• Are there hotkeys for practice mode?
  • F1: Toggle health regeneration on/off
  • F2: Set both players' spellcard stock to 5.
  • F3: Set both players' spellcard stock to 0.
  • F5: Changes weather in a backward cycle (Wind, Hail, Rain, Sunny, etc) and holds weather.
  • F6: Changes weather in a forward cycle (Sunny, Rain, Hail, Wind, etc) and holds weather.
  • F7: Resets weather counter to 0.0 and removes current weather.
you can only activate a maximum of 20 cards in your deck, so try pressing F3 and F2 often. empty your stock and refill it.
Note that these hotkeys also work offline in versus mode, effectively turning the versus mode into another training area.
  • How do I pick Alt.Costume Color?
On a keyboard you can push [A]+[Z] keyboard keys (which is dash plus light attack by default).
On a controller you need to hold the D-button (dash button) then press then confirm button (Light attack/A-button).
The D-button doesn't normally do anything in the menu so you'll know if you're holding the right button if you push the button and nothing happens.
The D-button is by default assigned to Pad-2 and the A-button is by default assigned to Pad-1. If you switch your controls in your profile or elsewhere the keys will remain in the same place for the menu, regardless of how you set them up for in-game.
  • How do I play online?, #hisouten
  • Is there a netplay lobby or matchmaking service?
No. In development, see progress on
  • What about Hamachi?
Use at your own risk. Most experienced players strongly dislike Hamachi.
  • How can I learn to play?
Well reading this wiki should help a lot. You can also search for matches on YouTube or download replays of matches.
Another good option is to loiter on the mizuumi IRC #hisouten channel and spectate other matches already in progress.
While you are there you can ask for tips and advice.
  • I'm missing characters and cards!
Well you can unlock them by playing story mode, and probably arcade mode as well. Alternately you can just download a full-unlock data file from the Main Page and put it in your Scarlet Weather Rhapsody folder/directory.
The data file won't screw up your configuration, but it will overwrite your previous scores, so be sure to make a backup copy of your old score data file.
  • What's with the Profiles and Decks?
Your profile name will be displayed when you play online in netplay, so it might be a good idea to label your profile something that other people will recognize.
Please check the Spellcards section of the wiki for information about how the decks work.
  • What's up with the weather stuff?
The weather system works differently in Story-mode than it does in Versus-mode.
In story-mode, you will not be effected by the weather until you activate a Weather card, which is designated by a red explosion looking card (looks like a nuke). Once activated, you will gain the benefits of the weather for a period of time.
For information about what the weather bonuses are and how the Weather system works in versus mode, visit the weather section of the wiki.
  • Why do combos sometimes do more or less damage?
It could either be due to a weather effect, or it could be because of a counterhit damage bonus, or it could be because character defense increases the less life they have.
  • Ranking Tiers for Hisouten?
Tier List Source
Note that the second tier list is the result of matches between higher level players.
Matchup chart (Example: Alice wins 37% of her matches against Sakuya)

Swr tier list

Tier list

Swr tier list2

  • Ranking Tiers for Hisoutensoku?
Ranking based on top 10 Japan players released on October 31st, 2009, for Hisoutensoku 1.03.
The lengths of each bar are within proportions to each other, but have a cutoff point of 350 on a Glicko rating system, with the highest Tier (Yuyuko) holding a Glicko rating of 2250 and the lowest (Suwako) standing on 1880.


  • Are the bosses banned?
Nope, no reason to ban them.
  • Are some stages banned?
Nope, but people don't like playing on stages that have a large bright (white/yellow) section on them because it makes some bullets hard to see, so try to avoid playing on those.