Introduction Edit

An ice fairy often sighted around the misty lake near the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She is exceptionally powerful for her kind, though she is quite childish and not the brightest fairy around.

Advantages: Cirno's strengths lie in her mobility, combo proficiency and speed. Her small size and floating jump allow her to evade many projectiles without even having to dash and while her dashing speed is impressive on its own, she also has the longest normal backdash in the game. Her bullets are fast with unorthodox spreads, forcing the enemy to keep on their toes as bullets pelt them from uncovered angles (cough 2B cough). Cirno also excels in wakeup game (hence Diamond Dust weather and frog trap system card) because of her ability to delay bullet release, forcing the opponent into defense right after waking up.

Disadvantages: Her melee either has a very slow startup for a big hitbox (6A) or is the fastest in the game with puny range (5A, 2A). Her bullets are unbelievably fragile- a single Reisen 5B bullet can blow through all four of Cirno's 5B's totally unharmed. On top of this, her regular bullet damage is also very weak with the exception of certain spell cards and skills.

Unique Features Edit

Floating: Cirno floats on jump/high jump. Any air actions except moving left and right will cancel it. Likewise, while standing neutral on the ground, she floats slightly above it, protecting her from some more shallow attacks. Crouching causes Cirno to fall from an aerial float immediately, or land on the ground if in her ground float position.

5A: Cirno has the fastest 5A speed in the game next to Meiling, both of them sharing a 4-frame startup. This is countered by both of them having very tiny hitboxes.

Tiny: Cirno is possibly the smallest character in the game with a hitbox that rivals Suika's for 'most compact', making her harder to hit and causing her to take less damage from skills that vary their damage depending on hitbox-impact. This hitbox generally doesn't morph when dashing, flying, or attacking like other character's might.

Hisoutensoku 1.10 ChangesEdit

  • Dial a's third hit now hits multiple times, similar to her f.5a.
  • Icicle Sword (alt 623B/C): Now air usable. Moves Cirno forward with C version, and does 4 hits (was originally only 2 hits in 1.03).
  • Icicle Shoot (default 236B/C): Now gives a signal when fully charged.when fully charged in C version deal 15 hit max. leveling also shorten charging time.
  • Freeze Me, Touch Me (default 623B/C): Less delay
  • Frost Pillars (alt 236B/C): Can now be used on downed characters and will not activate until the character is hit. C version has more delay in startup and recovery.
  • Icicle Rise (alt 623B/C): C version travels along the ground. At Max Level, will travel across the entire screen.
  • Icicle Bomb (alt 22B/C): Distance travel decreased and moves slower.
  • Perfect Freeze: Deals more damage (up to 4000 if not directly used on opponent, upwards to 6000 if used directly on an unguarded (That includes attacking in midair) opponent). Can hit up to 99 times. All bullets released now have a random color before turning white while freezing in place

