Introduction Edit

Marisa Kirisame, one of the main heroines to the Touhou series, next to Reimu Hakurei. Marisa is a human witch that likes to "borrow" things for a very long time.

In this game, her sparks don't detonate on enemy projectiles, so using them to neutralize bullets works a bit differently. Instead, Marisa's sparks will cancel out the opponent's projectiles, persisting right through them, and they will detonate either on the ground or on an opponent. Marisa comes equipped with a good set of melee moves and good movement speed. Marisa's corner pressure is excellent, but she will have trouble getting the opponent there in the first place.

Hisoutensoku ChangesEdit

  • 6C no longer spans the screen length instantly, instead it takes roughly one second to reach the opponent. Hits for 5 hits at fullscreen, for 10 when it's as close as possible. Same damage and proration.
  • Default 22B/C pot functionality changed; it now travels based on how long you hold the button. Marisa will hover while holding the button.
  • alt 623B (Bosky Sweeper) no longer sends you straight to the top of the screen, making the b version actually moderately useful for a change since you can actually recover from it and combo.
  • B bullets now have slight homing properties, moreso when charged. They move a bit faster as well.
  • j.6A no longer propels the enemy at a 180 degree angle straight to the opposite wall if the enemy has to fly too far, but instead they'll gradually fall downwards too. j.6C followups are still possibly at most ranges.
  • j.8A hits multiple times.

Hisoutensoku 1.10 ChangesEdit

  • NOTES: Not sure whether or not to add this to each section yet, as this is for 1.10 (no data on 1.03 yet I don't think). Damages are guesstimates due to prorations and number of hits.
  • Devildom Torch (B/C distance difference)
    • Level 1: 3 pillars 10% limit per hit
    • Level 2: 4 pillars, airusable
    • Level 3: 4 pillars
    • Level 4: 5 pillars
      • Leveling increases height of pillars
  • Up Sweeper (B/C distance differences) [SAME IN BOTH VERSIONS]
    • Level 1: 3 hits 1600 damage - proration, 10% limit per hit
    • Level 2: 3 hits 1750 damage - proration, 10% limit per hit
    • Level 3: 3 hits 1900 damage
    • Level 4: 3 hits 2050 damage
  • Stellar Missile (B/C distance differences) [SAME IN BOTH VERSIONS]
    • Level 1: 6 hits 1000 damage - proration 5% limit per hit
    • Level 2: 6 hits 1100 damage " "
    • Level 3: 6 hits 1200 damage
    • Level 4: 6 hits 1300 damage
      • Leveling increases area of effect (No longer reaches the ground barely at max level)
  • Green Spread (B/C distance differences, airusable)
      • Leveling increases damage, size of the 8 star projectiles, and hitbox duration
  • Radial Strike (B/C angle difference, airusable)
    • Leveling increases damage
  • Grand Stardust (B/C distance difference when charged, does not detonate on impact)
    • Leveling increases damage and area of effect
    • Marisa no longer stalls in the air when charging, she slowly descends
  • Bosky Sweeper (B/C distance/duration differences) 10% limit per hit. No longer grazes unless leveled up. C version from further away will land less hits and opponent will land earlier than Marisa due to the less hits
    • Level 1: (B) 4 hits 1351 damage (C) 5 hits 1614 damage
    • Level 2: (B) 4 hits 1472 damage (C) 5 hits 1758 damage
    • Level 3: (B) 4 hits 1593 damage (C) 5 hits 1902 damage
    • Level 4: (B) 4 hits 1714 damage (C) 5 hits 2045 damage
      • Maximum hits at point blank range in the corner
  • Narrow Spark (B/C no difference)
    • Level 1: 10 hits 1454 damage, 30% limit
    • Level 2: 10 hits 1585
    • Level 3: 10 hits 1714
    • Level 4: 10 hits 1843
      • Leveling increases width

