Introduction Edit

Komachi Onozuka, a derelict Shinigami of the Sanzu no Kawa, she's the Grim Reaper of Gensokyo wielding a typical scythe. Her ability to manipulate distance helps with her grim job of ferrying souls to the afterlife, but regardless of that she is actually very lazy in her work and is instead rather extroverted towards others.

In this game Komachi's melee attacks are rather slow, but balanced by the fact that they are rather large and multi-purpose. Her bullets also appear a bit useless at first, but the speed at which her wisp bullets travel is more of a strength than a weakness. In order to utilize her slow melee and slow moving projectiles it would be ideal to have a good sense of spacing and zoning, as well as the ability to use cover fire and bullet-walls to your advantage. Komachi is probably at her best when she has wisps out in front of her at roughly her max melee range, and uses them to force the opponent into making a move that she can punish or beat with her huge melee moves.

Hisoutensoku Changes Edit

How Komachi changed with Hisoutensoku:

  • 4th hit (downward slash, like 66C) of dial-A will guard crush if blocked low.
  • Much harder to chain dial-A into 6A.
  • Poor Fate "Short Life Expectancy" (half-life skillcard) now moves Komachi forward on activation.
  • It can be chained from dial-A anywhere on screen. This author is officially baffled.
  • 2C seems to have faster startup.
  • 5C and j.C souls seem to have a different flight pattern. Exactly what the difference is is uncertain (they move slightly to catch bullets?) but the net result seems to be more efficient cover.

Hisoutensoku 1.10 ChangesEdit

  • Overall change in puff behavior. All puffs now stay active for 4 seconds after becoming dormant.
  • 5C and j.5C only allows a single wisp at any time. Consecutive j./5C use will result in extinguishing the first wisp.
  • 2C can now be charged, which draws in both dormant puffs for detonation and health flames from her alt. skillcard/spellcard for healing.
  • 6C, 6[C], j.6C and j.2C now use the same "behind-back spin" animation as her health flame super.
  • Spirits of the Firm 236B/C: Now use the same "behind-back spin" animation as her health flame super.
  • Bound Spirits of the Earth 623B/C: Wisps are replaced by harmless puffs on the ascent, though they will be wisps as they fall.
  • Floating Spirits of the Indolent Dead 214B/C: C version now differs "Spreads the wisps above Komachi, covering a wide horizontal range."
  • Ritual of Ecstasy 22B/C: Faster with levels than in 1.03.
  • Scythe of the Reaper 236B/C: As of 1.10, the graphic is much larger. Air B and C versions now have the same range.
  • Boat of the Sanzu 623B/C: Now causes Komachi to feint back to jump on the boat, and swing with a scythe hit afterwards - will travel fullscreen but the boat doesn't connect at long ranges.
  • Soul-splitting Scythe 214B/C: Now detonates any flames and wisps still on the screen when used again.
  • The Endless Way 22B/C: Slower to come out as of 1.10.

Normal Moves Edit

Move Description Damage Proration Hits Limit Notes
5A A short upward poke with her scythe. 350 94% middle 0 Has a deceptively good vertical reach making it is a pretty good anti-air melee.
5AA 5A with a spinning slash added. 908 84.6% high 0 Last hit takes 1 orb if blocked low.
5AAA 5AA with an upward angled slash added. 1566 71.9% high 40 Last hit takes 1 orb if blocked low.
5AAAA 5AAA with an overhead slash added. 2059 61.1% high 80 Last hit guard crushes if blocked low. Super cancellable only.
Far 5A A spinning slash. 850 85% high 40 Wallbounces on hit. Good reach and stun but slow startup.
2A Low poke with handle of her scythe. 250 97% low 0 Takes 1 orb if blocked high.
3A Upward angled slash. 900 80% high 40 has blind spot and whiffs at point blank. Good move against jumping opponents or chains and juggles. Air unblockable.
3[A] Charged upward slash. 1100 80% high 40 Crushes if blocked low. No blindspots. Super cancellable only. Air unblockable.
6A Komachi reaches out with her scythe and pulls with a fast speed. 900 80% low 40 Pretty good horizotal reach. Launches opponent toward you if hit.
6[A] Charged 6A. 1100 80% low 40 Crushes if blocked high. High launches opponent towards you on hit.
j.5A A midair kick. 450 92% high 0 Can be chained into j.6A
j.6A A midair slash. 850 85% high 40 Has a good reach and wallbounces on hit.
j.8A An upward slash in the air. 900 80% high 40 Hits in front and above you. use in air only, gives a bit of hangtime afterwards.
j.2A A giant slash downwards. 900 80% high 40 Groundbounces on hit. A large hitbox and very good for crossups.
66A Dashing 5A. 600 88% high 0 This move is punishable on block. Can be used in anti-air. Can chain into 214 and 623 if it hits in corner.
66B A sliding kick. 800 75% low 40 Grazes. Cancelable into supers only.
66C Komachi lunges at you with an overhead slash. 1200 80% high Very good reach but whiffs if your close. Does not graze and has slow startup.

