Introduction Edit

Reimu Hakurei, an ordinary human shrine maiden and the main character of the Touhou series.

In this game her bullets are quite dense and are easily chainable, which allows them to persist through enemy bullets rather easily. A well rounded character, she has good bullets, useful special moves, and a decent melee set.

Hisoutensoku Changes Edit

(Naturally, if something 'seems' to do something it still needs confirmation.)

  • alt214B/C (Permanent Border (Floormat)) is now a beautiful crackling pink colour instead of the old yellow.
  • alt214B/C (Binding Border) now contracts inward to the enemy after deployment. C version will eventually collide.
  • 214B/C (Cautionary Border (Walls/Doors)) last longer, and last about a second longer for each level. No more than one may be active at once, with new ones destroying the previous.
  • 623 (Ascension Kick), C version, only has upper body graze until you max out the level.
  • C amulets seem to fire faster, but also seem less dense.
  • B bullets seem to have longer hitstun.
  • Hakurei Amulet B version can no longer fire 6 amulets.
  • Hakurei Amulet C version has longer startup.
  • Youkai Buster C version has longer startup, but it's faster
  • Spread Amulet B version launches 2 amulets; C version has longer startup
  • Demon Binding Circle and Wind God Kick have had its damage reduced.
  • 2B no longer goes fullscreen, only roughly 3 character lengths ahead of Reimu now.
  • Fantasy Heaven spellcard now does '99 hit 14582 damage' if you manage to pull it off. If you manage to do it on the 3rd round of a Versus or Arcade Mode match, "Mystic Oriental Love Consultation" begins playing, HNK style!

Hisoutensoku 1.10 ChangesEdit

  • 66C now has a slower startup, Reimu's kick-hop goes higher than before.
  • 66B now has graze properties on the sliding kick.
  • Dimensional Rift (421B/C): Both versions now have an animation around Reimu's foot.
  • Youkai Buster (236B/C): Both versions are now multi-hit. Each projectile has 6 hits (12% limit, 2% per hit) for a total of 18 and 36% limit (vs. old 40). Can now be charged twice for even more amulets. Chart below is damage uncharged, charged once, and charged twice. Leveling up increases duration.
    • Level 1: 18 hits 1201 damage | 24 hits 1501 damage | 30 hits 1764 damage
    • Level 2: 18 hits 1308 damage | 24 hits 1636 damage | 30 hits 1923 damage
    • Level 3: 21 hits 1597 damage | 28 hits 1980 damage | 35 hits 2307 damage
    • Level 4: 24 hits 1900 damage | 32 hits 2333 damage | 40 hits 2698 damage
  • Dream Sign "Devil Sealing Circle": Now 5 hits, 100% limit, 1,400 damage. Hitbox remains active for much longer, easier to punish on whiff.
  • Sliding Ascension Kick (B/C sliding speed and distance differences). Limits for 1st hit, 2nd hit, and 3rd hit (max level only) are as follows: 20% + 20% + 40%(Max level third hit)
    • Level 1: (B) 2 hits 1212 damage | (C) 2 hits 1374 damage
    • Level 2: (B) 2 hits 1322 damage | (C) 2 hits 1497 damage
    • Level 3: (B) 2 hits 1431 damage | (C) 2 hits 1620 damage
    • Level 4: (B) 3 hits 2158 damage | (C) 3 hits 2358 damage
  • Cautionary Border (B/C distance difference): 10% limit per hit. Duration increases as it levels up.
    • Level 0: 2 hits 521 damage
    • Level 1: 3 hits 797 damage
    • Level 2: 3 hits 868 damage
    • Level 3: 3 hits 940 damage
    • Level 4: 4 hits 1274 damage
  • Spread Amulet (C releases an additional large amulet | 10% limit per large amulet, 3% limit per small amulet)
    • Level 1: (B) 2 large amulets splits into 6 each | Charged once, 3 large amulets split into 6 | Charged twice, 4 large amulets split into 6 | (C) +1 large amulets to each
    • Level 2: Large amulets split into 8
    • Level 3: Damage increase
    • Level 4: Large amulets split into 10
  • Permanent Border (214B/C): Amulet is now slightly larger.