Normal Moves Edit

Move Description Damage Proration Hits Limit Notes Image
Close 5A Your standard mid hitting poke. Starts off your dial-A combo. Middle
5AAA Hits 1-2: Standard pokes. Cancellable into anything but only combos into itself. High/low mixup point here with either a third 5A or 3A.
Hit 3: A mid-looking kick that actually hits high. Equivalent to Far 5A.
5AAAA Overhead broom smash. It has a fairly high hitbox which can prevent any hj8 attempts if you delay it slightly. High Can only be canceled into spellcards. Drains 1 orb on wrong block.
Far 5A Mid-looking kick that actually hits high. High Drains 1 spirit orb on wrong block.
2A Low hitting kick. It has about the same range as Far 5A. It can cancel into projectiles (preferably 2B as it's airtight), 3A, 6A (Not comboable in most situations) and specials. Low Drains 1 spirit orb on wrong block.
3A Low broom sweep. Decent range but it has a tendency to trade blows instead of winning them. It is still useful as it gives you an extra high/low with 6A after a 2A. Low Drains 1 spirit orb on wrong block.
3[A] Same as 3A Low Guard crushes if blocked high.
6A Marisa dives towards the opponent butt first. Can cancel into specials (both air and ground depending on contact of the attack) and spellcards. High Drains 1 orb on wrong block.
6[A] Same as 6A. Cannot be cancelled into anything else. Distance is farther and comes with a lot of graze frames as opposed to 6A. High Crushes if blocked low
j.5a Jumping kick. It comes out very quick and should be your staple for aerial-to-ground rushdowns. It is not very ideal for aerial-to-aerial combat has Marisa has short limbs and it has a fairly low hitbox to begin with unlike Aya's j.5A. Can combo into j.2/6/8 A, but not itself. High Drains 1/2 orb on airblock.
j.6A Palm shockwave, generates a bit of recoil which sends Marisa backwards slightly. This is your attack of choice for aerial-to-aerial combat as it has a slightly larger and higher hitbox than j.5A. Can combo into j.6C, specials and spellcards. Wallslams on hit. Drains 1/2 orb on air block. 1 orb on wrong block.
j.8A Rising broom uppercut, looks like 623 specials. Launches very high. Useful for those situations where you're below the opponent and want to poke them out. High Drains 3/4 orb on wrong block.
j.2A Downward palm shockwave, ground slams on hit, and generates a bit of recoil which sends Marisa diagonally upwards. It comes out slightly slower than j.6A. This attack isn't as useful as j.5A, but it does have its uses on wakeup because of its larger hitbox and recoil properties. High Drains 1/2 orb on air block and 1 on wrong block.
66A A mid-hitting sweep kick with a fairly low hitbox. This is a fairly fast attack and it makes Marisa's hitbox shorter, allowing you to be able to bypass some projectiles. Seeing as Marisa has no dependable graze attack, she needs all the help she can get breaking through projectiles. You'll be using this attack pretty often. It's safe on block, but you can't poke out of it though. Middle Cancelable into specials.
66B Dashing palm blast, the blast is grazable. It comes out slightly faster than 66A and has a better attack hitbox in general, but because the attack itself is grazable, it's not very useful at all. Since it is a projectile attack however, the opponent will lose a spirit orb if blocked at all. Middle Grazable.
66C Dashing overhead broom strike that hits high and ground slams on counter hit. An extremely useful attack because it's not air-blockable. and it has a fairly high hitbox making it an attack to use for jumping opponents. This attack is not safe on block at relatively point-blank ranges, so try to maximize your range on this attack. High Air unblockable. Drains 1 orb on wrong block.

