The palette editor is a tool for SWR and Soku which allows you to modify the palette data of characters' in-game sprites. This can be done by either editing the color yourself or applying pre-made palette data. Here's a quick instruction on how to get it working.

Creating palettes Edit

  • 1. Download the palette editor for SWR 1.06 or Soku 1.03
  • 2. Unzip the file and run 緋色.exe. You may need to change the language setting to Japanese or use Applocale if you get an error message or a "Black Reimu" (You'll know it when you see it).
  • 3. When the program prompts you to select a path, choose SWR's installation directory.
  • 4. Go to ファイル(F) -> 新規作成(N) and choose the character to create palette for.
  • 5. Begin editing by clicking an area within the sprite to edit and using the palette tools on the right side. Left/right changes between sprites while up/down is used to zoom.
  • 6. Go to ファイル(F) -> 名前を付けて保存(A) to save the palette.

Applying the palettes to in-game sprites Edit

Note: You need to have either .Net Framework 1.1 or above installed or have msvcr71.dll (included in zip) in your system folder.

  • 1. Put all your palettes to a directory of your choice.
  • 2. Go to パレットリスト(L) -> 参照フォルダ設定(S) and select the directory you chose above.
  • 3. (SWR ONLY) From the list of palettes at the bottom, highlight the file of your choice and press any number from 1 to 9 to assign a key. Up to 9 palettes can be used for each character.
  • 3. (SOKU ONLY) Press the spacebar to "set" the palettes you want to use.
  • 4. With the palette editor still running, launch SWR/Soku. This will hide the palette editor window.
  • 5. From character select screen, press the assigned key number for SWR (Ctrl+assigned key in case of 2P) before selecting a character to use the desired palette This has to be done after every match if you want to continue using the palette. Press 0 to return palette selection to default. For Soku, you can just cycle through the palettes until you find your own.

Finding premade palettes Edit

Not very many palette sites are known at this time. Contributions are welcome.

SourcesEdit Lunatic Red Forums: Neo's UNL Palette Editor Tutorial