Bullet Moves Edit

Move Description Max Damage Proration # of Projectiles Limit Notes
5B Throws out a wave of six coins, amusingly dubbed the "money shot". Fairly weak but fast and useful for tagging the opponent when you cannot get her 5c projectiles out. 6
5[B] Same as 5B, but with more coins. 10
6B As 5B, but with a slight upward angle. 6
6[B] Same as 6B, but with more coins. 10
2B A wave of eight coins at roughly a sixty degree angle upwards. 8
j.5B Aerial 5B. The same as 5b but angles very slightly downwards. 6
j.5[B] Aerial 5[B]. Same as j.5B. 10
j.2B Same as j.5B, but with a downward angle. 6
j.2[B] Same as j.5[B]. 10
j.6B Ten coins in roughly a horizontal line. Useful for breaking through bullets but of course it has a small spread. 10
5C A small purple wisp that moves in a slow spiral forward. Can absorb several bullets before disappearing. On hit, block, or nullified by bullets, leaves a small puff that stays on screen for about a second. 1
2C Komachi slams her scythe into the ground, blowing up any ghosts on screen. 0
6C Two spinning wind bullets, one above the other and tracked on the opponent. Moves forward fairly quickly. Has a blind spot right in front of Komachi. As of 1.10, uses the same "behind-back spin" animation as health flame super. The bullets have fairly low priority but are fast. You should mainly be using this as part of her 5aa6b6c ground bnb but you could also use it to catch opponents at times. Be careful of the blind spot right in front of her. 2
6[C] Shoots four spinning wind bullets instead of two, and in > formation. Same properties. Good to use for Typhoon. 4 25% per Knockdowns if all 4 bullets hit.
j.5C Aerial 5C. This should be just as much as 5c and at times can be more useful. 1
j.2C Same as j.6C, but at a sharp downward angle. 2
j.2[C] Same as j.6C. Doesn't go in a \/ formation, but goes in a /\ formation. 4
j.6C Same as 6C. 2
j.6[C] Same as 6[C]. 4

Special Moves Edit

Spirits of the Firm: 236B/C

A purple flaming spirit that travels along the ground. If the opponent jumps over the flame, it turns into a purple cloud that floats upward. Leveling up increases damage output and amount of clouds - 2 at level 3, and 4 at level 4. New animation as of 1.10.

  • B Version: Slower-traveling flame.
  • C Version: Moves faster.
Bound Spirits of the Earth: 623B/C

Komachi holds her scythe and releases a fountain of 5 wisps. The wisps that did not impact the enemy upon release stay for a while, and can be blown up for damage with 2C. While staying, they move up and then down in a random pattern. Knocks down on any hit. Leveling increases the amount of wisps by 1 per level. As of 1.10, the wisps are replaced by harmless puffs on the ascent, though they will be wisps as they fall.

  • B Version: Moves up to one screen's height before falling down.
  • C Version: Moves up higher all the way to the ceiling. Fades away before reaching the floor.
Floating Spirits of the Indolent Dead: 214B/C (Chargeable)Similar to her 5C, but with three faster moving wisps. Normally shoots three of those at once, can be charged to release five. Can be blown up with 2C. You may only have one set of those spirits in the air, using this skill again when there are already some in the air destroys the previous ones. As of 1.10 the B and C versions differ.
  • 'B version: Spreads the wisps in front of Komachi, covering a wide vertical range.
  • 'C version: Spreads the wisps above Komachi, covering a wide horizontal range.
Ritual of Ecstasy: 22B/C

Swaps places with the opponent. Can be done in air. Can be used to move the enemy into wisps that are still on the screen, to blow them up on top of the opponent. Faster with levels in 1.10.

  • B Version: Faster startup, slower recovery.
  • C Version: Slower startup, faster recovery.

