Introduction Edit

Alice Margatroid, the seven-colored puppeteer. Once a human, Alice became a youkai magician with abnormally high dexterity, and a love for dolls.

By comparison to the other characters, Alice's melee and bullets are rather unique, since quite a few of them are done by using her dolls. At first it may seem that she is rather limited by comparison to some of the more swift or overwhelming attack type characters in the cast, especially due to her limited melee set. However, Alice benefits from the dolls in that they can act autonomously of her, allowing her to use both melee and bullet at the same time, or to use delayed firing dolls to pin the opponent down. But perhaps one of Alice's biggest strengths is the sheer size and speed of her doll melee attacks, making her quite adept at fighting from a distance. In order to use Alice properly, a very patient and observant mindset is good to have, as it is often necessary to use intricate setups and traps that contain many steps in order to get results.

Hisoutensoku Changes Edit

  • Executing Alice's bnb 5AAAA 6A combo is now more difficult.
  • j.6A now has smaller vertical reach at the bottom. This results in it whiffing crouching targets when Tiger-Kneed.
  • 5B and j.5B deal 1 Spirit Damage when blocked. They still deal 2 Spirit Damage when charged.
  • Alice's C Dolls now deal approximately 0.8 Spirit Damage instead of 2 orbs.
  • Alice's 214B comes out faster. Both 214B and 2314C deal 1/8 of an orb in spirit damage per doll.
  • Default 236B/C now only allows one doll to be placed at a time. Placing another doll causes the old one to return.
  • Alt 22B/C (Seeker Wire) now moves much faster. It can be eaten by other bullets. It disappears on grazing. You can fire the laser again if it didn't manage to reach a doll and 'consume' it.
  • Alt 22 B/C (SP Doll) can now be fired in the air. Charging must still be done on the ground.
  • Spy Sign "Seeker Dolls" now arranged themselves on both sides of Alice in a V formation with Alice at the center, firing their beams towards her and surrounding her in a giant cage-like formation of lasers. Seems to cover pretty much the entire screen except for a blindspot directly above her.
  • Dolls seem to be destroyed easier. A single Aya B bullet can take one out.
  • Volatile Dolls (default 623) improved, they now have a hitbox on release instead of only on ground explosion. Also, at Level 2+, dolls that fall directly on the opponent's hitbox attach to them. After a set amount of time, these explode for damage or Spirit Damage (0.5). Getting hit by the sticky dolls AUTOMATICALLY makes you to recover/tech.
  • Crimson Sign "Holland Doll" no longer launches its first beam at the enemy and then orientates the other lasers from there. Now it fires in a rotating "+" formation. Can also be executed in the air now. The beams last longer than the SWR version.
  • War Sign "Little Legion" now has Alice tossing out the cluster of dolls straight in front of her first, with a hitbox. Makes executing the move easier.
  • Doll "Futuristic Hourai" now has a hitbox on release and explodes when it fades.
  • War Command "Dolls of War" now releases the dolls in a circular formation around Alice. Alice can move after activation, while the dolls are whirling. There are invulnerable frames on startup.
  • Focus Power "Trip Wire" can now be activated midair.

Hisoutensoku 1.10 ChangesEdit

  • Alice's bullets are new and shinier. Her C bullets now deal more spirit damage.
  • C doll bullets damage doubled (200 from 1.03 100).
  • All C dolls fire bullets in a sweeping formation rather than the randomized spray from 1.03
  • 5B now sends a doll a short distance from Alice and fires a cluster of bullets that vanish after a short distance, similar to her 6B from 1.03
  • 5B and j5B now send a doll around two character lenght away which fire 8 bullets. If the opponent is too close to Alice, the doll will spawn on Alice.
  • New 4C allows Alice to toss a doll behind her.
  • Now has a 6[a], crushes if blocked low.
  • j.2a/j.8a now hits fully.
  • j.6B is now like 6B
  • Holland Doll now has rotating lasers which increase in speed if the opponent is hit by them or blocks them. Can be juggled in said rotating lasers.
  • Doll "Lemming's Parade: If your opponent is in the air when the dolls are charging, some of the dolls jump into the air in an attempt to catch them.
  • 66B Alice will now slide while the doll attacks.
  • 66C new animation, the hitbox is more visible.
  • j6A can now deal 4 hits. Hitbox is now narrower
  • 3A hitbox changed, much closer to Alice. Hits 4 times midscreen, 5 in corner at best.

