Hisoutensoku 1.02 -> 1.03 Changes Edit

Hisoutensoku 1.03 Japanese Patch Notes

Google Translation as follows:

====== Tohou Hisoutensoku Update History =======

2009 9 / 03 VER1.03---------------------------------------
· System

- Corrected how skills would not level up when performing a fatal blow.
- Fixed a bug where self-inflicting moves would damage the user between rounds.
- Fixed related Conventions

· Reimu

- Some students use the card to the sky dream, to unconditionally give prayers action乞rain
One lit bug fixes
蝕薬marks, bug fixes may not light when a fan hit the left

· Alice

- Shot before, been destroyed and put out a card at the moment蝕薬shots hit all-time marks at
Bug fixes will not hit the state this time put quotation蝕薬blow
- When an explosion struck cremation dolls dolls, bug fixes and teleport to the ground was
- Level 4 Seeker Wire with bug fixes were offset by decision

· Remilia

- Fixed-point correction was smaller than the weak level of strength version of Vampire Kiss
Bug Fix no sound over mobile version

· Aya

- Fixed bug that things are different techniques to get the card when using skills like air exposure of Tengu Ryu
- Tengu version LV1 drum bug fixes over the air without any additional input

· Tenshi

- Fixed anomaly palette
- Fixed bug that made multiple versions installed aerial pillars of fire and brimstone
- 2P wake of the spirit land and bug fixes it shifted the position is established.
Bug Fix off by determining the position of the Emperor's destruction and change of direction after installation

· Udongein

- Left over from when the alter ego squat Ultraviolet Field
Wrong position bug fixes that are injection
- Fixed bug that can cause abnormalities in the appearance of alter ego annihilation Disorder Eye

· Sanae

- Fixed bug that things disappear out the door and window molding before firing a weak bill
- Fixed bug that sometimes caused the sag in the top of the screen will go flying
- Modified to disappear when the loss Sky Serpent Attack
- Fixed bug that was nearly the same low-power part of determination of the strong version of Nanako God God招来dry air collision

· Cirno

- Fixed bug where long AAA leads to abnormal position display.
- Fixed Midsummer Snowman not consuming spirit meter and not increasing card gauge.
- Fixed mistiming of invincibility that occurred at a level of Freeze Me, Touch Me
- Fixed Ice Sword not consuming spirit meter and not increasing card gauge.

· Utsuho

- Fixed Hell's Wave Motion Gun lasers not disappearing if reinputted immediately after firing.

· Suwako

- Fixed bug was strong for a weak version of the curses of God hold indigenous

Hisoutensoku 1.01 -> 1.02 Changes Edit

Hisoutensoku 1.02 Japanese Patch Notes

2009 8 / 23 VER1.02---------------------------------------

If you installed Hisoutensoku into an empty folder (?)
please add the following two lines to the bottom of configx123.ini

[etc] limit=1

- Fixed description of the kind described Cards
- Reset the times when extended use air dash
- Fixed bug that stopped the game between rounds because of weather

Arcade Mode

- Fixed bug that forced the program to terminate upon winning arcade mode (usually vs. Tenshi).
- Fixed bug that caused a black background.

Story Mode

- Shut down and fixed the situation and stop progress in the game happen

Marisa Kirisame

- Fixed a bug where Perversion "Sure-Fire Master Spark" caused screen whiteout.

Sakuya Izayoi

- Fixed a bug with Time Paradox
- Dancing Sword can stop time? ("Can stop time during injection Danshingusutasodo")
Affected by the stop time immediately after injection but
- Fixed bug not a black and white characters have some down time
- We organize various time manipulation and interaction of a stopwatch. Basically, the effect is still the top priority
Remaining hours will demonstrate the effectiveness of the effect of the remaining one is released

Patchouli Knowledge

- Remove determine thrown down now
- Fixed bug with Winter Element
- Fixed bug with charging Summer Flare

Alice Margatroid

- Fixed a bug in Alice's Story Mode.
- Fixed a bug where higher-level Seeker Wire dealt less damage.
- Fixed bug in Motion declared invincible有Tta time card
- Fixed bug does not occur when determining the portion of the air trip wire wire

Konpaku Youmu

- Fixed bug behavior of Pink Circles/Phosphorus Ghost Decapitation (Soku 236B/C)
- When cancelling Heart Carving Cut, the rest of the effects stay.
- Fixed bug that direction regardless of the success of the transition to clean六根Missile strike back

Remilia Scarlet

- Fixed bug did not hold a tail of fire intensity

Saigyouji Yuyuko

- Fixed bug that was available even use spell into left and right keys
- Fixed bug with Sense of Cherry Blossom's instant kill (though hissatsu sometimes refers to a special attack.)

Suika Ibuki

- Fixed bug stop had been hit in the release version of the armor strength
- Fixed bug go off the air using different techniques of surgery demon燐火
- Fixed bug go off the air using different techniques used during fog limit厭
Bug fixes are available for use beyond the limited use version of card in the air

Shameimaru Aya

- Fixed bug behavior Nameshi Tengu
- Fixed bug does not change the background Deimea

Komachi Onozuka

- Fixed Boat of Sanzu not leveling up.

Reisen Udongein Inaba

- Fixed a bug where charged B bullets fired in midair did not give off a sound effect.
- Fixed a bug where 2C laser graphics lingered on the screen and occasionally regained hitbox.
- Lunatic Blast
Fixed a bug to increase the power of Illusionary Blast (214B/C) (Guessing on the 'increase the power', previous wording was 'Bug fixes to increase the level of power of Illusionary Blast', perhaps it just scales appropriately with skill level now)

Tenshi Hinanai

-Fixed bug forward position is a stone pillar of fire and brimstone falling just under the air
Bug Fix fell two points less than the same high level of air
- Fixed bug with Earthquake Mine/Mamori no You where a different skill would come out.
- Drizzle now increases damage from Non-perception "Sword of Rapture"

Sanae Kotiya

- Fixed a bug where Sanae's levitation wind effect remained during instances of time stop.
- Wonder "Night with Overly Bright Guest Stars" is now less flashy?
- Esoterica "Nine Syllable Stabs" now has superarmor through the casting duration.