Alternate Skill Cards Edit

Scythe of the Reaper: 236B/C (Air-usable)Komachi lifts her scythe over her head and slashes in a spiral, producing a pink crescent-shaped blade that appears a fair distance in front of the scythe. Note that the actual scythe does not hit, only the pink blade. This is a bullet move, it can be grazed. Wallslams on hit. As of 1.10, the graphic is much larger. Air B and C versions now have the same range.
  • B Version: Shorter range on ground.
  • C Version: Much longer range on ground. Different animation in the air - also, juggles.
Human Spirit Passing By: 236B/C

Shoots a flaming spirit similar to the default 236B, except it comes from the edge of the screen instead of from Komachi. You can choose which side of the screen it comes out from. Loses the property of going up like the default 236B, and can't move as fast as the default 236C. 40% limit on hit.

  • B Version: Comes from behind the opponent.
  • C Version: Comes from Komachi's direction.
Wind of the Last Journey: 623B/C

Komachi spins her scythe in front of her, creating a drill-like wind tunnel that hits the opponent multiple times. Has a lot of pushback on block. Whiffs point blank. C version more prone to whiff up close. This is a melee move.

  • B Version: Shorter range, less damage.
  • C Version: Longer range, more damage. Also causes Komachi to lunge forward.
Boat of the Sanzu: 623B/C (Expansion-only)Komachi rides a boat, don't you ever forget. Charges towards the opponent and hits up to twice. This is a melee move. The first hit hits mid, while the second hit hits high (crushes 1 orb on wrongblock). As of 1.10, now causes Komachi to feint back to jump on the boat, and swing with a scythe hit afterwards - will travel fullscreen but the boat doesn't connect at long ranges. You can cancel the boat with A, B or C to perform either a J2A or J8A, depending on the version you use.
  • B Version: Shorter travel distance. Cancelling with B or C makes her execute a J8A. Cancelling with A will make her execute a J2A.
  • C Version: Travels about one character width further. Cancelling with B or C makes her execute a J2A. Cancelling with A will make her execute a J8A.
Lonely Bound Spirit: 214B/C (Chargeable)Shoots one blue spirit that chases the opponent and stays around it until fading away. Can be blown with 2C. Charging up releases two spirits instead of one. You may only have one set of those out at a time, so either one or two based on whether you charged. Leveling increases duration and damage.
  • B and C versions don't seem to differ.
Soul-splitting Scythe: 214B/C (Expansion-only)Komachi performs an upward scythe swing. Can be grazed. On hit, launches the opponent and makes a few purple flames appear. Touching those flames restores about 50 health per. Leveling increases damage done and the number of flames that appear on a successful hit. As of 1.10, will detonate any flames and wisps still on the screen when used again.
  • B Version: Whiffs point blank, has shorter range.
  • C Version: Longer range and overall larger windup.
The Endless Way: 22B/C (Chargeable)Creates a purple beam field that slows down any horizontal movement of the opponent inside of it. The initial creation of the beam deals bullet damage; launches the opponent upwards on counterhit. The projectile comes out even if Komachi is hit. Charging increases field width. Leveling up also increases width. Slower to come out as of 1.10.
  • B and C versions don't seem to differ.
Taste of Death: 22B/C (Chargeable)Komachi lifts her scythe over her head causing the opponent to be dragged towards her. As soon as you stop charging this, Komachi attacks. This is a melee move, hits high. Guardcrushes on wrongblock. Air unblockable. Deals 1500 damage on level-1.
  • B version: Can be cancelled while holding by pressing C.
  • C version: Cancels itself if the button is held (bug?)

Spellcards Edit

Boat Sign "Flow of the River": Costs 1 card

Komachi hops on her ferry and charges forward. Hits up to seven times. Does not graze. Will hop off at a fair range away from the enemy afterwards. Best used in a combo rather than using it alone. Using this card right after 5AAAA is good. You've got a higher hitchance when this is used in Typhoon weather.

Spirit Sign "Abundant Floating Spirits": Costs 1 card

As her 5C, but produces five wisps in a large arc. Can be blown up with 2C. It is basically a charged 214 but it disperses the wisps in a line rather than two rows. It is very useful when you need to clear the screen for some breathing space or you can cancel it from a 5c for a larger bullet wall. The wisps move as fast as the 214 wisps so make use of them as you can.

Death Song "Ferriage in the Deep Fog": Costs 3 cards

Komachi jumps onto her boat and slowly travels forward as purple spirits move across the screen and attack the opponent. The boat itself does not do any damage. Since 1.03, there are a lot more spirits moving across the screen, delivering a lot more damage. Most people expect the level 1 card, and jump right into the spirits. Might work in Typhoon when they're out of airdashes.