Normal Moves Edit

Move Description Damage Proration Hits Limit Notes
5A A small, yet very fast punch. 200 980 Middle 0% Cirno has the fastest 5A speed in the game next to Meiling, both of them sharing a 4-frame startup. This is countered by both of them having very tiny hitboxes.
5AAA Two small punches followed by an iceball. High (x3 if third hit is delayed) 0% Third hit deals 1/2 spirit damage on wrongblock.
5AAAA Two short punches, hitting mid. Third attack is an iceball thrown in front of Cirno that hits high three times if delayed. Fourth attack is a shower of ice shards from her hands that hits high. Middle x 2, High x 2 (4 if 3rd hit is delayed) 40% Last hit deals 1 spirit damage on wrongblock.
Far 5A Cirno creates a small iceball. Slow move that can be punished, but the persistent hitbox can make it worthwhile. Hits 3 times. 250 960 High 0% Deals 1 1/2 spirit damage on wrongblock (1/2 spirit damage per hit).
2A Puny leg kick. 200 980 Low 0% Deals 1/2 spirit damage on wrongblock.
3A Cirno slides forward with a block of ice. Even after the initial swing, the cube will still deal damage while Cirno slides. Bullet/special/super cancelable. 750 880 Low 40% Deals 1 spirit damage on wrongblock.
6A Cirno fires shards of ice from her hands, pushing her forward. Slow move, but it has a massive hitbox. High Deals 1 spirit damage on wrongblock.
[6A] Same as 6A. High Wallslams. Guard crushes if blocked low. Deals 1 spirit damage on wrongblock.
j.5A An aerial version of 5A. 450 920 High 0% Deals 1 spirit damage on wrongblock.
j.6A An aerial version of 6A. Unlike 6A this attack does not move you forward. 600 900 High 40% Deals 1 spirit damage on wrongblock.
j.2A Cirno twirls in the air with a sprinkling snowball at her feet. Hits 4 times. 250 940 High 10% Deals 1/2 spirit damage on wrongblock per hit.
j.8A Cirno pauses a moment before floating upwards in a headbutt. The headbutt's hitbox starts only slightly higher than the middle of j.6A. Can cancel into bullets/specials on hit or block. 850 850 High 40% Deals 1 spirit damage on wrongblock.
66A Dashing version of her 5A. Middle Deals 1/2 spirit damage on wrongblock.
66B Cirno dashes forward and stabs with ice spears 6 times. High Deals 1/4 spirit damage on wrongblock per hit.
66C Dashing version of 3A. Low Deals 1 spirit damage on wrongblock.

Bullet Moves Edit

Move Description Max Damage Proration # of Projectiles Limit Notes
5B Cirno fires 4 icicles aimed at the opponent in a random cone-shaped spread. Charging and immediately releasing will release 6 icicles. Generates a nice amount of spirit for only 4 icicles. 4 Deals 1/5 spirit damage per hit.
5[B] Same as 5B, but fires 9 bullets. However, takes a rather long time to charge up. 9 Deals 1/5 spirit damage per hit.
6B Cirno fires an ice spear at the opponent that hits 8 times. Decent blockstun, especially midscreen. Useful for pushing a blocking opponent to the corner. Slow startup. Can be held to delay the shot. Somewhat more dense than most of her bullet but has very limited tracking. 8 Deals 4/5 spirit damage on block.
2B Cirno tosses a ball of ice at the ground that shatters into five thin icicles that bounce into the air. Whiffs at point blank. The bullets are quite fragile. The bullet's angle is highly unorthodox, so it's best used to poke the enemy out of their own bullets rather than failing miserably at trying to out-density them. Deals 1/5 - 1 spirit damage (depending on icicles that land)
j.5B Same as 5B. Deals 4/5 spirit damage on block.
j.5[B] Same as 5[B]. Deals 1 and 4/5 spirit damage on block.
j.2B Air version of 2B. The ball of ice has no hitbox and deals no damage until shattering on impact with the ground. Deals 1/5 - 1 spirit damage on block (depending on icicles that land).
j.6B Same as 6B. Deals 4/5 spirit damage on block.
5C Cirno fires a bunch of ice in front of her at short range. Hits vary depending on distance, mostly 3 to 4 hits. Ice is slightly curved towards the enemy. One of her stronger and denser projectiles (if it can be called that.) Useful due to it's speed and range. Deals 1/4 (if very tip is blocked) to 1 1/2 (if blocked point blank mid-screen) spirit damage on block.
2C Cirno tosses an ice boulder in front of her. This ice boulder protects you from projectiles as well. Button can be held to increase the size of the boulder to about 1.5x Cirno's size and delay the shot, but it does no extra damage. Deals 1 spirit damage on block.
6C Cirno fires a aimed trail of ice towards the target that can extend to the end of the screen and explodes after a very short delay. Hits vary from 2-3. A decent bullet if combined with others in order to cover the long start up. Deals 1/4 - 1/2 spirit damage on block.
j.5C Same as 5C. Deals 1/4 (very tip is blocked) to 1 and 1/2 (blocked at point blank mid-screen) spirit damage if blocked.
j.2C Same as 2C. Deals 1 spirit damage on block.
j.6C Same as 6C. Deals 1/4 - 1/2 spirit damage on block.