Bullet Moves Edit

Move Description Max Damage Proration # of Projectiles Limit Notes
j.6[A] Marisa sends out a blue ball of energy directly horizontal to her. This projectile has similar properties to her 5C by destroying weaker projectiles. Drains 1 orb on block. This move itself does not use a spirit orb.
j.2[A] Downward angled blue orb. Essentially the same as j.6[A]. Drains 1 orb on block. This move itself does not use a spirit orb.
5B Green missile bullets that fan upwards. Shoots 3 blobs. This is mainly used in corner rushdowns to chain after 5AAA . Drains almost a whole orb on block.
5[B] Shoots 5 blobs, but with slower startup and speed than 5B Drains almost a whole orb on block.
6B Same as 5B but with a higher angle.
6[B] Same as 5[B] but with a higher angle.
2B Low rapid fire stars. Automatically charges. Hold for greater duration and cumulative range. Spirit damage depends on charge.
j.5B Basically same as 5B but in the air. Generates some recoil, but not as great as j.6A.
j.5[B] Basically same as 5[B] but in the air. Generates some recoil, but not as great as j.6A.
j.2B Same as j.5B but angled downward and fans downwards.
j.2[B] Same as j.5[B] but angled downward and fans downwards.
5C Fires a green spark projectile that explodes on contact and will juggle. Has limited tracking properties. Instead of impacting with enemy bullets during flight it will only explode when it touches the ground or the opponent. Fortunately, unlike the IaMP version, it will still detonate on an enemy even if the opponent is grazing through it, and will still leave a lingering explosion after the detonation even when grazed. Also to its benefit, since it won't detonate on an enemy bullet, it will persist through it, often destroying the enemy shots as it continues onward. It has a lot of delay unless it's HJC'd. Drains 1 1/4 spirit orb on block
5[C] Increased number of hits, explosion radius and duration. Drains 2 1/4 spirit orb on block.
6C A horizontal laser beam. Shoots full screen but not instantly, instead it starts out near Marisa and quickly travels full screen horizontally, and is much thicker than the IaMP version. You can hold the button input for a delayed shot. Does slightly more damage at closer range. Useful to tag the opponent setting up bullets. Drains 1 spirit orb on block.
j.6C Same as 6C
2C Throws a jug into the air. Explodes on contact. The range is preset, unlike Marisa's 22s. Not too much use for this, but the explosion it creates lasts a lot longer than her 22's, and will remain on the field even if Marisa is hit. This can make opponents think twice before charging in when there's an explosion in front of Marisa. 500
j.5C Same as 5C.
j.5[C] Same as 5[C]
j.2C Similar projectile type as 5C, but fires at a fixed low angle diagonally towards the ground, and seems to have a slower startup and recovery. The projectile itself isn't that useful, but the explosion it creates when it hits the ground can provide some use just like 2C. Can't be charged.

Special Moves Edit

Meteoric Debris -- 236B/C (air, chargeable):

Fires stars in a random direction forwards that go a fixed distance in front of Marisa. Distance and number of stars increase when held. C version spreads the stars more than the B version.

Miasma Sweep -- 623B/C:

Your garden variety uppercut/dragonpunch move, except with a broom and stars and flashy lights. Punishable when blocked. C version goes MUCH higher than B version. B version contains some amount of melee invulnerability.

Witch Leyline -- 214B/C (air):

Stars are added on her back but they doesn't seem to have hitbox. Flying distance is between IaMP's A and B version. Neither version grazes. Quite fast and can catch a dashing opponent off-guard. Hisoutensoku: Unless you level, you won't be able to cancel after doing this move, making you vulnerable until you touch the ground. If level up, you can cancel this move after some time.

Grand Stardust -- 22B/C (air):

Throws a pot into the air which explodes once it hits the ground. Holding B or C will increase the landing distance of the pot when released. When used in the air, Marisa completely stops in mid air which can make Marisa's landing extremely ambiguous when combined with j.2A and j.2C.

Alternate-Skill Cards Edit

Radial Strike -- 214B/C:

Broom Gun. Usable on ground and in air. Upgrading increases damage and speed of the shot. Note that the small hollow stars don't do damage.

  • B version: Shot goes straight ahead.
  • C version: Shot goes diagonally upward.

Hisoutensoku Changes

  • C version: Using the C version on ground makes the shot go diagonally upward. If used in air, shot goes diagonally downward.
Bosky Sweeper -- 623B/C:

Vernier Thruster. Only usable on ground. Upgrading increases damage.

  • B version: The vernier thrusters possess the attack power rather than the broom (hitbox is just below Marisa). This attack goes straight up and ends almost at the top of the stage. Contains a huge amount of graze frames and you can act again pretty much right after the attack ends making it very hard to punish on block. This attack goes straight up and ends almost at the top of the stage.
  • C version: Same as B version but instead of going straight up, it goes diagonally upward. Doesn't reach as high as B version.

Hisoutensoku Changes

Vernier Thruster. Only usable on ground. Upgrading increases damage.

  • B version: The attack height is almost half of Hisouten's.
  • C version: Same as B version but instead of going straight up, it goes diagonally upward. Attack height is slightly higher than B version.
Devildom Torch -- 22B/C:

Throws a pot, which creates 4-7 pillars of fire that spout continuously from the point of impact. The bottle is heavy, so naturally the throwing range is short. (The number of pillars depends on the skill level. 4 at level 1, 5 at level 2, 6 at level 3, and 7 at max level.)

