends on time in the air, iad, and number of hits of j.C
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Can start with j.A for ~200 more damage, knockdown.
  • j.6A j.5B D6/D9 j.6A
Damage: 1900~
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: Use if you catch them with a random j.6A wallslam.
  • 5AAAA 3A 623B/C
Damage: 2027
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: Airtight, easy money
  • 66C 3A (land) 623C
Damage: 2042
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: The 66C grazes, good to use when punishing bullets.
  • 5AAAA 66A 214B
Damage: 2065
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: Max limit.
  • 3A/66C j.A j.2A (land) 66A 623B
Damage: 2111/2281
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
  • 5AAA 623B j.6C
Damage: 2104
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Sets up some tech punish options if you airdash cancel the end.
  • 5AAAA 6A 5B
Damage: 2126
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
  • 5AAAA 66A 623B
Damage: 2206
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
  • 5AAA 2B hj9 j.2B j.6D j.A 5AAAA
Damage: 2424, depends on how many knives hit
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Standard corner bnb for a standing opponent. Max limit. Replace 5AAAA with j.2a if you can't land in time to 5A.

  • 5AAA 2B 5C j.A j.2A
Damage: 2415
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
  • 5AAAA 5B 623B/C
Damage: 2234
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Airtight, knockdown, use if not enough orbs to 2B after 3rd A.
  • 66A 623B j.6C 66 j.6A j.623C
Damage: 2253
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: Timing for the airdash j.6A is really difficult.
  • 66A 623B j.B j.6C
Damage: 2092
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
  • 5AAAA(move back a little) 2A 2B 623B
Damage: 2357
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Timing for 2A is hard, knocks down.
  • 5AAAA 66A 236B
Damage: 2438
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: Transitioning from 66A to 236B can be annoying since you sometimes get 623B instead.
  • 5AAAA (delay) 5AAA 2B 623B
Damage: 2511
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Only works on some wide tall falling characters, like: Yukari, Alice, Aya, Marisa, etc.
  • 6A 6C j.A j.2A 66A 623B
Damage: 2198
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: If you land 6A in the corner for some reason.
  • 2A 2B 5C 623B/C
Damage: 2116
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
  • 623B j.2C j.66 j.A j.6A 623B
Damage: ~2500
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: If you catch opponent in the corner by 623B.If you can't use 2nd 623B,use 2B(2352 damage,limit)

Near Corner

  • 66C j.A j.6A j.6C
Damage: 2002
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: The 66C grazes, good to use when punishing bullets near the corner.
  • 5AAAA j.A j.6A j.6C
Damage: 2436
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: Timing for j.A gets harder closer to the corner. For characters with smaller hitboxes (e.g. Suika and Remilia), it sometimes requires j9.A and will not work close to the corner.
  • j.6A j.5B j.6C
Damage: ~1700
Spirit Orb Usage: 2

Time CombosEdit

This is a more special type of combos that only Sakuya can possibly do, e.g. Repeated Dial-A combos. Usually the purpose of time combos are not for damaging the opponent, it is rather used for guard breaks, then continue on with normal combos. The good part of time combos is that Sakuya will have a supercharged spirit bar, meaning it gets an instant fill if you stop using skills or long-range attacks. Note that during a time stop, when an opponent stands or is in the air, she can guard, but if she grazes then she cannot guard. Therefore, the player must judge carefully on the opponent's current position, and decide whether Sakuya should set up a bullet hell or deal heavy melee damage. Normally it can be set up as a charge 5B followed by a super jump then a charged 3B and a charge 3C or a 5C, if the opponent guard crashes do a Dial-A combo to finish it.

If opponent did not guard or grazes on ground:

Near Corner:

  • Stopwatch "Luna Dial" 5AAA(x5) 2B 5C 236C - 3550-3800 damage.

Note: Damage varies on how fast you cancel 2B or 5C. The number of times you can do 5AAA depends on your time. Shown here is the maximum possible 5AAA.

  • Stopwatch "Luna Dial" 4A(x17) 2B 2C - 3456-3468 damage.

The number of times you can do 4AA depends on your time available. Shown here is the maximum possible 4As.


  • Time Sign "Private Square" 5AAA(x5) 2B 5C 236C - 3363 damage.

Note: The number of times you can do 5AAA depends on your time. Shown here is the maximum possible 5AAA.

  • Sakuya's World 5AAA(x4) 2B 5C 236C - 3528 damage.

Note: The number of times you can do 5AAA depends on your time. Shown here is the maximum possible 5AAA.

If opponent guards on ground

Very close range (half a character sprite):

  • Sakuya's World 2B 2C 2B 2C 2B (Guard Crush) any possible combo - >700 damage

Note: Aim for a guard crush, not damage.

Medium range:

  • Sakuya's World 5B(charge) 8D 3B(charge) 6D 3B(charge) 6D 5AA 3B 3C >600 damage

Note: Guard Crush.

If opponent did not guard or grazes in air:

  • Sakuya's World j.A j.5A j.5C j.A j.5C j.623B/C - 2302 damage

Frame Data Edit

Motion  Damage  Prorate  Limit   Startup   Active   Block Adv  Wrongblock Hit Adv  CH Adv   Block   Airblock   Type
 c.5A   200     98       0       7         2        0          n/a        +1       n/a      M       No         A
 f.5A   450     92       0       11        3        -6         -2         -4       +3       H       No         B
 5AA    200     98       0       6         2        0          n/a        +1       n/a      M       No         A
 5AAA   450     90       0       8         3        -1         +3         +1       +8       H       No         B
 5A*4   800     80       40      16        3        -7         -1         D        D        H       No         C
 2A     450     92       0       11        3        -2         +2         0        +7       L       No         B
 3A(1)  400     90       40      17        2        -17        -11        D        D        H       No         C
 3A(2)  500     90       40      21        2        -6         0          D        D        H       No         C
 3[A](1)500     90       40      33        2        -19        D          D        D        H       No         C
 3[A](2)600     90       40      37        2        -8         +10        D        D        H       No         C
 6A     800     85       40      17        3        -3         +3         D        D        L       No         C
 66A    500     90       0       10        3        -3         +1         -1       +6       H       No         B
 66B    300x3   94x3     10x3    11        15       -9         -3         -6       n/a      H       Yes        B
 66C    950     80       40      17        7        -9         -5         D        D        H       Yes        D
 j.A    450     90       0       9         4                                                H       Yes        B
 j.2A   900     80       40      16        2                              D        D        H       Yes        C
 j.6A   850     85       40      13        2                              D        D        H       Yes        C
 j.8A   850     85       40      16        12                             D        D        H       Yes        C