Normal Moves Edit

Move Description Damage Proration Hits Limit Notes Image
Close 5A Small kick. Her old 5B. Use it when close. Because both close 5A and 2A both hit low, this can be used as a threat to encourage players to block low, and used in alternation with 66A which must be blocked high. This move can be chained into itself for an autocombo, or delayed between hits for a staggered string, and varied with bullet attacks for a bullet/melee mixup. If you are too far to land a 5A but too close for an auto f.5a, Alice's moves will miss. Low
(4th Hit) High
Last hit can be charged and guard crushes if blocked low.
Far 5A Doll that stabs randomly, up to six hits. The vertical reach on this is deceptively good, as seen here, but it also pushes the opponent back rather quickly. The speed is actually pretty good for a long range attack, but beware that it has a blind spot where it won't hit, in between Alice and the hands of the doll. This move can be chained into 6A or 3A at the right distances, or canceled into a bullet. Middle
2A Low sweep kick, slides Alice forward. This will naturally combo into 3A on hit if spaced properly, but the 3A will whiff if you're too close. Likewise, you can also combo into 6A on hit from this, but you must be even further back. Low
3A Rising array of lance dolls from med to high, can miss if too close. This move has a surprisingly good and deceptive hitbox. It also will juggle an opponent into the air on hit, which can allow you to combo a 236B spinner, a 5B or 2B, or link a 6A (doesn't chain, links). A fairly good anti-air, but also good for comboing from a 2A at the right range (won't hit if the 2A was point blank), or after her 5AAAA chain, or even a far 5A. High
6A Six dolls that attack with lances quickly spring forward, can miss if too close. This move can be canceled into 6B or 6[B] on hit for a combo. You can combo into this move from Alice's 5AAAA or 3A (both are links, not cancels). This move is rather fast and nicknamed the doll-"shotgun", so it can be quite surprising when used out in the open, though it has quite a lot of punishable recoil on whiff. f.5A 6A naturally combos, which is a very staple string for Alice in both block and hit. High Wallslams on hit.
6[A] Same as 6A. High Guard crushes if blocked low.
j.5A Flying kick. Pretty standard use, pretty good hitbox, not much hitstun or blockstun. High
j.6A Airborne version of the 6A. Also slows down descent, good in combos and as anti-airdash or anti-jumpout. You can also use this immediately after highjump cancelling a bullet move, to deter the opponent from attempting to graze the bullets, or to bridge the framegaps in strings. Wallslams.
j.2A Lance dolls facing diagonal down-forward. It will also move Alice backwards slightly. Use when coming from above, or on a knocked down opponent. It has a rather large hitbox and it seems to be able to crossup at times. High
j.8A Lance dolls facing upwards. Can be used in combos, but also good for sniping opponents that are flying around aimlessly above you. High Drains 1/2 an orb on airblock, opponent can tech very soon after being hit
66A A fast dashing kick that does knockback (knockdown) on hit, the knockback will bounce the opponent off the corner wall on hit. Exceptionally quick forward movement, but does not graze and has very limited vertical reach. Use it after you've passed through bullets on the ground, or use it as a chain ender in the corner. Also useful to push the opponent into a doll that you've set behind them. This move can be canceled into specials. Middle
66B Forward moving version of Far 5A. Cancelable into specials/cards only. Does not graze. Excellent speed and awesome vertical and horizontal reach. A great general purpose poke for deterring jumpouts or out-poking the opponent, though it rewards with very weak damage and very limited blockstun/hitstun. Middle
66C Five low swinging sword dolls, can miss if too close. Does not graze. Huge range, drains one orb on wrongblock. Can be used to hit opponents in hitstun that you can't reach in time for another move, or to hit unsuspecting grazing opponents who think they're out of reach. Chains into itself in Monsoon, up to three times. Possibly the longest-ranged melee attack in the game? Low