Malice Sign "Irresolute Bound Spirit": Costs 3 cards

Produces six blue wisps that follow the opponent. They stay on screen until blown up with 2C or until around 18 seconds have passed. A very useful spellcard after knockdown. Once the wisps are on the opponent wait for a chance to detonate them with 2c, 5aa2c is one way to do this. The wisps last for a good amount of time so you do not have to rush detonation. Getting hit by all the wisps will force a guard break, and will force the opponent to constant graze to stay away from them, use this to catch him and detonate the wisps during CH. Detonating can also be combo'ed everywhere by 5aab 2c(detonation) for around 3.5K at max HP.

Hell "Narrow Confines of Avici: Costs 3 cards

Works like Komachi's alternate 22, except that the slash will do damage and not the beam. Crushes if blocked low. The emitted light has a larger width than that of her alt 22, and will remain active for 10 seconds.

Death Sign "Scythe of Final Judgment": Costs 4 cards

Komachi raises her scythe above her head and holds it there for a while before swinging downward. This causes a large blast to come down directly on the enemy's head, but can be either blocked or grazed. Takes away 2.5 spirit orbs when blocked. Crushes if blocked low. A useful spell card. It is fairly fast and the blast will drop onto the opponent no matter where they were at the activation. Use it in combo with 5aaaa midscreen and corner or use it to catch people during attacks. You can also use it during counter hit wall slams and a 6A on CH or hit confirm a 6[A] into it.

Soul Sign "Scythe of Exiled Souls": Costs 4 card (Expansion-only)

A super version of her new 214. Komachi winds up and lets loose with a large projectile that crosses the screen. For every time that it hits, a bunch of health-restoring purple flames will appear. If the opponent is hit they will be juggled, ensuring that they lose a lot of life while you gain yours. Adds 10 percent limit per hit.

Short Lived "Short Life Expectancy": Costs 5 cards

Komachi swings her scythe at the opponent after a small delay. If it hits, the opponent will be stunned before having their current lifebar cut in half. Wallslams afterwards. Can be blocked. As of Hisoutensoku, Komachi will now dash towards the opponent during the swing if they're fairly close. Full invuln start up, but a close opponent can knock you out before the swing. Very hard to hit with, but if you manage the timing right and can use this card early in the match you gain a significant advantage. Recommended only if you are able to get the timing right. Does not work in Typhoon weather.
Look how to combo into it at the SLE/UPL combos section.

Exchange "Unhesitating Life, Unfortunate Life": Costs 5 cards

Komachi swings her scythe at the opponent after a significant delay. If it hits, the opponent will be stunned while a ring of ghosts appear above and switch her lifebar with Komachi's. Full invuln until after the slash makes this a good counter when you're getting beat badly, but at a cost of 5 cards and being a risky move that can be blocked and punished. Does not work in Typhoon weather. Doesn't always combo like SLE because SLE has got less delay now.

Combos Edit


5AA 6B 6C (236B) - 2301-2602 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Slightly outside of the corner you can tack on 236B against anyone.
5AA 6B 6C Alt 236B (Spirit of Passed Life) - 2716 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: A small delay is necessary between 6C and 236B to ensure you don't get 623B, but the timing is fairly relaxed. Works in all but the most point blank of corner situations. The 236B can often catch people releasing guard after 6C or attempting to jump.
5AAAA 6A - 2389 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 0
Notes: Does not work on Marisa, Remilia, Reisen, Suika, and Komachi. Fails often against Yukari. Works on everyone when in close proximity to the corner.
f.5A Wallslam 6C HJC9 j.6C/j.2A - 1482-1756/1976 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: j.2A if close to the corner for more damage and a significant okizeme time.
6A 623B j.6A - 1969 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Non-tipper 6[A] delay 6B 6C - 2151 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Delay before 6B necessary to ensure 6C hits twice, guaranteeing limit knockdown. You must reverse input when they fly over you, so the real input would be 6[A] 4B 4C.
Tipper 6[A] 2B HJC9 j.A j.6A - 2332 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
j.2A land j.2A j.6C/j.2B - 1704/1794 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: j.2B only works if j.2A is performed low to the ground or Komachi is near the corner.