Reiuji Utsuho

- Fire less than before, bug fixes under weak air fire bullets disappear in just under unprecedented fire
- Fixed bug that made strong hold fire under certain conditions
- Fixed bug was incapacitated by certain conditions Guraundomeruto (Something to do with Ground Melting 236B/C)
- Fixed a bug where Break Sun (22B/C) projectiles did not turn into weather crystals when Utsuho was hit.
Bug fixes not hold a strong
- Fixed bug where Melting Shower Kick did not whiff against a crouching enemy.
- Fixed bug does not convert bullets struck the ball cannon wave weather in hell
Lingering bug fixes and landing portion of laser
Bug Fix weather was abnormal position of the portion conversion laser ball
Fire intensity was the same bug fixes recovery霊力
- Abyss Nova no longer activates in the middle of Melting Shower Kick.

Suwako Moriya

- Default 214B/C Geyser skillcard can now be held down/delayed when used in the air.
- Fixed a bug that was weak for the hold button雨蛙strength version called the rain
- Fixed a bug that caused the damage reflection from Dark Mist (22B/C) to remain persistent throughout the match.
- Native God "The Red Frog in the Fourth Year of the Houei Era" now has superarmor.
- Fixed bug that was reflected in the river Jade厭I <--Spring Sign "Jade of the Horrid River" related
- Fixed bug that raised the level of offense雨蛙suffering too much rain, wind and rain called Kero-chan

1.05 -> 1.06 Changes Edit

System Changes / Bug Fixes Edit

  • Fixed a bug where you could play replays and netplay people of earlier versions
  • Fixed a bug where some characters could use spellcards while guarding in the air
  • Life Regenerator: Cut off when the opponent's health was reduced to 0, but Card Guage Booster and Spirit Regenerator are now made to continue even if the opponent is KOd

Character Modifications Edit

Patchouli Knowledge
  • Jellyfish Princess: Fixed a bug where it would malfunction upon reflecting shots
Reisen Udongein Inaba
  • Fixed a bug where using a spellcard would immediatly cut off the effects of the field cards
Yuyuko Saigyouji
  • Fixed a problem where reverse guarding would not block
  • Ageless Dream, Ticket to the Netherworld: Can no longer avoid

1.04 -> 1.05 Changes Edit

System Changes / Bug Fixes Edit

  • Fixed up the processing of KOs and their followups
  • Fixed up the text on cards
  • Fixed a bug with the display of the combo limit in super armor mode

Character Modifications Edit

Alice Margatroid
  • Fixed a bug where Seeker Wire would not go through all the dolls if there were two dolls set in the same place
  • Activation now takes less time as it levels up
Aya Shameimaru
  • Wind Standing of the Tengu: Cannot use above a certain height
Iku Nagae
  • j8A can now only be used by pressing directly upwards
  • Single Blow of the Dragon Fish: Reduced chip damage
  • As Though the Plummage was Sky: Now invincible to physical attacks during recovery. Fixed a problem where her physical invincibility ran out before her graze did when dashing forward in the air
Komachi Onozuka
  • Fixed a bug where turning around from her backdash was unusally fast
  • Fixed a problem where she didn't turn around after recoverying backwards in the air
  • Fixed a bug where turning around from her forward air recovery was unusally fast
  • j8A can now only be used by pressing directly upwards
Marisa Kirasame
  • Devildom Torch: Decreased explosion range
Patchouli Knowledge
  • Changed her C back to the 1.02 version
  • The pushback in Spring Wind dies down earlier
  • Reduced spirit damage on j6A
  • Royal Flare: Reduced spirit damage
  • Silent Serene: Increased recovery
Reimu Hakurei
  • The B version of Dimensional Rift now adds an orb to Fantasy Heaven
  • Wind God Kick: Final hit now has larger range
Reisen Udongein Inaba
  • 5B: Fixed to cancel out more attacks
  • Flying: Now turns around after flight the same as other characters
  • 6A: At close ranges, the illusion in front will hit as well
  • Undersense Break: Fixed a bug where this would not graze at level 4
  • Field cards: Now continues to affect the opponent even after leaving the field. Time affected increases with levels
  • Fixed a bug where, for some reason, when returning from a high position and using a ground attack would result in the air version coming out
Remilia Scarlet
  • Can now move after flight and flight is now faster
  • Red the Nightless Castle: Reduced chip damage
  • Scarlet Devil: Reduced chip damage
Sakuya Izayoi
  • Fixed the display position of her cut::*in
  • Killing Doll: Reduced chip damage
  • Moved her hitbox for her foward recovery inwards
Suika Ibuki
  • j8A: Is now an overhead and does spirit damage when guarded in the air
  • j6A: Fixed an inconsistancy with it continuing
  • 66A: First hit is now overhead
  • Missing Purple Power: Reduced chip damage on some of her attacks. Fixed a bug where she had a hitbox when recovering
Tenshi Hinanai
  • 5B: Hit and guard stun increased for the first 3 hits
  • 22B(alt): Fixed a bug where the spirit damage on firing all of the stones was the same as 5B
Youmu Konpaku
  • Can no longer jump cancel from landing during flight
  • Fixed up a bug with her ghost half and reflecting
Yukari Yakumo
  • Fixed a bug where you could not switch sides
  • Objective Joining Boundary: Reduced chip damage
Yuyuko Saigyouji
  • 6C: Stays around for less time
  • Ageless Dream: Fixed a problem with dealing with life drain. Fixed a problem where the game stopped if a person under the effects of this spellcard was killed by a B attack or somesuch