Bullet Moves Edit

Move Description Max Damage Proration # of Projectiles Limit Notes
5B Alice throws a doll from slightly behind her that goes about a character length away and shoots a stream of rainbow colored bullets in a fan-spread about 2 character lengths away. If the opponent is close then the doll will stop at the furthest distance from where it starts where all bullets can hit. 8
6B Doll that goes straight in front of the opponent and fires a short fan-spread of multicolored bullets. This move will track the opponent's horizontal position even all the way across the screen. This will be your basic midscreen wallslam followup move, since it will track the opponent and connect after the wallbounce, such as 5A 6A 6B, or 5AAAA 6A 6[B]. It can also be used to snipe at the opponent on the ground when they are firing telegraphed or laggy bullets. 8
2B Projectile Doll that goes forward near the ground, with a red wheel. A decent move to use in combos, but also very good in blockstrings due to its speed and range. At the right range, 6A 2B is airtight (provided the first hit of the 2B connects on the first frame), though it inflicts very little spirit damage to the opponent. Will miss at a range any closer than one character width. 8
j.5B Same as 5B but in the air. Good in juggle combos, but can be difficult to follow up since the timing is strict in some cases. 8
j.6B Same as 6B, except in the air. 8
5C Moves a doll diagonally up-forward that shoots bullets in a fan-motion centered at the opponent. The bullets go about three quarters of the screen before disappearing. The doll can be destroyed by enemy attacks any time before the doll has finished firing. Once the shots are fired the doll remains on stage and can no longer be hit by the opponent. A general purpose delayed shot, and useful to set up Alice's 22B/C move. 8
5[C] Moves a doll diagonally up-forward that shoots a beam, but leaves Alice vulnerable for a few seconds. The beam is useful for adding on to combos where the opponent is slready in hitstun. 1, does 4 hits
2C Moves a doll right above that acts the same as 5C. This is better used near the corner, when you don't want to toss the doll off the screen. It's also good for setting up midscreen bullets since you can follow closely behind the bullets and use it as cover or as a trap. The doll remains on stage to be activated with 22B/C. 8
2[C] Moves a doll right above that acts the same as 5C. Shoots a beam, but leaves Alice vulnerable for a few seconds. 1, does 4 hits
6C Moves a doll forward that acts the same as 5C. Doll remains on stage. Good move to use against a downed opponent. 8
6[C] Moves a doll forward that acts the same as 5C. Shoots a beam, but leaves Alice vulnerable for a few seconds.
4C Alice tosses a doll behind her, slow startup and can be jump canceled out of, cannot be charged, but can still fire off a laser if you HJC into another, this time charged, C doll. Its laser is thicker than other charged C shots. Decent defensive fire move. Use for oki. 8
j.5C Moves a doll diagonally down-forward that acts the same as 5C. Doll remains on stage. The cancel window on this is better than j.2C, so use this one for okizeme rushdowns unless you need to use another version for the sake of positioning. However, this is the ideal doll to use against a knocked down opponent. 8
j.5[C] Moves a doll diagonally down-forward that acts the same as 5C. Shoots a beam, but leaves Alice vulnerable for a few seconds. 1, does 4 hits1, does 4 hits
j.2C Moves a doll almost directly under Alice that acts the same as 5C. Doll remains on stage. This one also lets Alice "hang" in the air for a moment, and even longer when used multiple times in a row. The cancel window on this is noticeably slower than the cancel window for j.C, so only use this for positioning and not for okizeme unless you have to. Still, this is a good move to use midscreen since it sets the doll near Alice and you can follow the shots closely to use as cover, much like the grounded 2C. 8
j.2[C] Moves a doll almost directly under Alice that acts the same as 5C. Shoots a beam, but leaves Alice vulnerable for a few seconds. 1, does 4 hits
j.6C Same as 6C except in the air. 8
j.6[C] Same as 6[C] 1, does 4 hits

Special Moves Edit

Doll Placement -- 236B/C:

Alice release a doll that spins for a while. Disappears after a while or when hit the opponent. 4 hits.

