Introduction Edit

Reisen Udongein Inaba, the pet Moon Rabbit with psychotropic eyes that can refract light and induce lunacy. Despite being a level-headed student to Eirin Yagokoro and possessing some intelligence, she still acts as a pet to Kaguya Houraisan in exchange for asylum in Eientei, having fled to Gensokyo when escaping from life on the moon.

Many believe Reisen to be one of the weaker characters in SWR, but she has certain areas in which she excels. Despite having poor B&B combos, weak initial spell cards and limited melee proficiency, her damage output is surprisingly high and opponents who let her gain momentum will find it quite difficult to deal with her assortment of frame traps, deceptive attacks and elaborate blockstrings. She also has a good keep away game and is fast, manueverable and versatile. Once she manages to access her better alt. skill cards, she becomes a lot more threatening in the hands of a good player. She possesses some very intersting spell cards which can attack the opponent's deck or make her stronger, though her attacking spell cards tend to be a little on the slow side. She has fantastic corner pressure, the special properties of her 2A and heavy blockstun bullets allowing her to keep the opponent there for a long time.

In Hisoutensoku, Reisen is greatly improved from her SWR self and is able to flow from attack to attack, giving her some of the strongest close range pressure of any character. Improved range on some of her key moves and a boost in certain bullets have helped her greatly, as well as now being able to use system cards to further enhance the effects of her potion spell cards.

Unique Features/Changes (Hisoutensoku) Edit

A brief list of what's new with Reisen with the coming of Hisoutensoku.

  • C bullets no longer go fullscreen. However, the red "glowmarks" that come out when the C bullets reach the end of their range also have a hitbox and a higher bullet priority than the actual rocket.
  • Her illusion mechanic is, thankfully, long gone. UltraViolet and UltraRed fields both have different effects, and you'll only ever see one bullet when she shoots.
  • B and C bullets are now much more easy to chain, with C bullets firing and recovering much faster.
  • Reisen phases out of reality at the ending portion of her ground dash, allowing her to pass through the enemy. This removes her collision box and hitframe, allowing her to reappear on the other side of the enemy or go straight through melee attacks.
  • One new skill card: a 22 cloning card.
  • Three spell cards: screenwide UltraRed Field super, a super 214 eyebeam, and a super alt 623 eye blast (that makes clones).
  • Her previous supers that destroyed spellcards now have the additional effect of making the enemy 'confused'. Now they have a bunch of ?'s flying around their head when hit. As long as those "?" are here the opponent can't use his spellcard or skillcards. This effect wears off with time, not hitting you.
  • Default 22B/C now no longer fires C rockets at levels 3 and 4, just more B bullets.
  • C bullets can now be charged to fire up to 5. At point blank, they hit 20 times for 1,800 damage.
  • Overall, buff!

Hisoutensoku 1.10 ChangesEdit

  • Mind Dropping (alt 236): Can now be held in, though dissipates after 5 seconds at level 1. Higher level allows longer holding.

Normal Moves Edit

Move Description Damage Proration Hits Limit Notes
Close 5A Reisen does a quick middle jab. High
5AAA Reisen does two quick middle jabs, then a Far 5A. High x3 Last hit knocks opponent into the air.
5AAAA Reisen does two close 5A jabs, followed by a Far 5A. The last hit is a 66A. The combo can be interrupted by any other move before the final A. High x4 Third hit knocks the opponent into the air. Last hit groundslams.
Far 5A Backhand with an energy ball. Has a deceptively good range both horizontally and vertically. High
2A Quick low poke. Useful for staggers. Low
3A A fast low-hitting that cannot be escaped in the corner by most character's backdash. Fast and with very decent range, it is useful for punishing quickly where Reisen's shorter melee moves won't suffice. Bullet and special cancelable Low Knocks down on hit.
3[A] Reisen does a low sliding kick, and immediatly after she teleports back to do another sliding kick. Only the second one will crush an orb. Low x2 Second kick guardcrushes if blocked high.
6A Reisen teleports back a short distance, leaving behind an illusion (the real Reisen is invisible as soon as this move begins) before lunging forward with a punch. If the initial move whiffs she will teleport much further back. This move may seem awkward at first, but it has some very interesting properties. The initial hit actually comes out behind her and if the opponent is standing in front, the hitbox quickly extends forward. Has deceptively good range and wallslams on hit. Bullet and special cancelable. High
6[A] Reisen charges up and dashes forward with a punch. Unlike the uncharged version, the hitbox starts immediately in front of her, not behind her. Long range. High Guardcrushes if blocked low.
j.5A Basic jumping kick. bullet and special cancelable. High
j.6A Reisen does a forward palm strike with an energy ball, pushing herself backward. Hitbox is longer than it looks and wider in front of Reisen. Bullet and special cancelable. Wallslams.
j.8A Reisen raises her arms with a flash between them, pushing her upwards. Quite a decent attack for knocking down airborne opponents. Bullet and special cancelable. High
j.2A Reisen goes into a somersault downward and phases out. She phases back directly above where she vanished, but at her original height, and continues the motion into a drop kick. Despite the invisibility, it doesn't have any graze frames and Reisen is vulnerable throughout the attack's duration. This move is vital to Reisen's pressure game and can be used to extend her blockstrings and just generally pressure the opponent with appropriate cover, but it's risky to use just by itself. One of her most useful melee attacks, if not the most useful. Bullet and special cancelable. High Groundslams.
66A Dashing overhead energy ball chop. Special cancelable. This move covers a good deal of distance quickly and is very useful for general pressure when coupled with certain specials.

Hisoutensoku change: This move now has more range, making it very useful for tagging jumping opponents and further tightening her blockstrings.