1.03 -> 1.04 Changes Edit

System Changes / Bug Fixes Edit

  • Fixed a problem with hitting the combo limit in super armor
  • Fixed up a few card's descriptions

Character Modifications Edit

Alice Margatroid
  • Seeker Wire: Fixed a bug where the hitstop at higher levels decreased
  • Trip Wire: Fixed a bug where the number of invincibility frames were not correct
  • j[B]: Fixed a bug where the shots would not stop upon reaching the ground
Aya Shameimaru
  • Tengu's Macroburst: Fixed a bug where you could use this on the ground
Iku Nagae
  • Shining Rice Planting of the Dragon God: Fixed a bug where the air version was able to cancel into special skills
Komachi Onozuka
  • Fixed a bug where just before and just after her j8A, gravity stopped her from moving up
  • Fixed a bug where her backwards air recovery did not have graze for its startup
  • De-Soul Ceremony: Fixed a bug where the jC version would look up the wrong level
Marisa Kirasame
  • Fixed a bug where trying to use a spellcard that you couldn't while using Upper Sweep would start the turn over again
  • Fixed a bug where her backwards ground recovery didn't fully graze
Patchouli Knowledge
  • Fixed a bug where she was not invincible for her backdash
  • Silent Serene: Fixed a bug where she could get hit while casting
Reimu Hakurei
  • Fixed a bug where hitting the ground or wall would not change the weather prediction
Reisen Udongein Inaba
  • Disbelief Aspect: Fixed a malfunction with this and weather changes
Sakuya Izayoi
  • Inscribe Red Soul: Fixed a problem where this spellcard didn't cost as much as it should have
  • Fixed a problem where her backdash didn't fully graze
  • Fixed up a few card's descriptions
Suika Ibuki
  • Missing Purple Power: Fixed a bug where both her jA and jB were able to graze
Youmu Konpaku
  • Fixed a irregularity with the display when using her "Present World Cut" and "Eternity Cut"
Yukari Yakumo
  • Fixed a bug where hitting the ground or wall would not change the weather prediction
  • Illusion Buddhist Umbrella: Fixed a bug where at higher levels, it would stop cancelling out projectiles
Yuyuko Saigyouji
  • Fixed it so that some of her spellcards could actually be used midair
  • Fixed a bug where her B shots didn't fire off normally
  • Fixed a bug where her charged B didn't fire off enough shots
  • Fixed up a few card's descriptions

1.02 -> 1.03 Changes Edit

System Changes / Bug Fixes Edit

  • Profile names will appear at the top when fighting now
  • Pushback distance has been shortened
  • Spirit gauge recovery is now slower when you have more orbs left and faster when you don't
  • Fixed the spirit damage on some moves
  • Fixed double KOs
  • Fixed a bug where you could get the effects of cards without using them
  • Fixed moves where fixed and reduced damages weren't normalized
  • Reduced the effect of more defense as you have less life
  • After obtaining 3 cards, it becomes increasing harder to collect more card gauge
  • Increased the time allowed for inputting recovery directions and increased the time invicible afterwards
  • Decreased the invincibility on backdashes
  • Added a configex.ini. Instructions are included in the file
  • Replays of a different version will be displayed in gray
  • Weather orbs will appear on guard crushes now
  • If you take an attack outside of a counter, weather orbs will appear according to the level of the attack
  • Spring Haze: Changed flight to take more spirit
  • Heavy Fog: Life steal now applies to bullets as well
  • Snow: Losing a card now has a visual effect
  • Sunshower: Recovery of lost orbs is now much faster
  • Typhoon: Now every hit will drop weather orbs
System Cards
  • Health recover: Recovers faster and heals for a fixed amount of time. However, the rate of healing is lower and the effect disappears if you get hit
  • Spirit recover: Recovers faster
  • Card: Faster
  • Weather card: All weather starts at 99.9. Using when there's no prediction starts up a random weather. Using it during weather increases the rate at which it goes away
  • Counter attack: Changed the counters for some characters who missed a lot. Weakened some other character's counters.

