Introduction Edit

Patchouli Knowledge, a natural witch with a surly attitude and friend to Remilia Scarlet. Despite battling anemia and asthma, her passion for elemental magic and books has lead her to reside in the library of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, wherein she acts as its librarian.

In this game, Patchouli is very proficient at wielding her elemental magic. As a result, her weak melee is counterbalanced by a very large and diverse range of projectiles. A strong sense of zoning and the ability to fish for punishable reactions from your opponent is good to have, as you will often need to work for your hits by getting your opponent to slip up.

Hisoutensoku Changes Edit

  • Gained 5 new skill cards, 1 for every motion and element she makes use of.
  • Gained 3 new spell cards.
  • j.6A now 3 hits (20% limit per hit) and sends the opponent out from where she was hit as opposed to SWR's up from where she was hit. Comboing out of it now more difficult and requires that the opponent either be closer or near the corner.
  • j.8A now 3 hits (10% limit per hit) and barely sends the opponent anywhere as opposed to SWR's up from where she was hit. Comboing out of it still possible with the use of j.5C, though Alt j.214B (Autumn Blade) follow-ups will fail more often.
  • 2C will now follow a small arc rather than sticking to the ground.
  • 6C and 6[C] are now aimed at the opponent as opposed to SWR's firing in a "straight" line.
  • j.236B and j.236C now have radically different trajectories compared to what they were in SWR. Changed from B = ~30° C = ~40° to B = ~45° C = ~70°
  • 214B/C now has a much wider arc at all levels than it did in SWR
  • 22B/C lots of changes...:
    • No longer reaches all the way to the ceiling at level 1, instead being ~2.5 characters tall
    • No longer gains multiple spouts at higher levels, instead becoming taller (eventually reaching the ceiling) and wider (eventually becoming two spouts wide) with leveling
    • B version and C version are now different from one another.
      • If opponent is less than one screen away:
        • B version - Puts the spout immediately under the opponent
        • C version - Puts the spout at the edge of the screen
      • If opponent is more than one screen away:
        • B version - Puts the spout exactly one screen's distance away
        • C version - Puts the spout immediately under the opponent
  • The alt skill cards 236B/C Summer Flame, 22B/C Condensed Bubble, and 623B/C Flash of Spring from SWR are now usable in the air.

Hisoutensoku 1.10 ChangesEdit

  • Autumn Edge (default 214): C version now fires bullets in a V shape formation, leaving a blind spot in front.
  • Wipe Moisture (alt 236): B version hits twice, C hits 3 times. Leveling up increases range and is now 20% limit per hit.
  • Silent Selene: Moves in a symmetrical formation, meaning it will hit fully from either side now.
  • Philosopher's Stone: New startup animation, recharges quicker. Bullets now disappear if Patchouli is hit.
  • Royal Diamond Ring: More damage (around 4000) and now spawns a ring that expands slowly outwards.
  • Conjuring Swords (alt 214): Fires one sword at a time.

Normal Moves Edit

Move Description Damage Proration Hits Limit Notes Image
Close 5A Patchouli hits the opponent with a quick hit from her book. Can be canceled into anything. High
5AA Patchouli turns around and hits the opponent with a purple spark. Hits up to 3 times, and cancellable into bullets, spellcards, and specials. High x3
5AAA Patchouli releases a gust of wind from her book. Cancellable into supers. Middle Wallslams.
Far 5A Patchouli swipes at the opponent with magic. Has good range and can be canceled into anything. High
Far 5[A] Same as Far 5A, but has longer range and higher damage. Can only be canceled into supers. High Guard crushes if blocked low.
2A Patchouli swipes quickly at the opponent with her book. Combos into 3A and cancellable into bullet, super, or special. Low
3A Patchouli slides forward at the opponent feet first. Cancellable into bullets, specials, and spellcards. Low
3[A] Same as 3A, but with much longer range and higher damage, and only cancellable into specials and supers. Low Guard crushes if blocked high.
6A Patchouli slams her book into the opponent's head that pushes her slightly forward. Cancels into bullets, specials, and supers. High
6[A] Same as 6A, but can only be super canceled. High Guard crushes if blocked low.
j.5A Patchouli sticks out her finger while creating purple sparks. Hits up to 3 times, and can be canceled into bullets, specials, j.6A, and j.2A on contact. High
j.6a Patchouli turns around and sticks out her finger, creating a tornado in front of her. Can be canceled into bullets and specials if it makes contact. High Cannot be grazed, despite its appearance.
j.8a Patchouli opens her book above her and creates a tornado. Rises Patchouli up slightly during the attack. Cancellable into bullets. High Cannot be grazed, despite its appearance.
j.2a Patchouli opens her book to slam the opponent with magic. As of 1.10, no longer recoils Patchouli into the air. Cancellable into bullets and specials. High
j.2[A] Same as j.2A, but with a much larger hitbox and recoils Patchouli into the air. Cancellable into bullets and specials. High Guard crushes if blocked low.
66A Patchouli slides forward and sticks her book into the opponent's leg. Reels on counterhit, and can be canceled into supers and specials. Low
66B Patchouli dashes forward, turns around, and sticks out her finger to summon a tornado. Hits up to 3 times, is super cancellable, and knocks the opponent into the air. High Can be grazed.
66C Patchouli stops and does her Far 5A. Cancellable into supers only. As of 1.10, retains momentum instead of stopping Patchouli. High