Normal Moves Edit

Move Description Damage Proration Hits Limit Notes
Close 5A Reimu does a quick slap attack. 200 980 Middle 0
5AAA Reimu does two close 5A's and a kick. The kick hits high. 821 88.3%



0 Starts up most combos.

Reimu adds her 6A hand shove to her 5AAA. Her last two hits hit high.

1510 70.6% Middle /High 40 Wallslams opponent. Takes 2 spirit orb at wrong block.
Far 5A Old 6A. Reimu sticks her stick out in a long-ranged jab. 500 920 High 0
2A Old 2A. Reimu spins her stick on the ground for 6 hits.


85% /hit

Low 40 No longer has a blind spot at point blank range, making it a very good poke now.
3A Reimu does an upwards kick. 750 94% High 40 Cancellable into aerial attacks, air unblockable.
3[A] Reimu does a sliding kick. 1000 80% Low 40 Guard crushes if blocked high.
6A Reimu shoves the opponent with both hands. 750 85% High 40 Has deceptively good range.
6[A] A charged version of 6A. 1000 80% High 40 Guard crushes if blocked low.
j.5a Reimu sticks her stick out in a downwards attack. 450 92% High 0 Has good range.
j.6A Reimu does a jump kick and flies forward in the air. 800 850 High 40 Very good for air combos.
j.8A Reimu does a high kick that sends her upwards and a little bit forwards. 800 800 High 40 meant to counter high flight movement.
j.2A Reimu does a downwards palm strike. 800 800 High 40
66A Reimu does a quick sliding palm strike. 600 900 Middle 0 Can be canceled to special moves.
66B Reimu does a dashing slide, similer to her 3[A]. attack and her old 22B. 800 800 Low 40 This move is unsafe on block
66C Reimu does a dashing high kick, same as her j.8A but on the ground. It's fairly disadvantageous on block, though. 1000 800 high 60 Grazes. Can be comboed into a few of her spellcards, primarily pillar.

Bullet Moves Edit

Move Description Max Damage Proration # of Projectiles Limit Notes
5B A series of small amulets that travels from slightly up to sightly down with a good velocity. 100*5 appx. 97%(-3% each hit) 5 5%*x Deals 1 spirit damage on block.
5[B] Reimu will cast more amulets that are in a random patterned spread. 100*10 appx. 97%(-3% each hit) 10 5%*x Deals 2 spirit damage on block.
6B Same as 5B but aiming diagonally upwards at 45°. Has the same properties 100*5 appx. 97%(-3% each hit) 5 5%*x Deals 1 spirit damage on block.
6[B] Same as 5[B] but aiming diagonally upwards at 45°. Has the same properties 100*10 appx. 97%(-3% each hit) 10 5%*x Deals 2 spirit damage on block.
2B An amulet that travels quickly on the floor. Has a little startup delay but it's good for surprise your opponent or when he's casting bullets with big delay. Only hits if opponent is touching ground. 600 ? 1 ? Causes knockdown. Deals 1 spirit damage on block.
j.5B Like 5B but on the air. The amulets comes in an arc from straight to slightly down. 100*5 appx. 97%(-3% each hit) 5 5%*x Deals 1 spirit damage on block.
j.5[B] Like 5[B] but on the air. The amulets comes in an random pattern from straight to slightly down. 100*10 appx. 97%(-3% each hit) 10 5%*x Deals 2 spirit damage on block.
j.2B Same as j.5B but aiming 45° down. 100*5 appx. 97%(-3% each hit) 5 5%*x Deals 1 spirit damage on block.
j.2[B] Same as j.5[B] but aiming 45° down. 100*10 appx. 97%(-3% each hit) 10 5%*x Deals 2 spirit damage on block.
5C A pretty big amulet that spins and has some homing property, doing 2-3 hits, depending of the distance. It has some considerable delay but has good speed and bullet priority. Is extremely dense, but as of 1.10, is now less dense but is now faster. 275×3 appx. 95%(-5% each hit) 1 10%*x Deals 0.8 spirit damage on block.
5[C] Same as 5C, but it will do 2-6 hits and has better homing property 275*6 appx. 95%(-5% each hit) 1 10%*x Deals 1.5 spirit damage on block.
2C Some amulets that are casted upwards. It hits very very high, but again has some startup. Very good movement when you're on corner and the enemy is approaching by air. Launches opponent straight up. Although it seems pretty big horizontally, its hitbox is just near Reimu. 200*5 appx. 95%(-5% each hit) 1 2%*x Deals 1 spirit damage on block.
j.5C Like 5C, but in the air. Can do 1-3 hits (but usually you will do 2-3, as also depends of distance of Reimu and the enemy when casted and you do 1 hit only when max ground distance and about midscreen up). Hard to home air-to-ground when close. 275*3 appx. 95%(-5% each hit) 1 10%*x Deals 0.8 spirit damage on block.
j.5[C] Like 5[C], but in the air. 1-6 hits while charged. 275*6 appx. 95%(-5% each hit) 1 10%*x Deals 1.5 spirit damage on block.
j.2C j.5C but downwards. For hitting ground enemies. Reimu will move a little backwards like her j.2A move, so it's useful to surprise enemies that want to attack you from ground, but it has bigger startup delay. 275×3 appx. 95%(-5% each hit) 1 10%*x Deals 0.8 spirit damage on block.
j.2[C] j.5[C] but downwards. Can home to opponents directly underneath Reimu. 275*6 appx. 95%(-5% each hit) 1 10%*x Deals 1.5 spirit damage on block.