Narrow Spark -- 236B or C (air):

A surge cannon. Slow to charge, but has excellent projectile speed and piercing power. Powerful when dashing about exchanging blows. Leveling up increases its width and attack power.

Up Sweeper -- 214B or C (air):

An acrobatic skill that combines the verniers' standard damage along with a rising spin using the propulsion of the broom. There is no invincible period, but the strong hitbox means there's a higher chance of countering. Can be grazed.

Stellar Missile -- 623B or C:

A magic missile blast aimed overhead. The bullet explodes after flying a set distance. It has no hitbox until it explodes but the explosion is large and has a long duration, so it can be used to dominate the sky or used as a shield in mid-air.

Green Spread -- 236B/C:

Converging Blast. Usable in air and on ground. Upgrading increases damage. At max level, the lasers gain a hitbox.

  • B version: Marisa produces 6 lasers that curve to converge at one point, about quarter of the stage, to make a blast. The lasers may have no hitbox (levels 1 to 3), but it's possible to fire the blast without being countered. The lasers have a narrow curve.
  • C version: Same as B version but the point of the blast is about half of the stage. The lasers have a wider curve.

Hisoutensoku Changes

  • B version: After the blast is made, 8 green orbs spread uniformly outward from the center of the blast, disappearing after 1 second.
  • C version: Same as B version but the point of the blast is about half of the stage. The lasers have a wider curve.

May catch a backdashing opponent after the graze period. Deals major spirit damage if it explodes inside the blocking opponent. Upgrading increases damage and the size of the explosion/orbs, slightly increases duration of the orbs.

Magical Recycled Bomb - 22 B/C: (Expansion-only)
  • B version: Marisa throws a pot that bounces along the floor, as it bounces it gradually glows bright white and then explodes. Can damage yourself. B travels half a screen, while C travels an entire screen. Leveling it up increases the amount of damage done. There is no limit to the number of pots thrown out at the same time.
  • C version: Same as B version but the point of the blast is about half of the stage. The lasers have a wider curve.

Very useful for ground cover and usually forces your opponent to jump/fly. Marisa has plenty of options for an aerial firefight. Note: The pots can bounce off the wall like Sakuya's 'Bounce, No-Bounce' knives.

Spellcards Edit

Star Sign "Meteoric Shower": Costs 1 card

Similar to her 236B, fires a large number of stars forward in a thin arc. This eats about 3 spirit orbs on block in the corner. Completely useless now as there are no airtight set ups for Marisa to make this work in 12.3.

Magic Sign "Stardust Reverie" (ground/air): Costs 2 cards

Stronger version of her broomride. Not much different from IaMP. Can be easily tacked onto the end of combos for added damage or a surprise graze attack in the air. Just like her 214, extremely punishable on block.

Light Sign "Luminous Strike": Costs 2 cards

This is like a super version of Marisa's Radial Strike alt skill card. Marisa mounts her broom but instead of flying with it, she shoots a large star at the opponent for multiple hits.

Ritual Sign "Orreries Sun": Costs 2 cards

Creates four multi-colored orbs that float around Marisa for a while. During this time her B bullets will instead activate the orbs to shoot a flurry of laser needles from each orb, and the C bullets will activate the orbs to fire a large laser beam from each orb. After a time the orbs will dissipate, ending whatever current attack was active when it goes.

Love Sign "Master Spark": Costs 3 cards

Huge beam. Master Spark can now be grazed.

Star Sign "Escape Velocity": Costs 3 cards

Marisa's Miasma Sweep, but a super version. Basically a super uppercut which has both melee invincibility and graze frames.

Star Sign "Gravity Beat": Costs 3 cards (Expansion-only)

Marisa spins her broom before pointing it upwards and shooting out a blue star that will fall on top of the opponent. The spinning of the broom deals no damage, however when she points her broom upwards she hits them, clocking 2656 up close and 2255 from just the star. Causes 100% limit.