Bullet Moves Edit

Move Description Maximum Raw Damage Proration # of Projectiles Limit Notes Image
5B Patchouli fires three slightly homing blue orbs in an arc. 3
5[B] Same as 5B, but fires 5 orbs instead. 5
6B Same as 5B, but at a higher height. 3
6[B] Same as 5[B], but at a higher height. 5
2B Same as 5B, but at a much lower height. 3
2[B] Same as 5[B], but at a much lower height. 5
4B Patchouli fires water orbs to cover the front of her. 4
4[B] Same as 4B, but with more bullets. 7
j.5B Same as 5B. 3
j.5[B] Same as 5[B]. 5
j.2B Same as 2B. 3
j.2[B] Same as 2[B]. 5
j.4B Same as 4B. 4
j.4[B] Same as 4[B]. 7
5C Patchouli fires slightly homing red orbs in a circle around her. Has a blindspot in the middle of the fireballs when used. 7
2C Patchouli sends a hopping stream of flame in front of her. Has good range and travels in an arc on the ground. 1
6C Patchouli fires water orbs at the opponent like a machine gun. Is an extremely good move due to its speed. 5
6[C] Same as 6C, but fires more bullets. 10
j.5C Same as 5C. 7
j.2C Patchouli opens her book like in j.2A and fires flame orbs at a 30° spread downwards. Recoils Patchouli slightly up into the air. 5
j.6C Same as 6C. 5
j.6[C] Same as 6[C]. 10

Special Moves Edit


Summer Red -- 236B/C (Air):

Flavor Text: A basic form of fire-element magic. Shoots a large fireball straight ahead. Superb in penetration, damage, and ease of use, but as it travels straight, it's also easy to dodge.

Fireball. Usable on ground and in the air. Leveling increases damage and size. At max level, the fireball gains a trail of mini-fireballs. Extremely dense projectile, it can deal with almost any non-laser projectile with relative ease, including Okuu's giant C bullet and Reimu's big amulets, and still hit your target with good damage.

  • (B version) Patchouli fires a large fireball which will break through most opponents projectiles. Explodes on impact. Can chain into itself on counterhit. Aerial version is fired downwards at an angle and pushes Patchouli back a little.
  • (C version) Ground version is identical to B version, but travels much faster. Aerial version travels slightly farther horizontally.
Spring Wind -- 623B/C:

Flavor Text: A basic form of wood-element magic. Negates enemy attacks with air pressure and pushes the opponent back, opening some distance between you.

Wind-based, non-damaging pushback. Usable on ground only. Leveling increases pushback.

  • (B version) Patchouli floats upwards on a spiral of wind, pushing opponents backwards. This is one of her main means of defending, as her melee generally cannot go toe-to-toe with her opponent's. Has some invincibility and graze frames on startup, so use this in small gaps in enemy blockstrings. Also useful for forcing opponents into a 22B or 421 if they dodged toward you. Use caution, though, as this move also leaves Patchouli vulnerable after the pushback and cannot be cancelled into anything.
  • (C version) Patchouli leaps higher and pushes further. Lasts longer than B version.
Autumn Edge -- 214B/C (Chargeable):

Flavor Text: A basic form of metal-element magic. Uses the metal element to create sharp blades and manipulate them to rush at the opponent. They're not very powerful, but make up for it in damage.