Near Corner/CornerEdit

5AAA 623B j.6A - 2508 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Note: Leave out j.6A if 623B already ensures knockdown because of level ups.
5AAAA 3A/6A - 2389 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 0
Note: 3A gives a longer period of time for okizeme, but can whiff at longer ranges.
5AA 6B 6C 214B - 2732 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Note: Modified corner BnB for Sakuya, Tenshi, and Komachi. Point blank and knocks down.
5A 3A 2B HJC7 j.8A - 2191 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Note: j.8A momentum leaves you in the air (an advantageous situation for Komachi) with massive okizeme time.
5AA 6B 236B - 2176 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Causes no knockdown, but keeps the enemy on the floor.
5A 6A 5C 623B - 2167 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Note: This will give you a good okizeme momentum, a long knockdown while you're standing on the ground. Using this on midscreen will whiff the whole 623B and only cause ~1.5k damage, but, the fountain will be a great cover.
f.5A 5B 6C - 2024 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Due to the massive range on Komachi's f.5A, as long as the edge of the arena is in sight, Komachi is near the middle of the viewable area, and the opponent isn't at max range, you can pull this off.
3A 2B j.6A - 1788-2099 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Note: Near corner only. Hard to end when used as anti-air. Note that 3A has a chance to whiff because of the small gap in front of you.
3[A] 5A 3A - 1836 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 0
Note: Corner only. This is not the best 3[A] follow up, but it always works.
3[A] 5A 2B HJC8 j.6A - 2432 damage
Sprit Orb Usage: 1
Note: Use at point blank range.
6DA 623B hj7 j.6A j.6C - 1911 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Ensured knockdown, easily executable. This combo is handy for wakeup jumpers in the corner. Best ender is 6DA 623b j.A j.6A j.2C, 2043 damage, though don't expect to land this against air.
j.2A/j.6A (6D) delay 5AA 2B HJC9 j.A j.6A - 2241-2497 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Note: 22B/C can be added right after j.6A if you want to move your opponent. 6D depending on range. Since the patches, the timing of this combo is now simpler and only small delay is needed. When used j.6A version no delay is necessary.


6C hj8 j.6C 6D j.6C {6D j.6A} - 1701 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 4
Notes: Fullscreen combo off 6C hitconfirm. Leave out 6D j.6A if first 6C hits 2 times. In 1.04, hitconfirm off 6C has become more difficult.


5AAAA Nautical Sign "Flow of the River"/Death Sign "Sickle of Sorting the Dead" - 2726/3306 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 0
J.2A CH (Any spellcard)
Spirit Orb Usage: 0
(DarkShadow: I don't see any other need for using spellcards, Komachi is mostly based on her zoning spellcards, which would only require a good time or a knockdown.)

Short Life Expectancy (SLE)/Unpitiable, pitiable Life (UPL) CombosEdit

Tipper 6[A] (Delay SLE)/UPL - 5550 damage max/Lifebar switch
Spirit Orb Usage: 0
Notes: 6[A] MUST hit at or very near maximum range for this to work. When the scythe is fully extended, the blade should be right in the middle of the opponent, give your take a little bit. Immediately after confirming the hit, use either Poor Fate or Change Fate supers, depending on situation. If you both have a lot of health, use Poor Fate to cut his life bar in half. If you're getting trashed, use Change Fate to perform a merciless reversal and switch your life bar with your opponent's.
66A 236B SLE - 5499 damage max
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Note: Staple midscreen execution of SLE. Take care not to input 236 too quickly and end up with with 623 instead.
j.2A SLE - 5450 damage max
Spirit Orb Usage: 0
Note: j.2A must be done extremely close to the ground and very close to the enemy. Not recommended.
5AAAA SLE - 6029 damage max
Spirit Orb Usage: 0
Note: Can be used anywhere.
Near Corner/Corner
3[A]/j.2A/(j.2A 236B (Backflame)) SLE - 5450 damage max
Spirit Orb Usage: 0/1
5A 6B 6C SLE - 5911 damage max
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Note: This combo can be used point blank only against Komachi and Tenshi. With the other characters, there must be some space between you and the enemy or 6C will whiff.
5AAA delay 236B (Backflame) SLE - 6000 damage max
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Note: The combo can also be done with the standard 236, but then you have to be a bit away from the enemy, as usual.
66A Alt 623B (Breath of Dying) SLE - 5382 damage max
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Note: Breath of Dying must be canceled into SLE after the first hit, otherwise the combo will fail.
5A 6A Alt 22B/C (Welcoming Trial) SLE - 6076 damage max
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Note: Does not work deep in the corner. 5A 6A can be substituted with f.5A. f.5A version can be done from VERY far away from the corner.
3[A] UPL - Lifebar switch
Spirit Orb Usage: 0
Note: 3[A] must be immediately canceled into UPL.

Monsoon Combos/LoopsEdit

j.2A (5A step foward)xN f.5A (ender) - ~3100 damage at 17 5a hits.
Spirit Orb Usage: 0
Note: 5A should used just as the opponent touches the ground. Too early or too late and it will miss.

Frame Data Edit