Light Sign "Earthlight Ray": Costs 3 cards (Expansion-only)

Marisa tosses out 5 pots which explode in contact with the ground. If they get hit by the first explosion their bound to fly into the rest. 2839 Mid-screen with 100% limit. Whiffs at point blank.

Love Sign "Non-Directional Laser": Costs 4 cards (Expansion-only)

Her skittle orbs return! 6 Spinning Orbs fire blue lasers in a similar style to Alice's 'Hourai Dolls'. But, about half-way through the Spellcard the Lasers widen, 3 pointing upwards, 3 downards. Damage ranges from 1k ~ 4.5k depending on how close you are to them, as well as if you are in the corner. Does NOT whiff at point blank, deals 3.6k damage. However it'll deal 11xx if you do it point blank in the corner.

Magical Ruin "Deep Ecological Bomb": Costs 4 cards (Expansion-only)

Marisa throws a pot, which bounces along in the exact same style as her Magical Recycled Bomb alt card. HUGE explosion. Unblockable, hits both you and your opponent. Deals slightly less than half a life bar. Takes 3 seconds to detonate. Time for a sky battle: whoever falls, suffers.

Magicannon "Final Spark": Costs 5 cards

Marisa's Final Spark shoots diagonally upwards. Can be grazed. Retains complete invulnerability during most of the animation. Can be comboed from 623B/C or 5AAAA.

Star Sign "Dragon Meteor" (ground/air): Costs 5 cards

This is essentially a Final Spark but angled downwards. Marisa leaps into the air first before unleashing the beam. Can be comboed from 5AAAA or 623B/C. Can be slightly redirected by using 4 and 6, it moves slowly but may take some people off guard.

Comet "Blazing Star": Costs 5 cards

A powered up version of the broom ride super, almost. Marisa leaves the screen and then returns on her broom and flies across it horizontally, overing almost the entire screen and inflicting tremendous damage on hit. Can be comboed from 5AAAA or j.6A. It can also be comboed from 623 normal or counter-hit, although the timing differs from early on normal hit to late on counter-hit. Will guard crush on block. Type-3. If not combo'd, opponent can crouch and this spellcard just will pass above her with no damage

Perversion "Sure-Fire Master Spark": Costs 5 cards

Possibly the "real" Final Spark of SWR, Marisa charges a pose then points a very thin rainbow colored ray line horizontally forward. After a moment, Marisa switches poses and the beam expands to become the gigantic horizontal Final Spark that was taken from IaMP. Can be comboed from Counterhit 66C, but the time window is extremely small and the damage is not worth it. Whiffs at point blank.

Combos Edit

  • 5AAAA 66A 214B
Spirit Used: 1
Damage: 2532
Notes: Timing is easier now than in 10.5 but still fairly strict. However, it is an extremely useful combo with guaranteed knockdown.
  • 5AAA 5B 214B
Spirit Used: 2
Damage: 2482
Notes: Easier than the above combo.
  • 5AAA 623C (Bosky Sweeper) j.6A 214B/C
Spirit Used: 2
Notes: 2826 damage and full limit base. After j.6A you can use j.6C, Magic Sign "Stardust Reverie", Narrow Spark, Up Sweeper, or Radial Strike. This combo will land and push your opponent into their corner nearly all the way from your own corner.
  • j.A j.6A 6C 236C (Narrow Spark)
Spirit used: 2
Notes: Sends the opponent to the corner and 100% limit.
  • j.5C 66 j.6A j.6C
Spirit Used: 2
Notes: On the occasion that the opponent gets hit by a close j.5C (such as they were trying to melee you as j.5C comes out), use this combo to send them into the corner with 100% limit.