Fast-moving blade projectile. Usable on ground only. Leveling increases damage and number of blades summoned by charging. Upgrading at least once, a confirmed hit results in all remaining blades homing in on the opponent.

  • (B version) Patchouli fires three very fast triangular blades. B or C can be held to create more blades in a condense pattern and to delay their firing. Knocks the opponent back. Useful at long range when the opponent is expecting something slower, like a 5C.
  • (C version) The blades are angled very high and low, none in the middle.
Dew Spear -- 421B/C:

Flavor Text: A basic form of earth-element magic. Crystal spears erupt from the ground and rain down on the opponent from the sky.

Delayed, targeted projectile. Usable on ground only. Leveling increases damage. Useful for oki.

  • (B version) Patchouli causes several spikes of ice to fly up from the ground directly in front of her, falling back down in the same spot to damage the opponent.
  • (C version) Spikes are summoned about three body lengths in front of Patchouli.
Winter Element -- 22B/C:

Flavor Text: A basic form of water-element magic. Summons a waterway at the enemy's feet and attacks with a high-pressure water spout.

Delayed spout of water. Usable on ground only. Leveling increases damage and in SWR the number of spouts while in Hisoutensoku the height and width of the single spout. 2 spouts at level 3, 3 spouts at max level in SWR. Ceiling height and 2 spouts wide at max level 4 in Hisoutensoku. Pretty good skill for poking spammers out of the air (yeah Alice).

  • (B version) Patchouli causes a geyser to appear. Sends the opponent flying upwards with three hits if it hits. Persists for a while. Delay between input and actual geyser appearance. Also acts as a wall that stops some enemy projectiles if it is between Patchouli and her opponent. Appears directly under the opponent in SWR. Only appears under the opponent in Hisoutensoku if the opponent is an unzoomed screen or less away, otherwise it appears an unzoomed screen's distance away from Patchy.
  • (C version) Identical to B version in SWR. In Hisoutensoku it causes the spout to appear at the edge of the screen if opponent is an unzoomed screen or less away, otherwise it appears directly underneath the oppoent.

Alternate-Skill Cards Edit

Summer Flame -- 236B/C (Hisoutensoku only: Air):

Flavor Text: A special form of fire-element magic. Sends flames in a great arc, focusing not on power but on spread. It's not terribly powerful, but dodging it requires lots of movement.

Flamethrower. Usable on the ground or in the air (Hisoutensoku only). Leveling increases damage.

  • (B version) Patchouli sends a very large stream of fire in a large arc in front of her. Button can be held to increase duration.
  • (C version) Fire is sent into the air instead of directly in front of Patchouli.

Wipe Moisture -- 236B/C: (Expansion-only)

Flavor Text: A physical manifestation of fire magic. Lashes fire at the enemy like a whip. Even though she has no strength, and the fire has no mass, it is still incredibly strong.

Flame sword. Usable on ground only. Leveling increases damage and range. Not recommended because her default and her other alt 236 are easier to use in combos without much difference in damage. Her other 236's reach farther, too. However, it is her only melee special for frametraps.

  • (B version) Patchouli moves forward swings her arm in an arc similar to her f.5A/5A, but with a flaming aura instead of a blue one. Hits twice as of 1.10.
  • (C version) Longer delay before swing and moves further forward. Hits thrice as of 1.10.
Flash of Spring -- 623B/C (Chargeable) (Hisoutensoku only: Air):

Flavor Text: A form of wood-element magic specialized for offense. Its high speed makes it hard for those in the line of fire to even avert their eyes.

Windball. Usable on the ground or in the air (Hisoutensoku only). Leveling increases damage. At a certain level, the projectile will explode if canceled out by the opponent's projectiles. No longer hovers you perfectly in 1.10.

  • (B version) Patchouli charges up a wind shot, then fires an extremely fast shot of air, leaving behind a trail of white spots in front of her. Button can be held to delay firing. To stop charging without firing, press the opposite button as was used to start firing.
  • (C version) Identical to B version.

Static Green -- 623B/C: (Expansion-only)

Flavor Text: Anti-air wood magic. Balls of lightning appear from her hands, shoot upwards and explode. Because the basis of this attack is wood magic, it seems it could be more stable.