Special Moves Edit

Hakurei Amulet: 236B/C (Air-usable, Chargeable)

Tosses two amulets (each similar to 5C) that go to a fixed distance forward, stop in the air, and then proceed to move while tracking the opponent. Has very good tracking properties. Shoots more amulets if charged. The B and C versions only differ in their charged properties.

  • B Version: Can only be charged to shoot 4 amulets.
  • C Version: Letting-go of charge on the charge sound shoots 4 amulets, while holding it down slightly longer releases 6.
Ascension Kick: 623B/C

Reimu spins in a fiery somersault. Has upper-body invulnerability during the first 12 frames of startup. On max level, both B and C version have full-body invulnerability.

  • B Version: Does not graze. Wallslams.
  • C Version: Rises much higher. Grazes on the way up. Does not wallslam.
Cautionary Border: 214B/C (Air-usable)

Puts up a barrier that hits the enemy two times, four at max level, before sending them flying. Each hit limits for 10%. Lasts for 3 seconds on level-0. The air versions go less far than the ground versions. You may only have one border active at a time. Only drains half an orb on block.

  • B Version: The border is created about half a screen in front of Reimu.
  • C Version: Goes twice further.
Dimensional Rift: 421B/C (Air-usable)

Reimu teleports and reappears with an attack next to the enemy. While teleporting, Reimu retains the direction she was facing, which can be used for ambiguous crossups.

  • B Version: Head stomp. Hits high. Guardbreaks on wrongblock. Causes floor bounce on counterhit, letting you combo.
  • C Version: Slide. Hits low for 3 hits. On wrongblock, they break up to 3.25 orbs in parts of 1,1,1.25 over the 3 hits. Whiffs if used too close on midscreen.

Alternate Skill Cards Edit

Youkai Buster: 236B/C (Air-usable, Chargeable)

Creates 3 pink amulets that fan out as they pass more distance. Can be charged to shoot up to 5 amulets (4 is also possible). Has very high damage and fast startup. Can only be high-jump-canceled very late. Whiffs point-blank.

  • B and C versions don't seem to differ.
Spread Amulet: 236B/C (Air-usable, Chargeable)

Fires a few large blue amulets that break apart into 6 smaller amulets each, covering a large portion of the screen. Can be charged to fire up more large amulets. The large amulets don't do too much damage, but when spread it's a good zone controller and it's easy to chain combo if the little amulets hit. Has a large blind spot.