Special Moves Edit

Icicle Shoot -- 236B/C (Also in Air, Chargeable)

Cirno shoots ice needles which are slightly pointed at the enemy. Shoots 3-5 icicles uncharged, 10 icicles charged. Be careful with this move though, it whiffs on point-blank because of a gap in front of you. It will also lose to denser projectiles.

  • Orb damage on block: 2/5 orb per 3 hits
  • Level up: +10% damage. Without any level ups it shoots 3 icicles, but it'll shoots 4 icicles at level 1. At level 3, she'll shoot the maximum of 5 icicles uncharged. When charged, she'll always shoot 10 icicles and will not increase in amount.
B and C version don't seem to differ.
Freeze, Touch Me -- 623B/C (Also in Air)

A field of ice surrounds her while she makes a whirlwind spin, causing up to 6 hits at closest range. This attack is similar to her 5C in that it only does damage when the ice first appears. It can be used on both ground and in the air and covers a lot of space. The 6 hits in total cause a limit of 50%, so it's a great 100% combo ender.

  • Orb damage on block: 1/6 orb per hit
  • Level up: +10% damage.
B version: Quick startup
C version: Slower startup, but has a slight larger range. Harder to combo into than the B version.
Midsummer Snowman -- 214B/C (Chargeable)

Cirno lands on the ground to spawn a giant boulder of ice, that continues to roll until it explodes on contact with the wall. Without charging, you let it roll on its smallest size. It will explode on contact with the enemy, unless you hold it.

The longer you hold the button, the further you walk but the larger the boulder gets, until it's about half-size of the level. Because it won't explode if you charge it, it is also possible to juggle the opponent multiple times, depending on distance. As it absorbs projectiles in its way, it can be effectively used as a wall. Hits high when held, but has normal projectile properties when you don't hold it anymore.

Interestingly enough, if you get caught in Sakuya's Time Sign "Sakuya's Special Stopwatch" spellcard, the boulder will continue to grow even while Cirno is frozen.

  • Orb damage on wrongblock when held: 2/5 orb per hit
Orb damage on block as projectile: 1 orb
  • Level up: +10% damage.
B version: Short startup so you will roll a fast ice boulder.
C version: Long startup, but you move the ice boulder slower, causing it to grow larger and more able to juggle the enemy.
Little Iceberg -- 22B/C (Chargeable)

Cirno creates a mini-glacier above her head, that she throws on a fixed distance. While this is chargeable, the effects of it are still unknown, besides delaying it. Once you level this skill card up, the glacier will break into small boulders, that have their own hitboxes. Both the glaciers and the boulders hit high.

  • Orb damage on block for the glacier: 1 orb, but 2 orbs on wrongblock.
Orb damage on block for the boulders: 1/4 orb per hit, but 1/2 orb on wrongblock.
  • Level up: +10% damage. At first, there will be no boulders breaking out of the glacier. At Level 1, four boulders exist on impact of the glacier. The levels afterwards will only increase the size of the glacier.
B version: Cirno throws the glacier ¼ the length of the level.
C version: Cirno throws the glacier ½ the length of the level.

Alternate Skill Cards Edit

Frost Pillars -- 236B/C

Cirno inbues the floor in front of her with glaciers, as a trap. This trap emits fog and stays on the field for approximately 5 seconds. When the opponent stands on this trap, the glaciers come out of the ground for a mere ~600 damage. There can only be one trap at the same time too. Can be used to force the opponent to graze/jump over the trap, where Cirno can smash them with her 6A's massive hitbox. Alternatively used in oki, making your opponent act defensively on wakeup. However, you cannot lay this down beneath a knocked down opponent, as the trap will activate harmlessly on a downed opponent.

  • Orb damage on block: 1 orb
  • Level up: Every level up increases the damage with 10% and the duration of the trap with ~1 second.
B and C version don't seem to differ.
Freezing Beam -- 236B/C (Also in Air)

Cirno shoots three beams, one straight ahead, the other 2 at an angle of 45 degrees. These beams disappear on hit and cause 15% limit each. It comes out fairly slow, but the beams are very dense and will blow through many other projectiles. The damage is fairly low. Being hit by one beam generally flings them up into the beam above it depending on spacing. Useful in blockstrings due to it's high orb damage at close range and fast startup.