Lightning dragon punch. Usable on ground only. Leveling increases damage. Completely grazeable. Better use in combos than her other alt.623, and her default has marginal use. Now has a much broader hitbox at higher levels in 1.10.

  • (B version) Patchouli rises in a dragon punch arc, hitting the opponent multiple times with a small ball of lightning and releasing a vertical lightning strike at the arc's peak.
  • (C version) Identical to B version except the peak lightning strike is horizontal. Does not fully combo against a grounded opponent.
Autumn Blade -- 214B/C (Air):

Flavor Text: An offensively specialized form of metal-element magic. Gathers the metal element to create a circular saw blade, which is thrown at the enemy. When thrown both up and down it's easy to hit with.

Saw blades. Usable on the ground or in the air. Leveling increases damage. Powerful and useful in combos.

  • (B version) Patchouli fires a single large saw blade towards the opponent. This is likely her best spell card because of the insane priority and, at higher levels, damage.
  • (C version) Fires two blades at varying angles that are dependent on opponent's distance and position from Patchouli. Blades that hit the ground will bounce off and fly up at an angle.

Force Lasher -- 214B/C: (Expansion-only)

Flavor Text: A shapeshifting metal attack. Creates a sword from metal, then throws it towards the enemy. She can also weild the sword while moving by holding down the button.

Okizeme swords. Usable on ground only. Holding the button (B or C) summons swords and freezes them; you can have both versions held, but that would limit you to melee attacks until you release them. Patchouli can move around and attack freely (skills and spells included) while the swords are suspended in the air, though the button being held cannot be used. Releasing the button will send the swords flying. If the button is held too long, the swords will drop harmlessly to the ground. Leveling increases number of swords summoned (6/7/8/9).

  • (B version) Patchouli summons several swords that spin then strike at random angles that land ~1-3 bodies away from Patchouli.
  • (C version) Identical to B version, except swords land 3-7 bodies away from Patchouli.
Emerald City -- 421B/C:

Flavor Text: A defensively specialized form of earth-element magic. Creates a wall of crystal from the earth and sends the opponent flying. Useful as a counterattack as it has invincible frames and a wide attack area.

Rising crystals. Usable on ground only. Leveling increases damage. At max level each crystal also becomes almost doubles in height and becomes 1.5x as wide.

  • (B version) Patchouli causes two large aqua-colored crystals to burst out of the ground on both sides of her, sending the opponent flying upwards. Very long recovery, has invincibility frames.
  • (C version) Identical to B version.

Diamond Hardness -- 421B/C: (Expansion-only)

Flavor Text: A resistence technique derived from earth magic. The body becomes hard for a while and can deflect one attack. Defense and attack can get a bit crazy after this move, since she can take a lot of damage.

Super armor good for one hit. Usable on ground only. Leveling increases duration.

  • (B version) Patchouli gains super armor until she is either hit once or the buff's duration runs out, blinking gold for this period of time.
  • (C version) Identical to B verions but with a longer wind-up and a longer duration to compensate.
Condensed Bubble -- 22B/C (Hisoutensoku only: Air):

Flavor Text: A form of water-element magic specialized for defense. A bubble shield that stop enemy attacks. It bursts after taking a certain amount of damage, but can deal damage back as a sort of counter.

Defensive bubble. Usable on the ground or in the air (Hisoutensoku only). Leveling increases size of bubble. At level 2, the bubble will burst into smaller bubbles when it times out as opposed to disappearing. The smaller bubbles serve as regular projectiles. Further leveling increases number of smaller bubbles created. You may have more than one bubble on screen at any given time. The popping explosion can be grazed, meaning that any grazing attack can pop it harmlessly. While the bubbles do NOT disappear if Patchouli is struck while on screen, and can disrupt combos by being struck, they will not disperse into smaller bubbles to save you, instead popping into weather crystals. This card has a very rapid and deceptive 'cast time' and can be used after any normal grounded projectiles to block/punish some incoming graze attacks even if the bubble does not appear fully formed. Almost always counter hits and wall slams when popping.