Character Modifications Edit

Alice Margatroid
  • Added reel to close ranged hits
  • 6A: Longer range
  • j6A: Longer range
  • j8A: Longer start up. Cannot be dash cancelled
  • Added reel on second hit of dial-a-combo
  • Third hit of dial-a-combo moves forward, longer range
  • 6[B]: Removed
  • jB: Fixed a bug where she would continue to shoot after reaching the ground
  • 5C: Less recovery on held version
  • jC: Less recovery on held version. Can cancel earlier
  • Volatile Puppet: Can dash cancel. No longer any invincible frames. Can use in the air after leveling it up
  • Creamation Marionette: Throws less. Will now explode on contact upon falling
  • Doll Controlled Arrangement: Can use in the air. Can jump cancel sooner. Longer recovery
  • Yoyo Doll: Attack power down. Fixed a bug where you couldn't recover until reaching the ground
  • Doll Activation: Cannot use when there are no set dolls. Levelling up increases the attack time of the dolls
  • SP-Doll: When equipped with dolls, your spirit consumption is reduced
  • Seeker Wire: Cannot use when there are no set dolls. Can jump cancel earlier. Hitstop, attack power, and bullet speed get extreme boosts with level ups
  • 1K Spear Dolls: Longer recovery. Fixed a bug with counter hits at the tip of the spear
  • High-Edo Explosive Pawn: Looks better
  • Artful Sacrifice: Startup and recovery time reduced
  • Dolls of War: Faster startup. If KOed during, you gain invincibility until the dolls go away
  • Shanghai Dolls: Fixed a bug where you could move during this
  • Hourai Dolls: Card cost up. Reaches combo limit faster. Attack power up
  • Seeker Dolls: Less recovery time. Stays out longer. Dolls are set higher up
  • Trip wire: Invincible throughout
  • Holland Doll: Changed attack area. Attack power up
  • Futuristic Puppet: Recovery time on B bullets up. Affected by Drizzle now. Does less spirit damage. Melee attack nows do spirit damage. Can now move very slowly while fire C bullets
Aya Shameimaru
  • Fixed it so some of her attacks now add to the card gauge
  • Backdash distance shortened
  • Guard-counter attack is air unblockable
  • Far A: Slower startup. Longer recovery
  • 6A: Charged time increased. Longer recovery
  • j.2A: Can only be canceled into spellcards now
  • j.6A: Hitstun reduced
  • j.8A: Doesn't hit in front of her anymore
  • 66A: Longer recovery
  • 5B: Charge time increased
  • j.5B: Charge time increased. Longer recovery
  • 5C: Charge time increased. Gives less weather orbs
  • Gale Fan: Slower startup. Longer recovery
  • Violent Gale Fan: Movement cancel is earlier
  • Conquer Dash: When guarded, can only be spell cancelled directly after or when reaching the ground. When guarded, rebounds a higher distance
  • Graceful Dash: No longer increases in damage with levels. Instead, the number of times you can change directions is increased. Changing direction is not as fixed as before.
  • Tengu Nameshi: Can use in the air. After falling and a certain number of frames, you can dash cancel. Can spell cancel. Slower startup
  • Down Burst of the Tengu: Can spell cancel. B version has faster startup time. Now affected by hail. C version has more ripples with more levels
  • Wind Standing of the Tengu: Increased recovery while rising
  • Tengu Drum: Rises after stomping. Added different follow ups. Decreased time before you can perform followups. With higher levels, can control movement after stomp to a high degree. Air version has graze right after startup
  • Milestone for the Descent of the Gods' Descendant: Longer recovery
  • Sarutahiko's Guidance: Cost up. Midair version has graze right after startup
  • Illusionary Dominance: Now affected by Drizzle. No longer invincible. Longer recovery. Attack power down
Iku Nagae
  • Fixed it so some of her attacks now add to the card gauge
  • Can now be counter hit out of superjump startup
  • Fixed a bug with a forward air recovery loop
  • Dash hitbox is lower
  • 6A: Moves further in. Longer range. Less recovery. Less charge time
  • 3A: Less recovery. Less charge time. Added counter properties
  • j8A: Added
  • j6A: Less guardstun
  • Dial-A 2nd hit: Fixed a problem where counter hits would last for all hits
  • B: Charge time shortened
  • C: Fixed a bug where she could guard at the last part of the motion
  • j2C: Added
  • j1C: Added
  • Single Blow of the Dragon Fish: C version comes out at a slant. Longer recovery. Attack power up. Spirit damage up
  • Guided Electrostatic Missile: Faster startup. At higher levels, holding the button will cause the shots to split. Charge time down
  • Shining Rice Planting of the Dragon God: Can use in the air. At higher levels, will have more homing shots. Added ability to reflect off the ground
  • As Though the Plummage was Water: B version has faster startup. Lengthened time C version stays out. Air blockable
  • As Though the Plummage was Wind: Can spell cancel. No more guard points. B version has faster startup. Added C version, which has a longer startup, but has a wider area of effect
  • Anger of the Dragon God: Larger range
  • Thunder Drum Bomb: Can use in the air
  • Thunder Cloud Fish Swimming Bullet: Speed up. Changes direction more often
  • Dragon's Light: Less recovery.
  • As Though the Plummage was Sky: Removed guard points
  • Thunder Cloud Spine Fish: Fixed a bug
  • Dragon Temple of Swimming Bullets: Can use in the air. Electric field at the source of the bullets is now locked in place
Komachi Onozuka
  • Fixed it so some of her attacks now add to the card gauge
  • Fixed an abnormality and with guard crush move
  • 6A: Attack power up. Normal version reach is shorter. Can cancel into anything above a B bullet. Held version startup is faster, guardstun is shorter. Less recovery on held version. Opponent floats longer
  • 3A: Held version added. Less recovery time
  • 2A: Reel added
  • jA: Faster startup
  • j6A: Now hits near her
  • j8A: Added
  • Dial-A 2nd hit: Larger hit range. Less recovery
  • Dial-A 3rd hit: Larger hit range
  • Dial-A final hit: Floats for less time on hit. Less recovery. Attack level down
  • 5B: Larger hit range. Hits a little lower. Shortened charge time on held version
  • j2B: Less recovery
  • 5C: Now has counter properties
  • 6C: Can cancel out more bullets. Added held version. Homes in a little
  • j2C: Added held version
  • 66C: Attack power up
  • Fresh Wandering Spirit: At higher levels, will add ghosts. Range is larger
  • Spirit of Passed Life: At higher levels, will have larger range. Can cancel out more bullets