  • 5AAA 5B 5C hjc9 j.2A j.2C
Spirit Used: 3
Damage: 3265
Notes: Marisa's basic corner BnB. Timing from 5B to 5C is somewhat strict. 100% limit. This does not work on Yuyuko, Tenshi, Sanae, Hong, Youmu and Alice without dash momentum. Use the below combo for these characters.
  • 5AAAA 2A 3A 6B 623B
Spirit Used: 2
Damage: 2886
Notes: Use this combo on Yuyuko, Tenshi, Sanae, Hong, Youmu and Alice. 130% limit. Untested against other characters.
  • j.5A 5AAAA 2A 6A/6B 623B
Spirit Used: 0 / 1
Damage: 2677 / 3084
Notes: Universal combo after a deep j.5A in the corner. 6A finisher guarantees knockdown whereas 623 does not.
  • 5AAA 5B (1 Hit) 5C hjc 5C 66 5C 214B
Spirit Used: 5
Damage: 3622
Notes: Highest damage combo possible, not recommended that you use this. 105% limit.
  • j.5A j.8A 5C 9D j.5A j.6A 214B
Spirit Used: ~2.2
Damage: 2832
Notes: 100% limit knockdown aerial combo if you manage to catch an airborne opponent close to the corner. j.8A must be done almost immediately after j.A however. If you miss that window, use the below combo.
  • j.A j.6A 6C 66 j.A j.6A
Spirit Used: 1
Damage: 2692
Notes: 120% limit knockdown aerial combo if you manage to catch an airborne opponent close to the corner.
  • j.A j.8A (1 hit) 5C 9D j.8A (2 hits) 214B
Spirit Used: ~2.2
Damage: 2973
Notes: If you manage to catch an opponent with j.5A extremely close to the corner, use this combo for more damage.
  • j.2A j.5C 3D j.5A
Spirit Used: ~1.3
Damage: 1823
Notes: Use this if the opponent flinched in the corner. Easily sets up for a tech punish.
  • j.2A 22B/C D6 j.2A 22B/C D6 J.2A
Spirit Used: ~4
Damage: 2400
Notes: Old combo from SWR no longer works with the default 22B/C, but Devildom Torch got buffed and works in its place with much better efficiency and lenient timing. Limits.
  • 5AAA 623C (Bosky Sweeper) j.5A j.8A 214B / j.8A (1 hit) 5C 1D
Spirit Used: 2
Notes: 3095 / 2946 damage and 100% limit. Use 214 ender for more damage or 5C ender to get time to use a system card while still maintaining oki.

  • 5AAA 623C (Bosky Sweeper) Star Sign "Meteonic Shower"
Spirit Used: 1
Notes: Variable damage (2600-2700.) Can use Magic Sign "Stardust Reverie" instead.
  • 66A 214B Stardust Reverie
Spirit Used: 1
Notes: Midscreen combo. Extremely simple combo but pretty effective if you manage to hit a 66A from about 1/3 screen away from the corner.

Blockstrings Edit


...6A Does the same as 3A, but 3A is far superior to keep up pressure.
...3A Prevents the opponent from dashing forward, counter attacking and jumping.
...214B If the opponent expects a projectile after 3A, use this to catch them offguard. Don't overdo it though.
...hj8 6D j.5A If the opponent will keep blocking, this will allow you to continue further pressure
...hj9 j.2A This will prevent the opponent from jumping out of pressure after blocking 5C
...hj9 j.2B 66/6D Use j.2B to bait out DP's
...3[A] Punish the opponent for not blocking low with a surprise low guard crush. Most effective immediately after a close 5A when the opponent expects a more longer and drawn out blockstring. Use a spellcard immediately once guard crush is confirmed to get some damage.

NOTE: Adjust highjumps accordingly if using close 5A 5C


Far 5A / 2A / Close 5AAA Ideally, you want to use Far 5A / 2A to chip off some of their spirit to either get a guard crush or force them to BE out.

...6A Does the same as 3A, but 3A is far superior to keep up pressure.
...3A Prevents the opponent from dashing forward, counter attacking and jumping. If using close 5AAA, cancelling into 3A is not possible.
...214B If the opponent expects a projectile after 3A, use this to catch them offguard. Not as devastating as a psychic DP though.
...hj8 j.5A/j.8A* This is your only option to try and tag out the opponent from hj8ing out of your pressure.
...hj9 j.2A* This will prevent the opponent from jumping out of pressure after blocking 5C
...hj7 j.2B 66/6D* Use j.2B to bait out DP's
...5C Keeps them in an even LONGER blockstun
...hj9 j.2B 66 j.5A This is air tight. Resets pressure.
...hj9 j.2A Catch out a hj8 BE attempt.
...3[A] Punish the opponent for not blocking low with a surprise low guard crush. Most effective immediately after a close 5A when the opponent expects a more longer and drawn out blockstring. Use a spellcard immediately once guard crush is confirmed to get some damage.