  • (B version) Patchouli creates a giant, floating blue bubble in front of her. The bubble will pop instantly after an enemy attack hits it. It does not matter if it is popped by a projectile or a melee attack; if the opponent is touching the bubble as it pops, she will get hit and be sent flying away. Damage varies depending on the attack.
  • (C version) Properties are identical to B version including starting position, however the bubble will hover roughly half of a character height higher in the air making it more effective against aerial attacks.

Sticky Bubble -- 22B/C: (Expansion-only)

Flavor Text: A restraint device created from water magic. Sprays non-damaging bubbles which trap the enemy in mid-air. The bubbles can not be blocked, but won't have much of an effect unless they all hit.

Unblockable propelled bubble trap. Usable on ground only. Leveling increases distance bubbles are propelled (and maybe duration they stay attached?). Sounds fun on paper, but getting 11 bubbles onto your opponent without exposing Patchouli to free combos is much more trouble than it's worth.

  • (B version) Patchouli releases 6 small, unblockable bubbles in a small cone. Bubbles that hit the enemy deal no damage but stay attached to the opponent for 7 seconds before disappearing. Once the enemy has been hit by 11 bubbles, he will become trapped in a bubble similar in appearance to the Condensed Bubble/Jellyfish Princess spell cards. During this time he is incapable of action and can be attacked until limit has been reached. Bubbles can be grazed but not neutrallised by enemy bullets. They will, however, be easilly defeated by Alice's dolls. Most damaging follow-up to trap is j.6[C] j.6[C] for 2800 dmg and limit knockdown.
  • (C version) Longer delay before firing. Bubbles are spread wider apart.

Spellcards Edit

Earth Water Sign "Noachian Deluge": Costs 2 cards. Patchouli points at her opponent and shoots a large spread of water bullets forward. Usable in the air. Also useful for capitalizing on a guard crush.
Metal Wood Sign "Elemental Harvester": Costs 2 cards. Patchouli surrounds herself with a set of large, spinning gears and floats towards her opponent. Reversal.
Fire Metal Sign "Saint Elmo's Pillar": Costs 3 cards. Patchouli hurls a fireball at the ground under her opponent, which explodes into a pillar of flame. Very fast and can be used to catch people off guard at any range.
Water Sign "Jellyfish Princess": Costs 3 cards. Patchouli surrounds herself with a large bubble that is able to stop a few attacks (both melee and projectile) before breaking. She can move and fight freely while this bubble is up. If not broken, the bubble itself disappears after a set amount of time. It's worth noting that the bubble will protect against all grappling maneuvers except Utsuho's Melting Shower kick, which appears to be the only attack which can strike through the bubble without popping it. The bubble can also trigger strange recovery periods on autocombo moves such as Suwako's Mishaguji-sama.
Moon Wood Sign "Satellite Sunflower": Costs 3 cards. Patchouli summons two orbs that circle above her head and spread out, slowly raining small projectiles under them. Has a long startup. After laying the orbs, they spread and fire on their own, so Patchouli is free to continue fighting. Good for laying down cover fire over a certain area. The spellcard is originally from Shoot the Bullet.
Sun Wood Sign "Photosynthesis": Costs 3 cards. Patchouli summons a ray of green light that shines on where she is standing. As long as she is in this field, her spirit orb regeneration is greatly amplified. The light follows Patchouli very slowly, however, and movement is thus restricted. The light disappears after a set amount of time. Quite useful for turning the tables of the battle in your favour.
Fire Water Sign "Phlogistic Pillar": Costs 3 cards (Expansion-only). A wave of large, red fire quickly progresses along the floor while an upside-down wave of large, blue fire quickly progresses along the ceiling. ~2.7k damage. Patchouli can act before the spell finishes.
Moon Sign "Silent Selene": Costs 4 cards. After holding her book to her lap and spreading a large magic circle around her, Patchouli creates a series of blue columns which circle her and spread out. Reversal. Should be noted this move is asymmetrical, making it one of the only if only move with this property. The columns are much denser to the right during startup, regardless of the direction Patchouli faces, and reversing a jump-in from the left side has a much higher failure rate. At close range hitting an opponent on the right side is more effective, at midrange an opponent on the left side suffers more damage, but at far range you are significantly more likely to drop your opponent midcombo on the left side.
Earth Metal Sign "Emerald Megalopolis": Costs 4 cards (Expansion-only). Super version of Emerald City. Two large pillars erupt on either side of Patchouli, return to the ground, and are replaced by another two further out than the prior until 8 pillars have been released in 4 waves. ~4k damage assuming all pillars hit. Grazeable. Unlike regular green rocks special, not invincible. Patchouli can act before all the pillars have erupted.
Sun Sign "Royal Flare": Costs 5 cards. Patchouli raises her book above her head and fills the entire stage with fire for a short time. Very long startup and recovery, but Patchouli is fully invincible as long as the flare is active. This move can be grazed. If blocked, it pushes opponents back and deals 3 orbs' worth of spirit damage. Deals ~5400 damage assuming the whole thing connects against an opponent who starts at full health if you do not use a combo starter. Combos after f.5[A], 6[A], 66B (2 or more hits), 22B/C, 421B/C, and Alt 421B/C (Emerald City) at the cost of ~900-1600 damage depending on which move you start with. Also known as "going mukyu~".
Five Elements Sign "Philosopher's Stone": Costs 5 cards. Patchouli creates a set of crystals that revolve around her. Each crystal represents a certain element, and amplifies specials of that element by breaking up into a small set of projectiles that fly at the opponent whenever that special is used. The crystal of that element is lost upon use, but is replaced after a short amount of time. The crystal set itself disappears after a set amount of time.