  • Orb damage on block: 2/5 orb per beam
  • Level up: Increases damage with 10% and the length of the ice beams.
B and C version don't seem to differ.
Icicle Rise -- 623B/C (Chargeable)

Cirno spawns 3 to 6 icicles in the ground and kicks them up in the sky. The directions of the icicles are completely randomized, there doesn't seem to be a different version between B and C. When charging, the amount of icicles increases. Note that the spawned icicles have a hitbox before they are launched into the sky, but the total damage output is still low.

  • Orb damage on block: 1/10 orb per hit
  • Level up: Increases damage with 10% and increase the amount of icicles when it's charged with 1. The speed of the icicles also seems to increase, for both spawning and flying.
B and C version don't seem to differ.
Icicle Sword -- 623B/C

Cirno uses one of her icicle 'feathers' of her wings to do fast pinwheel spinning attack, doing up to 2 hits. Provides Cirno with a quick melee attack that hits a fair distance upward or forward. It's a strong combo ender but it's easily punishable and doesn't graze. Ice charge (alt 214) is better for lunging forward as it is safe on block, but having an upward moving melee may be useful. The first hit causes immense knockback and the second hit causes knockdown, even though you can whiff the second hit on enough occasions. It hits high.

  • Orb damage on wrongblock on first hit: 1/2 orb
Orb damage on wrongblock on second hit: 1 orb with B version, guard crush with C version.
  • Level up: +10% damage and an increase in the length of the sword.
B version: Pinwheel flip toward the opponent, can cause a 2 hit knockdown.
C version: Pinwheel flip upwards with still 2 hits, the spinning and the landing.
Ice Charge -- 214B/C (Also in Air)

Ice cannonball! Cirno surrounds herself in ice, flying straight towards the opponent. It's speed and damage is very good, but it will only hit once. Getting hit means a knockdown though. It causes 40% limit, another good combo ender. You're vulnerable to projectiles. Fortunately, this move has melee properties and it hits high. It supplements her close range game well if used in conjunction with 5C, 2C and other close-range bullets. It is also safe on block for the most part.
This alternate will give you more freedom with rushdown and in combos.

  • Orb damage on wrongblock: 1 orb
  • Level up: So far only 10% more damage.
B and C version don't seem to differ.
Ice Kick -- 214B/C (Also in Air)

Cirno jumps up to do a dive kick afterwards. Only the dive hits, and it'll hit from 4 to 6 times, with each hit causing 10% limit. It's damage is so-so, because you can whiff some of the hits here and there. This is a risky move to do on the ground, because Cirno is completely vulnerable when flying up in the sky. Note that she won't do a jump startup if she's already in air. The dive kick hits high, and you're only able to hit her 4 times max. when she's blocking.

  • Orb damage on wrongblock: 1/2 orb per hit.
  • Level up: Each level adds 10% damage and adds an extra hit every 2 levels.
B version: Jumps up to normal jump height, then does a dive kick.
C version: Jumps up to high jump height, then does a dive kick.
Icicle Bomb -- 22B/C

Cirno shoots an ice cloud that will explode on close contact with the enemy. It will explode into 12 ice shards in a circle. Each shard will do 4% limit with approx. 170 damage, so it will hurt on close range. However, the shards will not fly so far before disappearing. The cloud itself is not effected by projectiles, so it can be useful for getting through opponent danmaku.