  • B Version: 2-4 amulets. High-jump-cancels quickly.
  • C Version: 3-5 amulets. The High-jump-cancel point is later.
Sliding Ascension Kick: 623B/C

Reimu slides forward similar to her 66B move. If you keep holding down either the B or C button during the slide, Reimu will proceed to cancel it into an ascension kick. On max level, can proceed into another kick (similar to the Wind God spellcard) for a total of 3 hits if held down enough. Unsafe on block.

  • B Version: Cancels into kicks very early.
  • C Version: Has more delay before canceling into a kick.
Rain Dance: 623B/C (Air-usable, Expansion-only)

Reimu jumps forward and flips upside-down, spinning her gohei crackling with energy below her. Hits up to 4 times.

  • B Version: Moves more downwards while attacking.
  • C Version: Keeps moving forward for a large distance while attacking.
Binding Border: 214B/C (Air-usable, Expansion-only)

Creates two border barriers that surround the opponent. Those borders disappear if Reimu high-jump-cancels the move. Drains 2 orbs on block. On max level, creates four borders, making the B and C versions identical.

  • B Version: The borders are to the left and right of the opponent.
  • C Version: The borders are above and below the opponent.
Permanent Border: 214B/C

Places an amulet on the ground that attacks the enemy when it's stepped on or sightly above it. Only one amulet can be placed at a time. Has high damage and long blockstun.

  • B Version: Places the amulet under Reimu.
  • C Version: Tosses an amulet far away.
Demon Sealing Dimensional Rift: 421B/C (Air-usable)

Teleports and attacks by firing needles in a wide arc. Can be canceled right after shooting the needles.

  • B Version: The needles spread down-diagonally. Teleports a little forward.
  • C Version: Needles spread more forward-diagonally. Teleports far to the back.
Instant Dimensional Rift: 421B/C

When used right before receiving a melee/bullet hit, Reimu evades it and counterattacks with a wave of bullets. It is possible to combo afterwards with a spellcard.

  • B and C versions don't seem to differ.

Spellcards Edit

Jewel Sign "Enigmatically Casted Pearl": (ground/air) Costs 1 card

Fires 3 large yin-yang orbs which bounce around the screen for a fairly long time. Each hits twice before disappearing. Reimu steps backwards while casting.

Spirit Sign "Fantasy Jewel": (ground/air) Costs 2 cards

Fires a fan-spray of 5 colorful shots in front of Reimu in a semi-circle shape from up to down. Does not have graze property. Good for ending an aerial corner combo.

Hisoutensoku Change: The orbs now come out of Reimu's back and wait there for a moment before moving forward. This seems to be a mostly cosmetic change, but it may invalidate some combos. Good for making opponent to attack you and be hit by the orbs, but be careful.

Dream Sign "Devil Sealing Circle": Costs 2 cards (Expansion-only)

Reimu shoots a pillar of light that surrounds her similar to Demon Binding Circle. However, it only hits once and forces limit.

Treasure Sign "Yin-Yang Jade": Costs 2 cards

Reimu casts a orange orb about the diameter of her height which hits in front of her. It lasts around 1 second.

Border "Spreading Border" (ground/air) Costs 3 cards (Expansion-only)

Causes an array of borders to spread out from Reimu to cover the entire screen. Does significantly more damage outside of the corner, when the opponent can be pushed back into the outer borders. 2-4k damage.

Divine Arts "Wind God Kick": Costs 3 cards

Reimu does four somersault in succession ending with a high kick, which makes her rise high in the air and very vulnerable on the way down. Has some invincibility frames on start so it's good for countering

Divine Arts "Omnidirectional Demon Binding Circle": "Pillar" Costs 4 cards

Reimu shoots a pillar of light that surrounds her. Doesn't knockback on block but instead keeps target in the same place. Hitbox extends past sprite. Safe, if disadvantageous, on block. Although it has very good bullet priority, it does not graze.

Holy Relic "Yin-Yang Sanctification Jade": Costs 4 cards

Reimu casts a big blue orb in front of her that after a while accelerates across the screen until it makes contact with the opponent. On contact it will slow down and hit the enemy repeatedly until it gets past her. When the orb starts accelerating, Reimu will be free to punish the enemy along with the orb.