High Air unblockable.
66B Reisen jumps forward as if for a flying kick, then vanishes and reappears in a low sliding kick instead. Super cancelable. Evades high moves. Low Grazes. Knocksdown.
66C Dashing somersault jump kick. A swift and effective grazing attack, it can be used to hop over low attacks and get in on opponents who are firing bullets on the ground. When hitting with the last active frame, Reisen will recover immediately. This move can be blocked while jumping and Reisen is vulnerable while invisible, so use it wisely. High Grazes. Wallslams.

Bullet Moves Edit

Note: If your opponent is in one of Reisen's ultraviolet field, all her illusionary bullets become real and will take effect if it hits your opponent. In Hisouten soku, this does not happen, since there are no illusionary bullets.

Move Description Max Damage Proration # of Projectiles Limit Notes
5B Fires three waves of five bullets forward. In each wave, the middle bullet is real and the outer bullets are illusionary. The waves travel rapidly for a while, then slow down and bunch together. This bullet may seem weak at first, but it has some interesting properties. The bullets will track the opponent's position slightly and are dense enough to neutrallise a fair few incoming projectiles. They start very fast and can be super jump canceled very early. They also have very decent blockstun and hitstun for a regular bullet, making many of her blockstrings and combos possible.

Hisoutensoku change: There are no illusions while firing. The bullets are slightly more dense this time around and linger for a little longer after slowing down, making them a good harassment tool at longer range.

5[B] Same as 5B, but rapidly fires five waves of bullets 25
6B Same as 5B, but the waves are fired diagonally upward at a 45 degree angle. 15
6[B] Same as 6B, but rapidly fires five waves of bullets 25
2B Same as 5B, but at a lower height. 15
2[B] Same as 2B, but rapidly fires five waves of bullets 25
j.5B Same as 5B, but aimed slightly downward. 15
j.5[B] Same as j.5B, but rapidly fires five waves of bullets 25
j.2B ame as 5B, but fired diagonally downward at a 45 degree angle.
j.2[B] Same as j.2B, but rapidly fires five waves of bullets 25
5C Reisen fires three large oval bullets in an arc in front of her after a short delay. Only the middle bullet is real, but they all have limited homing. Does 4 hits and causes knockdown. 3 Knocksdown.
5[C] Same as 5C, but is more accurate and slower.

Hisoutensoku change: The charged version of 5C now fires 5 bullets in a fan. The firing time is a little faster and there are no more illusions. The bullets will now explode by themselves after reaching a set distance, but the red spheres will continue forwards a short distance, retaining their hit properties until they disappear completely.

5 Knocksdown.
2C Reisen sweeps the ground in front of her with an eye laser. Her fastest C bullet, though the attack duration is short and the range and blockstun are not impressive. One of her least useful bullets. 1 Knocksdown.
j.5C Same as 5C, but aimed slightly downward. 3
j.5[C] Same as 5[C]. 5
j.2C Same as 5C, but fired diagonally downward at a 45 degree angle. 3
j.2[C] Same as 5[C]. 5

Special Moves Edit

Mind Explosion -- 236BC

Reisen fires a slow-moving red rocket that homes a little, very similar to 5C and 6C but has faster startup, faster bullet speed, more hits, higher damage rate and can't be fired from the air. Deals impressive damage and knocks the enemy down if it hits. Great tool for blockstrings and combos, since it has good hitstun and blockstun and does fantastic chip damage. Damage increases significantly with level, and combos into itself. Hits at point blank range. One of her best spell cards.

  • B Version Fires straight ahead.
  • C Version Fires at a 45 degree angle.

Hisoutensoku change: Now is more difficult to chain itself. It no longer allows for airtight midscreen blockstrings. It's still great for blockstrings in the corner though.

Ultrared Field -- 623BC

Creates a red field that turns you into an illusory-form which enables you to graze enemy grazeable projectiles without dashing/flying as long as the enemy is inside of it. Disappears after a certain time. Ends prematurely if you get hit by an attack.

  • B Version Creates a large field centered around Reisen.
  • C Version Creates a small field centered around the opponent.

Hisoutensoku Change: Reisen also becomes invisible while the enemy is within the field. While invisible (and even when fading briefly into sight) Reisen cannot be hit by any projectile attacks.

Illusionary Blast -- 214BC

Reisen fires a wedge-shaped laser that widens with range. Slight startup delay, but crosses screen instantly and penetrates bullets. Very high knockback. Deals impressive chip damage if blocked. A useful move for harassing the opponent at a distance, though not recommended at close or mid range.

  • B Version Fires straight ahead.
  • C Version Fires at a 45 degree angle and rakes upward a bit.
Disbelief Aspect -- 22BC

Reisen generates an illusionary clone which fires several bullets and then vanishes. For both versions, one Reisen remains in place and one jumps up and backward. The button used determines which Reisen is real. At levels 1 and 2, clones fire B bullets. At level 3 and 4, clones fire C bullets. Good for okizeme, mix it up between B and C to make your opponent guess. However the screen movement can show the true reisen since the B version makes the screen go up a bit so take this into consideration before you do this move. The clone also interacts strangely with Reisen's Poison Gas card - although the real Reisen will be misted up, the clone will be clearly visible.

  • B Version The jumping Reisen is real. After that, you are able to Airdash/Fly or do any jump attack you want.
  • C Version The stationary Reisen is real. You are able to HJC.

For both versions, leveling up changes the formation and number of the bullets. Level 1 fires 4 B bullets, Level 2 fires 5 B bullets, Level 3 fires 1 C bullet and Max Level fires 2 C bullets.
Hisoutensoku change: Each level of the skill adds an additional B bullet. No C rockets are fired.

Alternate-Skill Cards Edit

Mind Bending -- 236BC (air, 12.3)

Reisen fires a large black bullet which travels a short distance and homes a little. If it connects directly, it does relatively low damage, but knocks the enemy back a long way. Otherwise, it releases a large, stationary cloud of red energy balls which hits 2-3 times and causes knockdown.