  • Orb damage on block: 1/10 orb per hit
  • Level up: Damage up with 10%, and the bomb will explode earlier when it nears the enemy(range of proximity increased).
B version: The bomb is shot straight forward.
C version: The bomb is shot diagonally up on the ground, diagonally down in the air.
Frozen Freezing Method -- 22B/C

With not a too long startup, Cirno will cast ice cloud over a short range. If the opponent gets hit in the cloud, she'll get frozen solid. Afterwards, Cirno will automatically do the 3A movement to deliver massive damage to the enemy. This will cause an auto-limit on the enemy. Note that you push the cube to the border of the level.
Summed up: This is actually quite a good move, since it's a special move that has UNBLOCKABLE properties, but it's still grazeable. It does 1200 - 1700 damage, which is quite viable for a pretty short startup. Altogether with knockdown to the corner. Particularly effective if you can score a corner knockdown during Diamond Dust, since the opponent will be unable to tech away from a 22B/C okizeme and jumping/grazing has a few frames of activation.

  • Level up: Increases the damage with 10%, and the hitbox of the 'grab' becomes tad larger.
B and C version don't seem to differ.

Spellcards Edit

Ice Sign 「Icicle Machine Gun」 (Ground/air) Costs 2 cards. Fire 20 icicles at the opponent in a cone-shaped line. Whiffs at close range. Does 80% limit itself. Stops hitting after you reach 100% limit, though.
Orb damage on block: 1 and 1/2 orb
Ice Sign 「Fairy Spin」 (Ground/air) Costs 2 cards. Cirno spins around, firing icicles all around her. Hits 14 times in melee range.
Orb damage on block: 1/5 orb per wave
Ice Mass 「Cold Sprinkler」 (Ground/Air) Costs 3 cards. Cirno fires a large ball of ice that shoots out icicles like a sprinkler. It goes halfway through the level, making two full spins of icicles. Not recommended for combos.
Orb damage on block: 1/10 orb per hit
Cold Body 「Super Ice Kick」 (Ground/air) Costs 3 cards. Cirno leaps into the air and kicks down into the opponent, hitting 16 times. It will whiff on point-blank. Hits high. Does not work in Typhoon, though.
Orb damage on wrongblock: 1/2 orb
Ice Sign 「Sword Freezer」 (Ground) Costs 3 cards. Cirno takes out a huge sword made of ice and spins the opponent into the air 5 times. 100% limit if the final slash hits (where most of the damage is weighted). Quick startup, but has no invincibility frames. Hits high. Excellent when hit confirmed from 66b or comboed from 66c. Can easily be used to catch someone trying to hj.7 away from you.
Orb damage on wrongblock: 1/5 orb
Freeze Sign 「Freeze Atmosphere」 (Ground/air) Costs 3 cards. Cirno spins around to generate freezing air, which then trails behind her for a short time. After a moment, the trail will gradually burst into ice like a fuse, hitting the opponent. Max is usually 4 hits, Blockers block 10 hits though. it will hit 10 times in Typhoon weather.
Orb damage on block: 3 orbs in total
Cold Sign 「Instant Freezing Beam」 (Ground/air) Costs 3 cards. Cirno shoots 3 beams of ice from her hands, hitting the opponent 45 times at melee range. You can widen the spread of the three beams by pressing the directional button towards Cirno's back or focus the beams straight by pressing towards the direction Cirno is facing during the spell.
Orb damage on block: Up to 2 and 1/5 orb on point-blank distance
Frost Sign 「Frost Columns」 (Ground) Costs 4 cards. Cirno covers the ground with ice, hitting the opponent 1-3 times and temporarily freezing them. You are able to combo them during the freeze. After the freeze they will get launched so prepare an aircombo, preferably.
Orb damage on block: 2 orbs
Blowing Ice 「Ice Tornado」 (Ground) Costs 4 cards. Cirno summons a huge tornado, hitting the opponent 1-18 times. Works well in typhoon, 14-18 hits based on character size, but knocks opponents into the air out of range. As a result, it generally does between 10-12 hits when it hits from point-blank. Has reversal properties.
Orb damage on block: 1 and 4/5 orb
Freeze Sign 「Perfect Freeze」 (Ground/Air) Costs 5 cards. Cirno spreads bullets all over the screen. These bullets can't be destroyed by other projectiles. The bullet hell is followed up by a screen freeze. This will freeze all the ice bullets, and if your opponent gets hit by this freeze, she'll be unable to move for approx. 2 seconds. This makes it ideal for combos, since you can move while everything is frozen. Not to mention that the frozen ice bullets will start to move in a random direction after the freeze ended. It has a lot of damage capability, but everything can be blocked. Use this when the enemy would lack spirit, when he's flying/blocking too much. As of the 1.10 patch, when used directly on the opponent when the opponent is above Cirno, will do 99 hits and upwards to 6000 damage.
Orb damage on block: Up to 2 orbs until the freeze, then every remnant bullet will do 2/5 orb damage