Aerial Corner

j.5A j.8A 5C 8D j.8A 5C 8D j.8A 5C - j.8A to 5C is not air tight in some situations depending on how j.8A hits but generally this works very well.


Corner oki j.5[C] 214

After a successful corner combo (preferably blue ringed to ensure no air teching), position yourself roughly where the opponent will end up if they tech forward and charge your 5C. If done correctly, the 5C should be released as they are getting up (depends if you predicted if they teched forward or not). At this point, if you predict the opponent will attempt to graze the 5C, use 214 broom ride to hit them. Not only do they eat damage from 214, they will also eat a fully charged 5[C] as well. Variations on this include landing before j.5[C] is released to bait 5A wake up mash and punish them with a meaty of your own.

Corner oki j.2A crossup

A much safer oki option than above, but still gimmicky. After a corner combo, throw out a 2C pot so that it'll land right in the corner. This action will encourage the opponent to teach forward out of the 2C explosion. Once this happens, jump backwards and use j.2A as a meaty crossup.

Midscreen j.2A crossup

With dash momentum and a 5A hit confirm, the most standard combo used is 5AAA 5B 214 for a knockdown. After 5B however, using hj9 to get above your opponent while they are in hitstun allows you to reset with j.2A on all characters except Suwako. Depending on when you use j.2A, the opponent has to block either left or right correctly. On a successful cross up, you can follow up with j.5A land 66A 214 for about 3700 damage in total. On a successful uncross up, you can follow up with j.5C 3D j.5A land 66A 214 for 3800 damage total. Even though there is a gap between the 5B and j.2A, it's not large enough for the opponent to crouch in time to avoid the cross up, however reversals can still be used within this gap (Spellcards or skill cards).

Yukari's system card (Purple Fan)

This system card will guard crush a blocking opponent if it hits. The recovery from using this card is much less than using either 3[A] or 6[A]. Marisa can abuse this and use her damaging corner BnB after using this card successfully. Also, due to the fact Marisa has to dash in to execute her BnB in this situation, this set up can be used universally against all characters. The combo will only do about 2400 damage after using purple fan, but that's pretty good considering a guard crush is involved.

Using Deep Ecological Bomb

First, there are two mechanics which determine when the bomb will explode. Without any interference, the bomb will explode once it bounces on the ground a 4th time. Using any of your A attacks, as well as 66's will affect the bomb's trajectory upon impact, bullets and specials will not. When the bomb is glowing white, this indicates the bomb will explode upon contact with the ground, regardless of how many times it has actually bounced. The bomb is unblockable, but can be grazed. There is only one goal if you even think about using this card in your deck: you're going to nail SOMEONE (yourself included) with it. There are two main ways to do this; keep them in blockstun OR hit them just before the bomb goes off.

1) Score a knockdown in the corner and throw the bomb out, simple. The most ideal condition is to have an aerial combo with 100% limit really high up in the air, then fly back down and throw out the bomb to give yourself time to prepare your oki. Predict where they will tech and keep them in a blockstring. Having a white tower sword card is almost essential for this to work, especially against character who tech forward really far. 5AAA WTS 5AAAA is the most simplest way to keep them in blockstun as well as punishing BE/hj8 attempts. If for some reason you catch the opponent not blocking, use 5AAA 2[B] to keep them in a ridiculously long hitstun and then go from there.

Time stop system card used to be viable in 1.06, but in 1.10 the time stop is simply not activated fast enough and you won't have enough time to catch forward techs which is why white tower sword is used. The other alternative is to do this during diamond dust weather.

2) At fullscreen: Yes, throw the bomb at full screen, then hit it with your 3A. It'll send it pretty damn far and will almost guarantee a reaction from the opponent. Try to block their escape route if you can and try to get them in blockstun or even hit them just before the bomb goes off.

2b) 623C - Marisa's C Version DP has full graze frames all the way to the top, and then some. Just as the bomb is about to go off, you can actually avoid damage of the bomb yourself by using 623C's graze frames. The beauty of this is; it's a melee attack and it has ridiculous vertical range so it's possible to use it to tag an opponent trying to escape the bomb by flying up and over you.

Completely useless note: If you hit yourself during Heavy Fog with this spellcard, the damage is reduced drastically and the opponent will receieve full damage of course.