  • B Version Fires straight ahead.
  • C Version Fires at a 45 degree angle.

Hisoutensoku change: The bullet now explodes whether it hits the opponent or not, and traps the opponent in both the bullet hit and the explosion, and can be fired in the air making it fantastic in combos and blockstrings. While it doesn't do as much damage or chip damage, it's more reliable than the default rockets and can be used to do airtight chip damage blockstrings from midscreen rather than only in the corner. Strangely enough, it isn't very useful for corner blockstrings, since the explosion doesn't hit a cornered opponent unless the skill is at max level, and the bullet hit itself doesn't do chip damage. Oh well. Upgrading the card increases the size of the explosion.

Mind Dropping -- 236BC

Reisen fires a large black bullet forward at a 45 degree angle. If the bullet connects, it knocks the enemy into the air and deals impressive damage even at level 1. Otherwise, at a certain height, the bullet explodes and sprays a wide area below it with bombs. The bombs also knock the enemy into the air, but do little damage. The bullet does not explode if it goes off the edge of the stage. If the bullet itself is blocked by the opponent, it deals amazing spirit damage, but can be avoided by crouching. As of 1.10, the bullet can be held for a very long time before detonating.

  • B Version The large bullet travels a short distance. Reisen is at the edge of the spray area.
  • C Version The bullet goes more horizontally thus reaching further distances.

Hisoutensoku change: Sadly the bullet itself no longer deals damage, it simply passes through the opponent. Also, holding B or C after shooting will now delay the explosion, but doing so for too long will cause the bullet to disappear and not explode at all. Reisen can move and attack during the delay.

Ultraviolet Field -- 623BC

Creates a blue field that materializes your normal illusionary bullets as long as the enemy is inside of it. Disappears after a certain time. Ends prematurely if you get hit by an attack. It's situational, but it has its uses. Fully charging a 5C and then opening a field around the opponent before the bullets land may catch some opponents off guard, and deal hefty damage.

  • B Version Creates a large field centered around Reisen.
  • C Version Creates a small field centered around your opponent.

Hisoutensoku change: When the enemy is inside this field, Reisen clones will appear adjacent to Reisen. At levels one and two only one appears, but at three and four a second one will appear. These clones can extend your melee range (having a clone by the enemy and hitting A will make all 3 use f.5A, for example) and they all fire bullets when you do, all of them quite material. The great thing about this effect is that it occurs even when the opponent is knocked down, allowing for some severe melee pressure on wakeup even at mid distance. Bullets fired by the clones are much weaker than the ones fired by Reisen and still prorate damage, however the melee attacks are only slightly less powerful.

Undersense Break -- 623BC

Reisen emits a very short-range laser burst in all directions which is great against crossups and jumpins. High knockback and upper body invincibility (not a shoryuken though, as the startup is not invincible). No difference between B and C versions. The only attack Reisen has that hits directly above her. It can be quite useful against characters who excel in close range combat, such as Aya. Highly recommended due to the very situational use of her other 623 moves. In Hisou Tensoku however, the ultraviolet skill card may be preferred. Does decent chip damage but is unsafe on block and cannot be jump canceled. Hisoutensiku change: C version is now slower with more power than the B version. C version is safe on block.

Eyesight Cleaning -- 214BC (air)

Reisen fires tracer rays forward which outline a wedge-shaped laser beam. The tracers slowly widen while B/C is held down. Once the button is released, if any part of the enemy is inside the tracers, they are instantly hit with a laser. The beam will fire automatically if it becomes too wide. If the attack is used in midair, Reisen will hover until the beam is released. The good thing about this spell card is that it can be held for so long and bypasses all other projectiles on the field, so if used carefully, it can be an excellent tool for disrupting the opponent's fire by striking them before or after they've finished firing. Highly recommended as it greatly aids her keep away game. Damage is the same regardless of how much of the enemy is in the beam or which button is used.

Ripple Vision -- 214BC (chargeable) (air, 12.3)

Reisen fires a ring of energy which becomes larger as it moves. Causes knockdown. When charged, the ring has a larger initial size and hits 2-3 times depending on its size. It's faster than the other beam moves she has, but may not be as useful due to the fact that it doesn't instantly cross the screen. At max level, shoots multiple rings. Can be used in the air.

  • B Version Fires straight ahead.
  • C Version Fires at a 45 degree angle.

Hisoutensoku change: Usable in the air, seems to be more dense. The hitstun is nice, making this a good approaching bullet when paired with alt 236B/C.

Disorder Eye -- 22BC (air)

Reisen splits into several illusionary clones which quickly move outward a long distance, solidify, and then snap back. Grants invincibility until the clones come back together (no startup invincibility), but Reisen is vulnerable for a moment after rematerializing. Wallslams if any of the clones touch the enemy after they solidify however it's considered a bullet move so it can be grazed. This skill gives you a bit of an air to air. However if done in the air you can't do anything after that, all you do is sitting duck till you've reached the ground making graze whiffs or blocks very very vulnerable. At max level, both versions produce 6 clones, although their angles are still slightly different between B and C. The attacks have melee property.

  • B Version Reisen splits into two clones which move left and right.
  • C Version Reisen splits into four clones which spread out diagonally in all directions.

Hisoutensoku change: Reisen will damage the enemy as she and her clones float outwards. 20% limit per hit now. Also, the attack is no longer invincible, but does graze. Reisen may also move after using it in the air. If blocked, the second hit can be grazed.