Ice Mass 「Great Crusher」 (Ground) Costs 5 cards. CIRNO SMASH PUNY WEAKLING WITH GLACIER. Huge damage. It's an overhead with a lot of chip damage on high block. Has auto-limit properties. No orb damage since it'll hit on low block. It barely has any startup and recovery, so it an ideal move for a round ender. Damage effectively decreases with proration, use it wisely when trying to combo into it. This move is extremely fast and cannot be airblocked or lowblocked, making it good for catching an opponent off guard.

Combos Edit


5AAA 5C 236B/C / 623B / Alt 214B/C (Ice Charge) - 2050 / 1900-2200 / 2300 damage
Spirit Orb usage: 2
Notes: Delay the 236B/C / Alt 214B/C slightly for max damage
Alt 236B/C (Frost Pillars) HJC 6B/j.6B 5C/j.5C - 1800-1850 / 1900-1930 / 2000-2040/ 2050-2077 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2-3
Notes: 100% Limit. After Frost Pillar Trap activates follow up with this combo. on the unlikely event that you activate Frost pillar directly on opponent upon casting it, you must watch spacing and HJC for follow up.

Corner Only:

5AAA 5B 5C 623B / Alt 214B/C (Ice Charge) - 2486-2619 / 2262 damage
Spirit Orb usage: 3
Notes: Damage depends on the hits of 5C.
5AAAA 623B - 2316 damage
Spirit Orb usage: 1
5AAAA 5B 5C 623B / 214B/C / 22B/C - 2234 / 2441 / 2341 damage
Spirit Orb usage: 3
Notes: 20% chance to succeed, due to the random nature of 5B. Requesting removal for this combo since it's randomized and it can cause less damage than the combo above.
5AAAA 5AAA 5C 623B/C - Damage: 2478-2576
Spirit Orb usage: 2
Notes: Needs slight delay before second Dial-A. Recommended to use this combo only on larger characters. Does not work on: Yuyuko, Youmu, Sakuya, Marisa, Sanae, Cirno, Reisen, Aya, Iku.
5AAA 5B 5C 214B/C (Ice Cannonball) 236B/C - Damage: 2360 - ~2600
Spirit Orb usage: 4
Notes: Requires Blue Sky.


j.5A j.5C 66 with enders j.2A j.5C OR j.5A j.6A/j.8A - 2165 - 2521 damage
Spirit Orb usage: 2
Notes: Corner Only. 100% limit if most of the 5C icicles hit. Use the j.2A, j.6A, and j.8A enders depending on the opponent's position relative to yours. Damage depends on ender used and amount of icicles that hit. for smaller opponents who won't be hit with most icicles, j.5C or 623 B/C can be tacked on the end for extra damage and the limit knockdown.
j.5A/j.2A j.6B j.5C - 2000 / 1750 damage
Spirit Orb usage: 2
Notes: 100% limit if you use j.2A and delay j.5C enough. Leaves you in a better position and with more time for okizeme than other air combos.
j.5A/j.2A/j.8A j.5C j.623B - 1800-2300 / 1650 / 1750 damage
Spirit Orb usage: 2
Notes: No limit knockdown if using j.5A. Limit knockdown possible with j.2A if you allow all hits to connect. Large damage ranges because of the random natures of j.5C and j.623B
j.5A/j.2A/j.8A j.5C Alt j.214B/C (Ice Charge) - 1750-2100 / 1746 / 1800 damage
Spirit Orb usage: 2
Notes: j.8A combo not always guaranteed because of positioning