  • Unrest of Earthbound Souls: Button used will determine spread. Level ups will increase ghosts. Ghosts will disappear after a fixed amount of time. Ability to cancel out bullets has been decreased. Grazing will remove ghosts
  • Breath of Dying: Range increases with levels. C version will move you forward. Fixed a problem where she could guard on the last frame. Less guardstun
  • Scythe of the Grim Reaper: Can use in the air. Higher levels increase the hits. Faster startup time
  • De-Soul Ceremony: At higher levels will place ghosts at the point from which you teleported
  • No-Distance Street: Level up increases effective time. Can only place one on the field at a time. Can now spell cancel
  • Welcoming Trial: Guard crush added. While holding, if you press the other shot button, it will cancel the move. Can spell cancel while holding. Hits inside the scythe's blade. Timing for spell cancelling on hit is earlier
  • Bondage Soul's Loneliness: Can now spell cancel
  • Flow of the River: Hit vector has changed. Can hit opponents in the air easier
  • Double Pass Fog: More ghosts. Does spirit damage
  • Short Life Expectancy: Cost up. Quicker startup. No invincibility
  • Unregretful Life, Regretful Life: Longer startup time. Completely invincible throughout
  • Ravine of No-Distance: Effect lasts longer
  • Sickle of Sorting the Dead: Faster startup time
Marisa Kirisame
  • 3A: Held version has longer startup and quicker recovery
  • j6A: Pushes back a shorter distance
  • j8A: Added counter hit ability
  • All ground B attacks: Longer recovery
  • 5C: Less startup for held version
  • Fixed it so some of her attacks now add to the card gauge
  • Miasma Sweep: Longer recovery
  • Witch Ray Line: Can now cancel into a special move or higher on a blocked hit (latter half of recovery)
  • Grand Star Dust: Doesn't home now. Distance is fixed based on button used. Changed to one hit.
  • Meteonic Debris: Bullet speed up
  • Busky Sweeper: Faster startup. Less attack properties at the beginning stages. Larger range as it levels up. Orbit changes depending on button used
  • Radial Strike: Dash cancelling is now faster
  • Narrow Spark: Laser grows as it levels up
  • Up Sweeper: Can now cancel
  • Devildom Torch: Changed to last longer and reach higher
  • Green Spread: With level ups, the spread lasers receive attack ability
  • Stardust Reverie: Now affected by Drizzle
  • Escape Velocity: Pushes back a shorter distance. Longer recovery
  • Meteonic Shower: Can use in the air. Has more guardstun. Each hit is weaker
  • Dragon Meteor: Attack power down. Can be used in the air
  • Easy Harvest Master Spark: Comes out faster and has more attack power
Patchouli Knowledge
  • Fixed it so some of her attacks now add to the card gauge
  • Can now be counter hit out of superjump startup
  • 6A: Less recovery. Held version lasts longer
  • 3A: Longer range
  • 2A: Added ability to counter
  • j8A: Added
  • Added hitstop to the second hit of dial-a-combo, guardstun down
  • B bullets: Pressing 6 on the ground or 2 in the air will change the direction of the bullets. Added in a new bullet, 4B
  • 66B: Added spirit damage
  • C: Homing ability up
  • j2C: Fixed a bug where the counter hit lasted too long
  • Summer Red: At higher levels, will gain attack and leave behind trails
  • Summer Flame: Attack power up. Direction is based on button used
  • Winter Element: Attack power down. At higher levels, increases the number of waterspouts
  • Condensed Bubble: At higher levels, will split off into smaller bubbles upon naturally popping
  • Spring Wind: Now acts just like it did in IaMP
  • Flash of Spring: Can cancel by pressing the opposite shot button while charging. At higher levels, will explode upon being canceled by other bullets
  • Autumn Edge: At higher levels, whenever one blade hits the enemy, the others will curve towards them
  • Autumn Blade: Fixed a bug with guarding this
  • Dew Spear: Changed how it looks
  • Emerald City: No longer invincible while using. Lowered spirit damage. Hits next to her as well. Has larger range with level ups. Fixed a bug with getting hit in the latter half of recovery. Can now spell cancel throughout the entire recovery period
  • Noachian Deluge: Can be used in the air. Lowered spirit damage
  • Silent Serene: Lasers revolve faster. Will now hit at startup
  • Jellyfish Princess: Takes more hits
  • Philosopher's Stone: Startup recovery down. Card lasts longer
Reimu Hakurei
  • Fixed the guard point for her forward air recovery
  • Added effects to some of her attacks. Effective range is shorter
  • 6A: Held version has longer startup, but faster recovery
  • 2A: Made the returning hits have a larger area
  • jA: Longer recovery. Fixed it so that you can now cancel halfway into something else
  • j2A: Took out recoil. Groundslam will occur on counter hits
  • 5C: Longer startup
  • 2C: Latter half can also be cancelled now
  • Fixed it so some of her attacks now add to the card gauge
  • Demon Sealing Dimensional Rift: Power is lower, but will add more shots as it levels. Can now cancel into spells
  • Risening Kick: Power up
  • Sliding Risening Kick: Faster startup. Holding it adds more hits. Leveling up adds more hits if you hold it
  • Instant Dimensional Rift: The setup of the seals are different. At higher levels, the seals attack as soon as they appear
  • Binding Border: Faster startup. Fixed a problem where blocking this would ensure a guard crush
  • Permanent Border: Now takes time to attack after setting. C version will now set off at the same altitude of the B version
  • Fantasy Orb: Speed down, but has better homing ability
  • Ying-Yang Orb: Faster startup, more power, more consolidated
  • Ying-Yang Sactifier Orb: More consolidated
  • Fantasy Heaven: Invincible while equipping. Now adds even with shots or counter attack cards. Seals have larger attack range.
Reisen Udongein Inaba
  • Fixed the bug where she could cancel forward ground recovery into special moves
  • Fixed a bug concerning flying and the spirit gauge
  • Crouching height is higher
  • Far A: Faster startup
  • 6A: No longer stays in the same spot on hit. Held version startup is faster. Longer range
  • 3A: Added charge version
  • 2A: Hits low
  • j8A: Added
  • B: Can cancel more bullets. Bullets more spread. Charge time shortened
  • 66B: Lasts for a shorter period of time, but has longer range
  • C: Normal version speed up. Charge version speed down. Homing ability up
  • 2C: Gives less weather orbs on hit
  • 66C: Added a clone. Added graze. Longer range. Now has counter properties