Divine Spirit "Fantasy Seal": (ground/air) Costs 5 cards

Reimu casts a series of colorful shots that first surround her and then chase the opponent. Deals 5 orbs of spirit damage when blocked and results in guardcrush if all shots make contact. If casted near the opponent, the shots will hit the opponent when they come out of Reimu. Does not graze. If you cast it in a corner and have a successful hit, the enemy will juggle in air so you can go in and attack for additional damage.

"Fantasy Heaven": (ground/air) Costs 5 cards

Reimu's infamous Last Word from Imperishable Night. Summons 7 yin-yang orbs around her. An orb lights up each time a successful hit is made (does not count bullets) and when all 7 are lit Reimu releases a powerful attack that covers the entire screen. The summoning of the orbs can only be done on the ground, but the actual release of the attack can be done on ground or air. The release is only when Reimu is not moving, and it's automatic. You have 15 seconds to light the orbs, and then they will disappear (they will not disappear if the enemy hits you). Easily above 6k damage if the enemy is beside you, and guard crush ensured if blocked. The attack is grazable, and won't do much damage from a distance.

Hisoutensoku Change: Causes over 14,000 damage on successful use. The attack now drains spirit on graze. Also plays a secret remix of Mystic Oriental Love Consultation in the background as the enemy gets vaporized if during the 3rd round of a match (both players with 1 win). Demonstration

Combos Edit

Reimu Combo Demonstration (Hisouten Soku v1.03): Video at Nico Nico Douga (requires an account) (Almost all possible Reimu's combos. Literally. 21 minutes long. You have been warned.)


5AAA/2A 2B 623B/Alt 236B/C (Youkai Buster) - 1738-2116 damage, combination dependent (5AAA+Alt 236B/C for the most damage)
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
5AAA 5B Alt 236B/C (Youkai Buster) - 2347 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
5AAA 5B hjc8 j.6A - 2039 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Note: 5AAA5B combos do not work against Komachi, and Tenshi.
Use the following instead:
5AAA 2B 623 / Alt 236B/C (Youkai Buster) - 1936-2200 damage
5AAA 2B 5C 623 / Alt 236B (Youkai Buster) - ~2400 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: Works on Alice, Marisa, Yuyuko, Patchouli, Yukari, Suika, Komachi. You can add a super on at the end (Use fantasy seal/kick super in the corner only) for a few thousand extra damage, the only hard part is being quick about the first three moves. Can work on most characters in the corner, but the other options are better for that situation.

Aerial Combo

j.A j.6A j.5C Alt 236B/C(Youkai Buster) - 2400-2700 damage. Use if a random j.a/j.6a somehow connects. If its a continuation from 421B/C CH, omit C or alt 236B/C.
j.5A j.8A j.5C j.9D j.5A j.6A/j.8A - 2289 damage
Limit: 110%
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Note: Can be used to air guard crush.
j.5A j.6A j.5B/j.2B j.5C 44/66 j.5A j.6A - 2409 damage
Limit: 115%
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
j.5A j.5C 66/44 j.5A j.6A j.5C - 2538 damage
Limit: 100%
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
j.5A j.5B/j.2B j.5C 66 j.5A j.6A j.5C - 2606 damage
Limit: 105%
Spirit Orb Usage: 3


It's important to note that stringing B projectiles into C projectiles is only possible in the corner due to the brief delay before a C-bullet begins moving towards the enemy. In the corner, there's no need for the bullet to move further because the enemy is right in front of you.

