2P MacroEdit

2P macro is a mod for SWR that lets you record and playback inputs in practice mode.

How to useEdit

  • 1. Download the 2P macro and extract play2p.exe to SWR's installation directory.
  • 2. Run play2p.exe
  • 3. Go to practice mode.
  • 4. Press start and set opponent status to 2P control.
  • 5. Press 1 to start recording 2P's inputs and press 1 again to stop.
  • 6. Press 2 to play the recorded inputs.

Replay RecorderEdit

Replay recorder is a mod for SWR that converts replay files to .avi video files.

How to useEdit

  • 1. Download the replay recorder. The current version only supports SWR version 1.02.
  • 2. Extract the files and run 緋兎.exe. If you get an error, try running it in Japanese locale (or use Applocale).
  • 3. When asked for path, choose SWR's installation directory.
  • 4. Choose any temporary directory for Working Dir (e.g. C:\temp\). Also select Output Dir, video size and frame rate.
  • 5. Drag and drop the replay file you want to record and click CONVERT START button.
  • 6. Choose the codec and configure other video settings.

The recording creates temporary data of a large size so make sure to have at least 20GB of free space when using the application. It is also recommended that you try recording with a relatively short replay files to find an optimal setting.

Stats trackerEdit

Stats tracker is a mod for SWR that records netplay stats like win and loss counts, sorted by character.

How to useEdit

  • 1. Download the stats tracker. The current version only supports SWR version 1.06.
  • 2. Unzip the file and copy hikouseki.exe to SWR's installation directory.
  • 3. Run hikouseki.exe. It will appear in the system tray.
  • 4. Launch SWR while stats tracker is running. Results for games played with the tracker running will be recorded.
  • 5. Right click on the tray icon to access the context menu. They are, from the top: see stats, stop automatic stats counting, consecutive match limiter(?), quit program.

If the tool fails to record netplay session stats, try running both SWR and tracker in Japanese mode with Applocale.