Ocular Spectrum -- 22BC (Expansion-only)

Reisen leaps into the air and then splits herself into a giant circle of eight Reisen clones. Hold a direction before startup frames end in order to appear as one of the clones in the direction pressed. B version dashes forward, C version dashes backward. If no direction is pressed, you appear as the clone the farthest ahead of you (B version) or behind you (C version). Invincible as long as illusions are out. A very effective teleport, but ultimately not as useful as some of her other abilities.

Special Level Edit

     Name                       Lv0     Lv1     Lv2     Lv3     Lv4     Notes
236B/C (Mind Explosion)         1513    1660    1805    1948    2092    All Hits
214B/C (Illusionary Blast)      1197	1314	1431	1547	1661	

623B/C (Ultrared Field)         2.5s    3s      3.5s    4s      4.5s    
22B/C (Disbelief Aspect)        690	884	884	1062	1226	All Hits

236B/C (Mind Bending Direct)	  -	785	856	927	998	No Explosion

236B/C (Mind Bending 3hits)	  -	1042	1144	1228	1320	Explosion 3 Hits

214B/C (Eyesight Cleaning)	  -	1183	1287	1392	1496	

623B/C (Ultraviolet Field)        -     3s      3.5s    4s      4.5s

22C (Disorder Eye 2hits)	  -	1478	1612	1747	1881	

22C (Disorder Eye 3hits)	  -     1949    2122    2295    2467    120% limit

236B (Mind Dropping Direct)	  -	2384	2670	2957	3239	Spellbreak on Lv4

236C (Mind Dropping Direct)	  -	2301	2658	2880	3224	Damage is inconsistent, can Spellbreak

214B/C (RippleVision Charged) 	  -	1522	1657	1791	1924	Full Screen 3 Hits

623B/C (Undersense Break)	  -	1252	1363	1472	1584	All Hits

Spellcards Edit

Charming Look "Disjointed Circular Corolla (Corolla Vision)": Costs 1 cardReisen emits an eye wave that travels horizontally. Slow and useless on its own, it does very high damage for a level 1 super (1678). Useful in midscreen combos after 5AAAA to do just over 2000 damage. Doesn't hit fully in the corner.

Hisoutensoku Change: Usable in air.

Weak Heart "Sleepy Heart, Sleepy Mind (Demotivation)": Costs 1 cardDoes little damage, but breaks the top spellcard of your enemy. Melee range, basically useless outside of combos.

Hisoutensoku Change: now causes a dizzy effect which prevents the opponent from using cards and specials for a short while after hitting.

Poison Smokescreen "Gas-Woven Orb": Costs 2 cardsActivating this spellcard will release a gas that temporarily chips away your opponent's health. However, the gas sticks to the ground so it only affects your opponent when she's on the ground. Use this card whenever you score a knockdown (preferably a blueringed groundslam), your opponent will try anything to get in the air and you know it. Use this knowledge to your advantage. Very recommended. Casting this spellcard during Scorching Sun weather creates a fun situation for your opponent, who must either ride it out, or cast a weather card.
Long Vision "In the Red Moonlight (Infrared Moon)" Costs 2 cards (Expansion-only)Reisen pauses briefly and then shrouds the entire game field into a massive Ultra/Infrared field. As long as she isn't attacking she'll appear invisible to the enemy, but she briefly flickers into existence if she attacks or fires bullets. Note that the enemy can still see your shadow and dash trails. Projectiles go through Reisen even when she is attacking and visible.
Illusion Bomb "Myopic Firework (Mind Starmine)": Costs 3 cardsReisen drops 6 bullets around her that makes many explosions. Doesn't hit directly beside her and combos poorly. Can potentially do over 3000 damage if your opponent is about 1 character length away on the ground. Can deal over 4000 damage if you use it at the peak of a high jump from 2 character lengths away and the opponent is cornered. Does considerably less damage the farther away your opponent is, and won't do full damage if done too close to the corner. Can be used in the air. Reversal.
Fascination "Corolla Glance (Crown Vision)": Costs 3 cardsReisen emits many eye waves repeatedly. Does good damage on its own (2845), but has limited use outside of combos. Does 2552 damage when done after 5AAAA.
Desolation "Scars of Absent-Mindedness (Discarder)": Costs 3 cardsReisen fires a rocket that breaks the top 2 cards of the opponent. It's a 2 hit move which takes 2 of opponent's orbs when blocked and only the last hit breaks the top 2 cards, so whenever you're about to guardcrush an opponent who only has one orb left you can use this move to break his top 2 cards. Not a bad card to use, as getting rid of your opponents big super can sometimes be more useful than the extra damage her other level 3's can do.

Hisoutensoku Change: now causes a dizzy effect which prevents the opponent from using cards and specials for a short while after hitting.

Life Elixir "Kokushi Musou Elixir": Costs 3 cardsReisen drinks a green potion that permanently increases her attack and defense. Multiple uses increases the benefit until the fourth use. Drinking a fourth potion results in a large explosion and loss of all attack and defense buffs. The graphic is deceptively large however, as the hitbox is confined to just outside of melee range. The attack deals ~5500 damage to the opponent and launches both players in opposite directions, however the attack is slow on startup, has no invincibility frames and is grazeable. Permanent buffs however is something you wouldn't want to neglect.

Hisoutensoku change: The explosion now deals a lot more damage if it hits, taking away at least half of the opponent's life bar. It's still grazeable and still has a lot of startup, but will guard crush if it hits.