  • Mind Bending: With levels, explosion lasts a longer time. Comes out in a different arrangement. Has longer range
  • Ripple Vision: With levels, the after-images will also attack
  • Disbelief Aspect: Attack pattern changes with levels. Now affected by Drizzle. Now causes spirit damage. Offensive power is affected by level
  • Disorder Eye: Adds more after-images with higher levels. Changed to melee type. Recovery shortened
  • Ultrared Field: Recovery shortened. Time is increased with levels. C version lasts for less time, but appears over enemy. Fixed bug with multiple fields
  • Ultraviolet Field: Recovery shortened. Area increases with level. C version has less area, but appears over enemy
  • Undersense Break: Added upper body invincibility. Added graze with higher levels
  • Mind Starmine: Lasts longer. Shorter recovery. Adds less to the combo limit. Can use in the air
  • Corolla Vision: Can use in the air
  • Crown Vision: Faster startup
  • Lunatic Red Eyes: Faster startup. Can use in the air
  • Poison thing: Increased height at which it affects the opponent
  • Drink thing: The effect is permanent. Using multiple of these will add to the previous effect. However after the fourth all effects are lost in exchange for a short range, very high damage dealing explosion
Remilia Scarlet
  • Can now be counter hit out of superjump startup
  • Changed the motion of her forward ground recover
  • The effects of Sunny now apply
  • Backdash distance decreased
  • Close A: Hitstun decreased
  • Far A: Added reel. Hitstun decreased
  • 6A: Faster recovery
  • j2A: No longer hits above her
  • Dial-a 2nd hit: Hitstun decreased
  • 5B: Number decreased. Narrower spread
  • Demon Lord Walk: Slower startup. Longer recovery. Movement distance increased
  • Vampire Claw: Longer range. Third hit overhead comes out faster, but no longer guard crushes
  • Demon Lord Cradle: Multiple hits. Longer recovery
  • Rocket Kick Upper: Shot becomes larger with more levels
  • Demon Lord Arrow: No longer grazes when heading towards the wall. Shortened the timing for spell canceling on block. Added effects.
  • Ceiling Fear: Added graze while moving upwards. Less recovery. Faster startup
  • Servant Flyer: Reduced time between shots. Removed counter ability
  • Demon's Dinner Fork: Faster startup. Larger range
  • Chain Gang: Can spell cancel. Faster jump cancel. Larger area for the explosions
  • Red the Nightless Castle: Longer recovery
  • Scarlet Devil: Longer recovery
  • Heartbreak: Attack power up
  • Gungnir: Attack power up
  • Demon King Cradle: Slower startup
  • Dracula Cradle: Slower startup
  • Bad Lady Scramble: Speed up. Counts less towards combo limit. Recovery impossible
  • Miserable Fate: Now affected by Drizzle. No longer affected by Hail
Sakuya Izayoi
  • Fixed a bug where her recovery on low blocks was off
  • Fixed a bug where she couldn't be counter hit during superjump startup
  • Fixed a bug with using the weather card on the very frame of a hit would cause a problem
  • 5A: Faster startup
  • 3A: Now has a held version
  • 66A: Has less guardstun
  • j6A: Less guardstun, stays out a shorter time
  • j8A: Longer recovery
  • All B shots: Cancel timing is sooner
  • 2C: Differect orbit. Faster and now turns into weather orbs
  • Fixed it so some of her attacks now add to the card gauge
  • Crossup Magic: Added counter hit ability
  • Bounce No-Bound: Knives have differing speeds. Can now spell cancel. Base level has less knives; leveling up will add knives
  • Magic Star Sword: Bullets speed up with level ups
  • Vanishing Everything: Moves longer distances. Recovery time is shortened with level ups
  • Sense of Thrown Edge: Setup is different. More knives
  • Inscribe Red Soul: Invincible throughout
  • Soul Sculpture: No more invincibility frames. Range is increased
  • Private Sqaure: Being hit will cancel the effects of this spellcard
  • Sakuya's World: Can no longer be hit during this spellcard
  • Square Ricochet: Can now spell cancel. At lower levels, will not penetrate. Holding will increase the number of bounces but will decrease the number of knives
  • Perfect Maid: Knives now have homing ability
  • Silver Bound: Now affected by Drizzle
  • Eternal Meek: Attack power down
  • Luminous Square: Now affected by Drizzle. Bounces off edge of screen. Holding down or up when using this causes the intial angle to change. Knocks back differently. Longer guardstun. Does not add to card gauge
  • Sakuya's Stopwatch: Increased number of watch faces.
Suika Ibuki
  • Can now be hit out of superjump startup
  • Can no longer cancel out of backwards ground recovery
  • Crouch hitbox is taller
  • Close A: Faster startup. Longer range. Overhead property added
  • Far A: Attack power up. Charged version attack level up, longer recovery, longer range, cannot cancel into specials
  • 5A: Stays out longer. Charge time shortened. Charge version has larger range and guard crushes. Added spirit damage on normal version
  • 3A: Larger range. Shorter recovery. Added spirit damage. Charge time shortened
  • 2A: Slower startup. Stays out longer. Removed charge version
  • j.8A: Can cancel into anything above a B attack. Larger range. Attack power up. Longer hitstun
  • Dial-A 4th hit: Shorter recovery
  • 6B: Area increased
  • 2B: A normal hit will attack directly beneath. Charge version has larger range
  • 5B (other than 2B): Charge time shortened
  • 66B: First and second hit level lowered
  • 66C: Added spirit damage
  • Youki Dense: Antiair version is slanted upwards. Higher levels gain super armor. More explosions with levels. Charge time shortened. Lowered chip damage
  • Chirei Dense: Stone pillars added at higher levels. Removed guard point
  • Chirei Thin: Ghosts cannot cancel out as many bullets
  • Head-Oni Ball: Bullet speed up
  • Unpleasant Mist: Lowered level needed for bullets. Bullets disappear with grazing. Lowered chip damage
  • Oni Dense: Can spell cancel
  • Oni Thin: Can spell cancel. Explosion height is higher up
  • Fire Oni: Can spell cancel
  • Art of Oni Binding: Does not prorate as much
  • Art of Charity Binding: Does not prorate as much
  • Throwing Mt. Togakushi: Throw speed up. Faster startup
  • Missing Purple Power: Defense power up. More attack patterns. Added bullets to uppercut. Stomp has larger range
  • Dissipating: Cost down
  • Mt.Ooe Endeavor, Massacre Everyone: Attack power up
Tenshi Hinanai
  • Fixed her guard-counter attack sprite
  • Improved her backdash