5AAA 5B 5C hjc8 j.2B j.3D j.A 5AAA 5B 623B/C - 3670 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: Variable
Note: 5B 623B/C can be replaced with the 4th hit of Dial-A if you don't have enough orbs. Alternatively, the combo can be finished by using Fantasy Seal hj8 j.6A after the 5b for 4.9k damage. Be warned, that hitting with all 5B amulets will result in exceeding limit before 623B/C
5AAA 5B hj9 j.5A j.2B j.3D j.5A 5AAA 5B hj9 j.5A j.2B j.3D j.5A 5AAA 623C - 4150 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 5
Note: Pretty hard to execute and make sure to cancel j.2b or it will limit early. It doesn't work against Suika, Yukari, Suwako, Remilia, Youmu, Sakuya, Marisa, and Reisen. Works sometimes against Meiling, Komachi, and Tenshi but it's rather random. Works on Yuyuko, Patchouli, Alice, Reimu, Sanae, Cirno, Utsuho, Aya , and Iku.
5AAA 5B 5C 2A 6A 623B/C - 3097 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
5AAAA 6A 2C 623C - 2544 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Note: For when it's too far to hit with 5B.
5AAA 2B Alt 236B/C (Youkai Buster) hjc9 j.5A j.6A - 2542 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Note: Near corner
66B 5AAA 6B 623B/C - 2200 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Note: 66B has to hit almost on end of animation to make this combo successful


5AAA 2B 2C [Concealed Orbs of Light] j.5A j.8A - 3171 damage
Limit: 116%
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Note: Near corner. You might need to super jump into j.5A depending on how far from the corner you are.
5AAAA 623C [Concealed Orbs of Light] - 2804 damage
Limit: 100%
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Note: Corner
5AAA 5B 9hj j.2B j.5A 5AAAA [Demon Sealing Circle] - 3472 damage
Limit: 185%
Spirit Orb Usage: 2.5
Note: Corner
5AAA 5B 5C [Demon Sealing Circle] - 3142 damage
Limit: 155%
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Note: Corner
66C(CH) [Demon Binding Circle] - 3453 CH, 3171 damage
Limit: 160%
Spirit Orb Usage: 0
Note: Hitting 66C with only the tip will cause most of the spellcard to whiff.
Anti-air 2C [Demon Binding Circle] - 2900-3000 damage
Limit: 110%
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
623B(CH)/6A(CH)/j.6A(CH) [Spreading Border] - 3000-3500 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 0/1
Note: Use near corner. Can be used around midscreen but it'll whiff if you're too far out.
5AAA Alt 236B/C(Youkai Buster) [Yin-Yang Orb] - 2771 damage
Limit: 55%
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Note: Can be used everywhere.
66A Alt 236B/C(Youkai Buster) [Yin-Yang Orb] 66A 623B - 3130 damage
Limit: 95%
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Note: Near corner. Use the spell card right when they hit the wall.
5AAA 5B [Yin-Yang Sanctification Orb] 5[C] 421B - 4000 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Note: Works midscreen. Replace 5[C] with 623BC in the corner for 3400 damage. For punishing a huge whiff you can get as high as 5000 damage with non hit confirmed alt 236B (Youkai Buster) [Yin-Yang Sanctification Orb] 2369B j.236B.

Frame Data Edit

Motion  Damage  Prorate  Limit   Startup   Active   Block Adv   Wrongblock Hit Adv  CH Adv   Block   Airblock   Type
 c.5A   200     98       0       7         2        -1          n/a        0        n/a      M       No         A
 f.5A   500     92       0       15        2        -5          -1         -3       +4       H       No         B
 5AA    200     98       0       6         2        -1          n/a        0        n/a      M       No         A
 5AAA   450     92       0       8         4        -1          +3         +1       +8       H       No         B
 5A*4   800     80       40      15        13       -8          -2         D        D        H       No         C
 2A     100x6   97       0       8         18       -1          +3         +1       n/a      L       No         B
 3A     750     85       40      11        13       -21         -15        D        D        H       Yes        C
 3[A]   1000    80       40      37        8        -11         +7         D        D        L       No         C
 6A     750     85       40      15        13       -6          0          D        D        H       No         C
 6[A]   1000    80       40      30        13       -11         +7         D        D        H       No         C
 66A    600     90       0       9         3        -3          +3         0        +10      H       No         C
 66B    800     80       40      17        8        -9          -3         D        D        L       No         C
 66C    900     80       40      11        11       -14         -8         D        D        H       Yes        C
 j.A    450     92       0       7         12                                                H       Yes        B
 j.2A   800     80       40      16        8                               D        D        H       Yes        C
 j.6A   850     85       40      13        10                              D        D        H       Yes        C
 j.8A   850     80       40      8         7                               D        D        H       Yes        C