Short Vision "Ultrashort Brainwave (X-Wave)" Costs 3 cards (Expansion-only)Reisen uses a move similar to her alt 623, only this time it's purple. Easiest to combo into in the corner. 7 hits, 1000 damage raw. The aftereffect causes Reisen to be surrounded by two clones for around eight seconds as if she was in an ultraviolet field. The clones do not fade if Reisen is hit. This move's effectiveness is somewhat lowered if the opponent allows herself to be knocked down; the time spent waiting for the opponent to tech and get back up is time not used for clone utilization.
Red Eye "Full Moon Gazing (Lunatic Blast)" Costs 4 cards (Expansion-only)Reisen pauses briefly then arcs her gaze upwards, firing a massive laser. Can be comboed into anywhere from 5AAA for roughly 3,600 damage, or 3C for 3,791 damage.
"Stare of the Gloomy Phantom Moon (Lunatic Red Eyes)": Costs 5 cardsReisen emits many enormous eye waves around her. Slow startup, not invincible and combos from a few moves, however it can be used in the air and does incredible chip damage if blocked. Does 4566 damage on its own. Damage drops significantly if done after 5AAAA (3379).

Combos Edit

Midscreen Edit

  • Mid BnB: 5AAAA 66A

Damage: 1585
Spirit Orb Usage: 0
Notes: A very easy combo that knocks down but 66A may not work against some characters.

  • Mid BnB: 5AAA 5B HJC9 j.A j.6A (j.B or j.C or j.B j.C)

Damage: 1811, 2026 (with j.B), 2100 (with j.C), 2157 (with both)
Spirit Orb Usage: 1, 2 or 3
Notes: BnB can be done anywhere. After j.6A, it is possible for a j.B to connect if the opponent is at mid-to-wall distance of the screen, j.C if closer, j.B (only one hit !) + j.C if even closer. Opponent can airtech.

  • Mid BnB: j.A 5AAA 5B/6B HJC9 j6A (j.B or j.C or j.B + j.C)

Damage: [incorrect !] 1852/ 2056(+j.B)/ 2112(+j.C)
Spirit Orb Usage: 1 or 2
Notes: Same as the previous except adding a j.A widens the distance between you and opponent during 5B so instead of using j.A j.6A you now only use j.A. This looks very tricky at first but the only thing you need to look out for is HJC9 j.6A.

  • Mid BnB Skill: 5AAA 5B/6B 236B/C

Damage: ~2300
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Mind Dropping skillcard required but relatively high damage for a midscreen bnb. Can bluering your opponent if everything hits, if not your opponent can airtech. Does not work in Hisoutensoku.

  • Hisoutensoku Mid BnB Skill: 5AAA 6B(1 shot) 6C HJC9 j.5A J.8A j.5C

Damage: ~2438
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: Thanks to 6C's faster firing time. Everything must be done quite quickly. Can be a bit unreliable against some opponents and Reisen usually needs to be very close or coming out of a dash for it to work. The last hit will not connect against some characters, and can be replaced with 5B to deal slightly less damage. These characters are Remilia, Youmu, Sanae, Reisen and Meiling.

  • Hisoutensoku Mid BnB Skill: 5AAA 236B HJC9 j.5B 236B 66 j.8A

Damage: ~2208
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: Mind Bending skillcard required. There must be a slight delay after the HJC because Reisen needs to get closer to the opponent for the final part of the combo. Easier to use if done during a dash (the extra momentum on 5AA helps)

  • Hisoutensoku Mid BnB Skill: 5AAA 6B HJC9 j.5A j.2B 236B 66 j.8A

Damage: ~2102
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: Mind Bending skillcard required. An easier and more foolproof b&b for slightly less damage than the one above.

  • Mid Dash: 66A 236B HJC9 66/Fly j.A j.6A

Damage: 1913
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: Dash move combo. Blue Ring wallslams and works everywhere.

  • Mid Dash: 66A 236B HJC9 j.6A

Damage: 1787
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: Dash move combo. Easier than the one above.

  • Mid Dash: 66A 236B HJC9 j.2A

Damage: 1768
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: Dash move combo. Not as powerful as the above version, but this combo can be used to send the opponent into a bluering ground bounce in any direction depending on how the j.2A is positioned. It's possible to cross up the j.2A in such a way as to send the opponent backwards, making it a way to get the opponent behind Reisen and into a corner. Reisen should be above the opponent when she starts j.2A, and it must be slightly delayed. This trick also works on counter hit, but the timing is even more difficult.

  • Mid Situational: f.5A 3A

Damage: 994
Spirit Orb Usage: 0
Notes: No orbs and Knockdown.

  • Mid Situational: f.5A 5B 5C HJC9 j.6A

Damage: 1816 (1 hit from 5B) to 2053 (3 hits from 5B)
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Whenever you land a "close" f.5A use it. Knockdown. After 2C you can cancel into one of the spellcard breakers.

  • Hisoutensoku Mid situational Skill: f.5 5B (2 hits) 236B HJC9 236C airdash forward j.8A 236B

Damage: ~2325
Spirit Orb Usage: 4
Notes: Mind Bending skillcard required. Bluerings if everything hits.

  • 236B HJC9 J2A 5B 236C

Damage: 2504
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: Sometimes work and Sometimes doesn't. Can be used in the corner too.

Corner Edit

  • Hisoutensoku BnB: 5AAA 6B hj9 j.5A j.6A j.5B j.5C

Damage: ~2200
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: Making use of the faster firing speed of C bullets

  • 5AAA 6B (1 hit) 6C hj.9 j.5A j.8A j.5B j.5C

Damage: ~2600 Spirit Orb Usage: 4 Notes: Slightly trickier but more damaging. It's very hard to connect j.5A if only one B bullet hits. Hisoutensoku only.

  • Corner BnB: 5AAA 236B/C 236B/C (HJC9 j.6A)

Damage: 2446/ ~2500(+j.6A)
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Blue ring. Some character won't get fully hit by the second 236BC. Use j.6A to add a final hit.