  • 6A: Charge time shortened. Recovery time shortened. Fixed a bug where counter hits would last too long
  • 66A: Faster startup. Less recovery
  • jA: Increased hitstun
  • 5B: Decreased guardstun. Cancel timing is earlier
  • 2B: Decreased guardstun
  • jB: Decreased guardstun. Cancel timing is earlier
  • 66B: First two hit levels are lowered. Speed up. Range up. Recovery increased
  • 2C: Fixed a bug where you could block during startup
  • 214 (base): Faster startup. Less chip damage. Longer range. Can spell cancel
  • 214 (alt): No longer invulnerable to shots. Can spell cancel
  • 22 (base): Power combined on level up. Can spell cancel//
  • 22 (alt): Less recovery. When equipped, takes spirit damage. Equip time shortened. Can spell cancel when shooting
  • 236 (base): Area increases with levels. Can spell cancel
  • 623 (base): Level up increases speed
  • 623 (alt): Faster startup. Less recovery. C version moves forward. 2nd hit of B version does spirit damage
  • 214 spell lookalike: Faster startup. Changed hit vectors
  • Seal thing: Added attack power. Effect lasts longer
  • Huge rock slam: First hit can no longer counter. Cannot block incorrectly. Does more spirit damage to an opponent blocking in the air
  • Earthquake spellcard: Unblockable. Attack power up. No longer invincible to shots
  • Super armor spellcard: Effect lasts longer. Added a damage reduction ability
  • Laser spellcard: Faster startup. Larger range. Invincibility time up
Youmu Konpaku
  • Can now be counter hit out of superjump startup
  • No longer invincible while falling from a jumping border escape
  • Ghost half tracking speed down
  • Far A: Advances a shorter distance
  • Close A: Recovery shortened
  • Far 2A: Added
  • 3A: New. Low attack when charged
  • jA: Shortened effective time. Longer recovery time. Attack power down
  • j6A: Shortened guardstun. Attack power down
  • j2A: Can only be cancelled into a spell or higher. Attack power up
  • j8A: Shortened guardstun
  • Dial-A 2nd hit: Shortened guardstun
  • Dial-A 3nd hit: Shortened guardstun
  • B: Less bullets made
  • 6C: Corrected how being hit with it is dealt with
  • Crescent Moon Slash: C version no longer has melee invincibility, can no longer counter on first hit, and has more recovery
  • Aum Cut: Attack power up. Recovery down. Different versions added with higher levels.
  • Core Extraction Cut: Strong version doesn't hit as high
  • Netherworld Reflection Cut: Attack properties at higher levels last for a shorter time
  • No-Space Inclined Bend: Fixed a bug using this after a KO. Lower levels have a huge reduction in damage. More levels will decrease this. Holding the button will chase after the opponent
  • Lotus Stance Cut: At lower levels, will have less range and less hits
  • Insightful Sword: Fixed a problem with chip damage
  • Present World Cut: Longer startup. Can't use attacks during the runpast. If used at range and blocked, will stop in front of opponent
  • Eternity Cut: No longer invincible before runpast. Can't use attacks during the runpast. Longer recovery. If used at range and blocked, will stop in front of opponent
  • Meditation Cut: Cost up. Attack power up. Spirit damage up
  • Slash Navigating the Bewitching Shoreline: Longer startup time. No longer immune to shot attacks. If all hits do not connect, the damage of the other hits is higher, so it evens out
  • Soul moves ("Bitter Turn of Dark and Light" and "The Way of Seeking the Silent Door of Tomorrow"): Fixed bugs with counter attacks and time stopping
  • Bitter Turn of Dark and Light: No longer increases gauge during the move
  • Thousand Cherry Blossom: Larger attack range
  • Nirvana Ascension Denial Slash: Longer invincibility time. Hits closer to self. Moves along with character
Yukari Yakumo
  • Can now be counter hit out of superjump startup
  • Can warp to the other side of the screen by backdashing though the edge
  • jA: Faster startup
  • 6A: Charge time shortened
  • j6A: Changed properties
  • jB: Stops shooting upon reaching the ground
  • Open, Lamented Box of Urashima: Faster startup. Tombstone appears higher up
  • Bound for Aoyama: Can spell cancel
  • Mysterious Butterfly Hidden in Zen Temple: Air blockable
  • Mysterious Butterfly Hidden in Zen Temple: Air blockable
  • Mysterious Butterfly Hidden in Zen Temple: Air blockable
  • Mysterious Butterfly Hidden in Zen Temple: Air blockable
  • Illusion Buddhist Umbrella: Has attack properties while spinning with higher levels
  • Body-dismantling Machine: Movement speed up. Lands higher up
  • Bewitching Bait: Can now spell cancel
  • Chen: Bounces off screen edges now
  • Bewitching Bait "Laced With Poison": Now affected by Drizzle. No longer affected by Hail. Shorter recovery time
  • Illusory Nest "Flight of Visionary Insects": Can use in the air. Now affected by Drizzle. Faster startup. Shot speed up
Yuyuko Saigyouji
  • Can now be counter hit out of superjump startup
  • Fixed a bug where she could not do multiple backdashes in a row in the air
  • Close A: Doesn't move as close
  • 6A: Faster startup. Longer recovery
  • 2A: Added counter properties
  • 66A: Less recovery
  • Dial-a 2nd hit: Less hitstun. Further range. Stays out a shorter time. Less recovery
  • Dial-a 3rd hit: Longer range
  • 5B: Faster startup. Bullet speed down
  • jB: Faster startup. Bullet speed down
  • 5C: Faster startup
  • 6C: Homing ability up. Spirit damage up
  • 2C: Reduced number of bullets
  • jC: Faster startup
  • Dance of the Delusion Butterfly: C version attack power up. Graze continues even after hit
  • Reverse Screens: Can use in air with higher levels
  • Soul of Excellent-Death: Lasers appear faster
  • Sphere Broom: Larger area. Higher levels increase size and length of explosion
  • Wandering Forever: B version stays in front of Yuyuko
  • Sweet Nectar of the Persuasive Soul: Shots now come out in timed intervals. Added hitstop
  • Ray of Unborn: Fixed a bug with reaching the ground while using this. Spread increases with C version
  • Lance of the Swallowtail Crest: Ability to cancel out shots down. Butterfly shots disappear. Shots come out in groups instead of randomly
  • Ghastly Dream: Slower startup. Increased hitstun
  • Peaceful Route to the Underworld: Can use in air
  • Ageless Dream: Can change direction. Adds more to combo limit. Attack power down. Using another spellcard will cancel this card's effect
  • Arising of Pseudo Paradise: Added hitstop. Bullet speed up
  • Ticket to the Netherworld: Countdown time shortened
  • Death Lance of the Swallowtail Crest: Less recovery. Can use in air