Red: Fire - 236b/c
Blue: Water - 22b/c
Green: Wood - 623b/c
Yellow: Metal - 214b/c
Orange: Earth - 421b/c

Sun Moon Sign "Royal Diamond Ring": Costs 5 cards (Expansion-only). Gold lasers form a honeycomb structure around Patchouli and shoots out smaller lasers for a decent period of time. Patchouli can move after summoning the golden honeycomb. Forces opponent to graze or be hit, opening up easy melee opportunities. Also works superbly as cover fire.This spellcard, like Satellite Sunflower, also came from Shoot the Bullet.

Combos Edit

All Ranges:
5AA 5B 5C 236C/Alt 236B (Wipe Moisture) - 2406~2471~2623(on corner)/2514 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
5AA 5B 2C 236C - 2519 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: This combo will cause 2380 damage on the corner. These damages outputs are based considering the max number of hits of the second 5A, 5B and 2C during the combo.
5AA 4B 6C 236C/Noachian Deluge/Saint Elmo's Pillar - ~2650-2775/3100/3300 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 3/2/2
5A/2A 3A 5B/2B/6B 5C - ~1700-2000 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
66B 5A 5C - 2075-2200 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: Works on regular and counterhit. At certain ranges, 5A may become f.5A, in which case 5C will only hit if opponent hits the wall.
421B/C 6[C] - 2400-2500/2100-2500 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Highest damage nonspellcard combo that can be done from the 421 series assuming reaction to hitconfirm instead of prediction of hitconfirm.
Midscreen Only:
6A Wallslam 5B 5C 22B/22C/214[B]/214[C] - ~1300-1450/~1200-1400 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: 5B 1-hit and 5B 2-hit determines whether or not limit knockdown will occur with 22B/C version. 214B/C version is less strict on timing, but will not limit knockdown without leveling.
Near Corner Only:
6A Wallslam 5B 5C Alt 214B (Autumn Blade) - ~1150-1425 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Near Corner/Corner:
6A Wallslam 5C - ~1564 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: Requires that the opponent bounce back into Patchouli's melee range after wallslam.
Corner Only:
5AAA 5A 5C - 2425 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Conserves orbs
f.5A 6C HJC9 j.5A 5C - 2935 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
j.5A j.4B j.5C - ~2050 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Air to air.
j.5A j.5C Noachian Deluge - 2550-2700 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: Air to air.
j.2A/[A] j.2C j.236C - 1450-1850 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Air to ground/air.
j.6A (1 Hit) j.5B j.6C - 1100-1575 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: j.6C can miss depending on where on the opponent j.6A hits, halving the total damage done. Allowing j.6A to continue for more than one hit will break the combo.
j.6A (1 Hit) j.5B j.5C Alt j.214B (Autumn Blade) - 1050-1300 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: Hits more consistently than above combo. Deals approximately equal damage at level max. Allowing j.6A to continue for more than one hit will break the combo.
j.8A j.5C Alt j.214B (Autumn Blade) - 1350-1550 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2