  • Corner BnB: 5AAA 236B/C HJC j.2B 66 j.5A j.8A

Damage: 2396~2457
Spirit Orb Usage: 2

  • Corner BnB: 5AAA 236B/C HJC j.2C 66 j.5A j.8A

Damage: 2582
Spirit Orb Usage: 2

  • Corner BnB: 5AAAA 236B/C HJC j.2C 44 j.6A

Damage: 2513
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: In case you've used 5AAAA, the tricky part is the airbackdash (j.44) into j.6A.

  • Corner Combo: 5AAA 5B/6B HJC9 j.A j.6A j.C 44 j.6A

Damage: 2217
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Corner variant of the midscreen BnB, not recommended but this is one of those "in case of" combos. Use if done 5AAA 5B by accident. To land the airbackdash into j.6A is incredibly difficult to do. Looks very cool though.

  • Corner Combo: 5C 236C 236C HJ8 2C

Damage: 2764
Spirit Orb Usage: 4

  • Corner BnB Skill: 5AAA (slight delay) 5C 236B

Damage: ~2450
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Blue ring, mind dropping required. Does not work in Hisoutensoku.

  • Corner Dash: 66A 236B HJC j.2C 44 j.6A

Damage: 2036
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Blue ring and again the tricky airbackdash.

  • Corner Dash: 66A 236B HJC j.2C 66 j.A j.5B

Damage: 2121
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: Variation. Induces Blue Ring.

  • Corner Situational: f.5A 5B/2B 236B 236B HJC j.6A/j.C

Damage: 2815(j.6A)/ 2889(j.C)
Spirit Orb Usage: 3 or 4
Notes: Blue ring. Use j.6A to hold back on your orb usage or use j.C to extend the damage.

  • Corner Situational Skill: f.5A 5B/2B 5C 236B

Damage: ~2700
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: Blue ring, mind dropping required. Does not work in Hisoutensoku.

  • Corner Aerial Situational: j.A j.6A j.2C (Airdash j.A j.6A j.2C)/ (Airbackdash j.6A j.2C)

Damage: 2139/ 2023
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Close to corner aerial situational, use airdash (j.66) variant when opponent is at same or lower height and airbackdash (j.44) variant when opponent is higher but works no matter what height.

  • Corner Aerial Situational: j.A j.6A j.2C Fly j.A j.6A j.2C

Damage: 2139
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: If approaching from midscreen to corner.

Spellcard Edit

  • BnB Spell: 5AAAA (any offensive spellcard)

Damage: ?
Spirit Orb Usage: 0
Notes: Simple rule.

  • Everywhere BnB Spell: j.2A (Lunatic Red Eyes)

Damage: 3915
Spirit Orb Usage: 0
Notes: Most damaging combo reisen has, however it's very hard to hitconfirm it.

  • Mid BnB Spell: f.5A 5B/2B 2C Discarder/Demotivator (66A)

Damage: 1951/ 1762/ 1911(+66A)
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Use 66A ender after demotivator if close to the corner, useful card breaking combo.

Weather Edit

  • Mid Weather: 5AAAA HJC9 j.2A land 66C

Weather: Tempest(Aya)
Damage: 1888
Spirit Orb Usage: 0
Notes: You can HJC your melee. Quite fancy and better than the normal midscreen bnb since it gives a bluering.

  • Mid Weather: j.A 5AAAA HJ9 j.2A land 66A/j.6A

Weather: Tempest(Aya)
Damage: 2028(66A)/ 2075(j.6A)
Spirit Orb Usage: 0
Notes: Just in case you add a j.A jumpin.

  • Corner Weather: 5AAA 236C HJC9 Airdash/Fly j.A j.6A

Weather: River Mist(Komachi)
Damage: 2175
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: If river mist comes up your corner bnbs will not work, so use this one instead whenever that happens.

  • Corner Weather: 5AAA 236C (slight delay) HJC9 j.C Airdash j.6A

Weather: River Mist(Komachi)
Damage: 2349
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Quite difficult but it's probably the best you can get in river mist, otherwise stick with the previous one.

Blockstrings Edit

Reisen's moveset aren't the best in the game. Her melee doesn't reach far and her bullets don't cover alot of area plus most of her bnbs don't offer a lot of damage. However Reisen's strength lies in her blockstrings. They're almost infinite plus you can utilize some high low mixups on the way. Blockstrings that involve her specials also tend to deal a good amount of chip damage as well.

As of Hisouten Soku, Reisen's overall performance has increased. She now has more range and coverage on her bullets, but blockstrings are still her forte as opposed to combo damage despite strings involving her rockets no longer being so airtight anymore. Unlike many other characters, Reisen should be focusing on dealing chip damage during her blockstrings as opposed to spirit damage. Given that her pressure game is quite good, she can often end up dealing a lot of passive damage this way where other characters could not.

66A 5AAA f.5A 6A High

3A 2A Low

All of them can be canceled into bullets except for 66A which is special cancelable.



...HJC9 j.2A
...HJC9 j.6A

66A 236B Very very small gap though.

...HJC airdash j.A
...HJC9 j.2A
...HJC9 j.6A


  • Using Default 236 Mind Explosion

5AAA 5B(2 shots) 236B 5B(2 shots) 236B HJC9 j.2A 3A/2A

Leaves Reisen with only one spirit orb, but deals a good amount of chip damage and possible guard crush if the opponent blocks the final hit incorrectly.
The j.2A needs to be done as soon as Reisen leaves the ground from her high jump. If done correctly, it should cancel almost immediately due to being so near to the ground and allow her to combo into her other melee moves. This part of the blockstring is optional, since these hits won't deal damage.
Sometimes f.5A will come out instead of 5AAA. In this scenario, the combo can still be continued.

236B HJC9 j.2A 5AA 3A(slight delay) 5B(3 shots) 2C 236B

The slight delay at the end of the 3A is to stop her from sliding back too far on block. On wrongblock, she will slide too far back to continue the combo.