1.01 -> 1.02 Changes Edit

System Changes / Bug Fixes Edit

  • Story: Fixed the bug where the background dissapeared after continuing.
  • Fixed how KOs are awarded from double KOs.
  • Fixed errors with picture and sound effects.
  • Some characters who didn't get card gauge from some skills or shots now do.
  • There's now a combo limit added in the super armor condition.

Character Modifications Edit

Alice Margatroid
  • tuned her 2P color.
  • fixed a problem where some of her spellcards did not add to the combo limit.
Aya Shameimaru
  • fixed a problem where some of her spellcards would not hit very often.
  • fixed a problem where it was hard to cancel out her weak shot.
Iku Nagae
  • fixed a problem with her guard points.
  • fixed an abnormality with her 2P color.
  • fixed a problem where her 5B could not counter because it wasn't implemented.
Komachi Onozuka
  • fixed a problem where you could cancel into other moves after her backdash in midair.
  • fixed a problem where the third and fourth hits in her combo would not hit very close opponents.
  • modified small cancel window after being hit in some circumstances.
  • frame sequence 401(was 399) cleaned up somewhat. unused?
Marisa Kirasame
  • fixed a problem where some of her spellcards didn't gain effects from the "Drizzle" weather.
  • fixed a abnormality with canceling from her 2nd combo hit.
  • fixed the charge on some of her move.
Patchouli Knowledge
  • added a spirit cost and SE to her "Summer Red (Strong)".
  • fixed a problem where some of her skills gained no effect from the "Hail" weather.
  • fixed a problem when some of her spellcards were reflected.
  • fixed an abnormality on her 3A charge.
Reimu Hakurei
  • fixed the problem about the behavior of how some of her skills counterbalance.
  • fixed a problem when both people would use some of her spellcards at the same time.
Reisen Udongein Inaba
  • fixed a problem where using some of her spellcards in Story mode would lead to some abnormalities.
  • fixed a problem where you could cancel out of "Illusionary Blast (Weak)" before it actually shot.
  • changed her 6A to stop when it hits the enemy.
  • modified small cancel window and recovery period after being hit in some circumstances.
  • fixed cancel period on forward dash.
Remilia Scarlet
  • fixed a problem where some of her spellcards had super armor.
Youmu Konpaku
  • fixed a problem where some of her skills could not cancel into spellcards.
  • fixed a problem where, under certain circumstances, her ghost half would increase in size.
Yukari Yakumo
  • fixed a problem where her spirit did not decrease when doing a standing block from far away.
  • fixed a problem where right after her backstep, she was considered to still be in the air.
  • fixed a problem where you could not use "Open, Lamented Box of Urashima" when in a spell or during a dash.
  • yukari recovery sequence now correctly marked as airborne instead of standing.
Yuyuko Saigyouji
  • fixed a problem where some of her skills took twice as much spirit and gave twice as much card gauge.
  • fixed a problem where KOing the opponent with some of her cards would cause the game to freeze.
Sakuya Izayoi
  • fixed a bug where some of the vectors in "Vanishing Everything (Strong)" would be left behind.
  • added SE to some of her spellcards.
  • fixed a problem where some of her skills gained no effect from the "Hail" weather.
Suika Ibuki
  • fixed a problem where using some of the system cards would result in the game freezing.
  • fixed a problem where KOing, or even hitting the opponent after KO, with some spellcards would freeze the game.
  • fixed a problem where in parts of the Story mode, attacking the opponent would cause multiple spell declarations.
  • fixed a problem where the second hit in her combo was air blockable.
  • fixed a problem where her 3rd hit in her combo would often miss.
  • added an effect to her 2A charge attack.
  • slight property changes to missing purple power jump kick and land/stomp.
Tenshi Hinanai
  • tuned her 2P color.
  • fixed a problem where some of her spellcards became unusable in the air in version 1.01.
  • fixed a problem where some of her spellcards had reversed guard properties.

1.00 -> 1.01 Changes Edit

System Changes / Bug Fixes Edit

  • Fixed an error when using random stage selection.
  • Many other undocumented changes.