Hisou Tensoku BlockstringsEdit


  • Using default Mind Explosion

in Hisou Tensoku, there is no way to start an airtight Mind Explosion blockstring from a melee attack outside of the corner.

5AA 6A/3A or 5AAA
...5B HJC9 5B(2 shots)
...airdash j.5A j.2A j.2B repeat

not perfectly airtight, but hard to escape without an invincible move.

HJC9 j.2A (the j.2A must be done immediately upon leaving the ground) 5B HJC9 j.2A and repeat

useful for pushing the opponent towards the corner where the real chip damage can be dealt, and more airtight than the previous one.

  • Using alt 236 Mind Bending

Thanks to the Mind Bending's new attack properties, this move can now be very effectively used in midscreen blockstrings. It can be fired from the air and is faster than most of her other bullets. The explosion also keeps the opponent in blockstun for quite some time. Just beware that midscreen blockstrings may sometimes miss some opponents until the card is upgraded to level 2 and the explosion is a bit bigger. Consider that the following combos apply to level 2 Mind Bending only. It should be priority to upgrade this skill card to at least level 2 if it is to be used reliably in blockstrings.

5AAA 5B(3 shot) 236B
...HJC9 j.2B (2 shots) j.236C


5AA 6A 236B
...HJC9 j.2B (2 shots) j.236C
...airdash j.2A j.236C

not as airtight but has the potential to do more damage and with a guard mixup at the start. Harder.

5A 3A/6A 236B
...HJC9 j.2A j.2B 236C
...airdash forward j.5A j.2A j.236C
...6D j.5A j.2A land

similar to above, but uses less orbs and is more difficult. 2A should be very slightly delayed so that Reisen doesn't land immediately. Puts reisen right in front of the opponent to continue pressure.

3A/6A 236B
...HJC9 j.2A f.5A 5B 236B repeat

2A should be done immediately after leaving the ground.


j.8A j.5B
air dash forward and repeat.

can guard crush. Reisen should not be too far beneath the opponent.


  • Using default Mind Explosion*

Mind Explosion is still useful for doing chip damage in the corner. However, the explosion itself does not last quite as long, and so for that reason the blockstrings still need to be modified.

5AAA 5B 236B j.2A land 2B/5B 236B j.2A repeat Good for about two reps, dealing a good chunk of chip damage. It can be made 100% airtight if the j.2A is done fast enough, but if it's not then the string is usually still safe anyway. Generally try to do it the moment Reisen leaves the ground for best results

66A 236B repeat Hilariously effective blockstring due to the increased vertical and horizontal range on her 66A. The explosion keeps the opponent pinned for just long enough that Reisen's 66A will not give them any chance to escape by jumping. Reisen must initiate the 66A as close as possible.

f.5A 3A 5C 236C HJC9 j.2A land for when Reisen is just outside 5A range. Using 3A is safe in the corner, because most opponents attempting to backdash will still be hit by this move due to its long duration. On wrongblock it is not pushed back too far to cause the combo to drop. 5C registers as airtight from 3C at close range, making a better alternative to 5B.

  • Using alt 236 Mind Bending*

Mind Bending is not very good for corner blockstrings because the explosion will often miss the opponent entirely because of the hole in it's center. This doesn't apply when the skill is maxed out and the explosion is bigger. Still, it's possible to use it in corner blockstrings if it's used while airborn, since the explosion occurs higher. It does not do as much chip damage in the corner as Mind Explosion though.

5AAA 5B(3 shots) j.2A 236C airdash forward j.5A j.2A 236C land f.5A 3A/6A

Strategies, Tricks, Gimmicks and other such TomfooleryEdit

On wakeupEdit

Much of Reisen's passive damage comes from chip damage and blockstrings, so whenever the opponent is knocked down, it's a good opportunity to try and make them block so Reisen can snag some extra damage. When an opponent is knocked down in the corner, it's actually not a bad idea to stand right next to them and get ready to hit 5A as soon as they can move. If they tech behind Reisen, 66A is fast enough and has enough vertical range to quickly stop them in their tracks before they can escape, slamming them in fthey attempt to super jump backwards or chicken block, though this requires quick reactions. If Reisen is using the purple UV field skill card, it always helps to set up a C version on knockdown so that Reisen has a clone out. This essentially puts her in a position to do some kind of melee attack (usually a j.2A or f.5A) on wakeup, and due to the positioning the opponent will be forced to block it no matter how they tech. The default 22B/C illusion skill is also great on wakeup, since it encourages the opponent to move out of the way of the bullets or be stuck blocking them while Reisen is free to move, which means they will eat chip damage. The bullets of 22B/C do chip damage too, despite looking like regular 5B bullets. Reisen should be prepared to try to use 66A if she used the C version, or airdash into j.5A or j.2A if she used the B version. If the opponent tries to super jump or graze, then they'll most likely get hit by her 66A while trying to jump, since it's air unblockable. If they block the bullets they will eat one of Reisen's blockstrings. Just be wary of shoryuken style attacks or graze moves. 22B/C also has the interesting property of keeping the opponent grounded if it hits them while they're standing so long as they're being hit by the bullets, even if Reisen hits them with a j.2A or other slamming move.

TK'd j.2AEdit

If Reisen's j.2A is executed immediately upon leaving the ground (Tiger Knee'd), she is able to hit the opponent and then land instantly while moving forward. With perfect timing, this actually allows her to do things like combo airtight loops in the corner, since the guard stun from her j.2A is enough to let her hit, land, and then fire off 5B while the opponent is still in blockstun and unable to move. Doing it backwards can result in a pseudo-backdash that's useful for cancelling out of a bullet move that knocks down and into okizeme to set up 22C or prepare to try and tag the opponent with 66A. J.2A can also be used after firing any slow but large bullet such as a rocket in order to allow Reisen to quickly cancel out of the move yet remain grounded, with her vulnerable attack being covered by the powerful projectile which should stop an opponent rushing in or neutrallise any other bullets that might be in her way. The easiest way to get the best results is to buffer the input during the initial frames of the jump, before Reisen has actually left the ground.

Dash-through shenanigansEdit

As of Hisou Tensoku, Reisen is able to become invisible for a short period of time while dashing, rendering her completely invulnerable and able to pass through the opponent. This usually takes effect after around half a second of solid dashing and lasts for about the same. Guaging this distance allows for Reisen rush directly at the opponent while dodging bullets, and with a bit of luck escape the opponent's melee attacks too. However, this is not all she can do with the invisible dash. It's possible to cross up the opponent by dashing through them and then immediately using 6A. Since 6A's hitbox starts about two character lengths behind Reisen, it can tag an unaware opponent by surprise. A similar trick can be done using the charged version of 3A, although it is much slower and easier to see coming. Just be aware that the opponent can still jab Reisen as she crosses over onto the other side, so this trick is not as useful as one might think. It's still worthwhile to keep it in mind as she can start blockstrings off a guarded 6A or corner combos if it hits.

Green potions and buffingEdit

One of Reisen's most interesting spell cards, the green potion allows Reisen to boost her defense and attack perminantly up until the fourth use. This card is cheap, costing only 2 extra cards to perform. Reisen gains the effect of the potion as soon as she starts to drink, and will retain the effect even if she's hit. To give a brief scope as to the extent of the buffs, three potions gives almost as much attack power as a full set of control rods, but without the loss of defense. These potions are good by themselves, making Reisen much more powerful and durable, but when combined with Mind explosion upgrades and other boosting cards such as control rods or substitute dolls, they allow Reisen to go just that bit further beyond what other characters are capable of upgrading to using these system cards alone. Along with the boost in power comes a boost in chip damage, especially if Reisen is using Mind Explosion. With three potions and upgraded Mind Explosion, a single rocket can be as powerful as some spell cards, and Reisen is more than capable of ripping away a quarter of the opponent's life in one blockstring. It's not recommended to use control rods, sub doll and potions though, since sub dolls and potions together already make her into a defensive powerhouse with very decent attack. That and Mind Explosion upgrades should be enough to suffice. However, one might choose to have control rods anyway to serve as fodder for the potions, or for activating in a potion's place in case one potion card went missing.


Reisen's bullets may seem small and linear, but she is actually quite proficient in long range firefights. Due to the firing speed of her 5B sets and the fact that they are dense enough to stop most weak projectiles, Reisen can usually get by just by blasting herself a hole in the opponent's danmaku. Her regular 5B usually removes three projectiles from the front and can be jump canceled out of very quickly. Missed bullets also float in the air for a while, acting as midscreen shields. C bullets in HisoutenSoku can be treated like lesser versions of Marissa's puff ball. They cut through weak projectiles and explode when met with stronger resistance. The red orbs of the explosion continue to absorb bullets too, and can sometimes harass the opponent with their range and momentum if they explode close. Reisen also has a few other tricks at long range though. Her regular 214 eye beam skill pierces bullets and crosses the screen in an instant, having a wide and meaty hitbox at far range. It can be used to pick out openings while the opponent is casting and will easily cut through their bullets and disrupt their fire if they're being too aggressive with their danmaku. Her Alternate 214 tracer ray is equally effective, though it must be used with some careful prediction. since the tracer ignores bullets and attacks as soon as the button is released, the idea is to wait until the opponent is about to cast, and then attack them with this skill while they're in the middle of firing. At mid range, Reisen can get away with spamming her B shots because of how fast and direct they are. She is also capable of quickly closing in with a 66C to graze opponent bullets with the move's startling range. It's often worth charging 5B if there is an opening, since the extra few bullets are more useful than one might think. In general, Reisen's bullets have very little startup and lag. Use this to her advantage while closing in.

Frame Data Edit

Motion    Damage       Proration   Limit     Startup   Active   Duration   Block Adv   WB Adv   Hit Adv   CH Adv   Block   Airblock   Untech    Cancellable   Type
 f.5A     450          92          0         11         3       34          -8          -3        -6        +2       H       No         25         12           B
 c.5A     200          98          0          6         2       16          0           0         +1        0        H/L     No         15         7            A
 5AA      200          98          0          7         2       17          0           0         +1        0        H/L     No         15         8            A
 5AAA     450          85         20          8         5       28          -6          0         D         D        H       No         40         9            B      
 5AAAA    800          85         20         14         3       45          -9          -3        D         D        H       No         60         15           C
 2A       200          98          0          6         3       21          -5          -3        -5        0        L       No         15         7            A
 3A       600          88         40         10        17       57          -15         -9        D         D        L       No         45         11           C
 3[A]     600          88         40          0        33       33          ?           ?         D         D        L       No         45         1            C
 6A       800          85         40         16        18       59          -4          +2        D         D        H       No         45         15           C
 6[A]     1000         80         40         30        24       79          -4          +14       D         D        H       No         60         31           C
 66A      600          88         40         12         3       40          -6          0         -3        +7       H       No         45         13           C
 66B      800          85         40         23        13        ?          -7          -1        D         D        L       No         60         24           C
 66C      850          80         40         26        13        ?          ?           ?         D         D        H       Yes        60         27           C
 j.A      400          92          0          8         8       38          ?           ?         D         D        H       Yes        25         9            B
 j.2A     700          85         40         24         8       59          ?           ?         D         D        H       Yes        60         25           C
 j.6A     750          85         40         14         2       46          ?           ?         D         D        H       Yes        60         15           C
 j.8A     800          85         40          9         9        ?          ?           ?         D         D        H       Yes        45         10           C