  • B version: goes horizontally forward and hovers at several character lengths away from Alice.
  • C version: goes diagonally upwards. The C version can be rather useful if you anticipate an airtech, or if you simply want to cover the highjump area with a doll that will linger. The B version is useful for okizeme if properly spaced, but due to the range at which it fires it is somewhat less useful near the corner.

1.10 Change: Leveling up now increases time the doll stays out to deliver its hits and the amount of hits the doll will do. Level 2 and MAX add another hit on top of the default 4 hits for a total of 5 at Level 2 and 6 at MAX Level.

Volatile Doll -- 623B/C:

Tosses three explosive dolls forward one by one. Distance depends on if B (short) or C (medium) was pressed. Both versions can be held for a chargeup version that throws many explosive dolls in rapid succession. The dolls will still explode in the air if hit before they reach their target. For the most part the move is rather useless. It may be interesting looking, and it may be possible to use it as a defensive move, but if any Alice player ever does this during a match it was most likely a misinput. Still, because Alice's dolls will absorb bullets (even meaty ones), the dolls fired from this can be used like a quick meat-shield while Alice hops away from the area, though it's not recommended to use this move in that way. Note, at Lv 1 and Lv 3, Alice tosses an extra doll, theoretically allowing the last doll to land a hit after the others have cancelled out the opponent's danmaku. At Lv.2 and above, Volatile Puppet is usable in the air.

Hisoutensoku Changes

Explosive Doll Toss. Usable on ground and air. Upgrading increases damage. Charging increases doll count by 1; levels 1 and 3 increases doll count by 1 (total of 5 uncharged at max level). Charging also increases the height (and slightly, distance) Alice jumps backwards. Increasing the skill to level 2 adds a special property to the attack: if the dolls directly hit the opponent and not the ground, instead of exploding, the dolls stick to the opponent and explode after 2 seconds (the explosion can be grazed).

  • B version: Alice jumps backwards and throws the dolls in front of where she activated the skill.
  • C version: Same as B but throws the dolls about 3 characters away.
Doll Arrangement -- 214B/C: (Air-usable)
  • B version: Creates four dolls in a horizontal row above Alice, that charge diagonally downward one by one. It should be noted that this is a grazeable bullet move.
  • C version: Creates a 2x2 square of dolls above and in front of Alice, that attack in rapid succession diagonally downwards. Because Alice's dolls absorb hits, the B version can be used as sort of an anti-air meat-shield, since they start out in a spread above Alice. Once the dolls swing downwards to the ground they can still be used a a temporary meat-shield, since they linger a bit before disappearing. The C version can also be used in this manner, but because they aren't as spread out it may be difficult to cover certain areas around Alice. However, because they have a delayed strike, both moves are better put to use offensively as okizeme.

Hisoutensoku Changes: B version now attacks in rapid succession like the C version, limiting use in holding down opponents in blockstun or as okizeme.

Doll Activation -- 22B/C:

Activates the idle C dolls that you've tossed during the match. Your dolls will spin around slowly approaching your opponent, useful for corner frametraps. This move only activates dolls that have already fired their bullets, it will not activate any dolls that have not finished firing. This can be rather tricky to use, but the benefits are undoubtedly quite good when used as either anti-airtech or okizeme, or even in blockstrings and combos. A really good general purpose move, provided you have the dolls in the right spot at the right time. At level 0 you can only place 2 dolls that hit 4 times each when activated, but Level 2 and 4 increases the number of dolls and number of hits each doll does when activated by one.

Alternate Skill Cards Edit


Returning Dolls -- 236B/C (also air):

Can be used in blockstrings after 66A, alt 214C(Thousand Spear Dolls), j.6A etc.

  • B version: goes horizontally forward then flies back to Alice like a yo-yo or boomerang. Very useful in combos. Level 1 and 2 will only hit once (regardless of hit or block), while level 3 and 4 can hit twice. Grazing it doesn't make it lose its hit, though.
  • C version: goes diagonally upwards. Pretty good move. When used in air doll travels diagonally downwards.

Ambush-Party Dolls - 236B/C: (Expansion-only)

Alice summons her dolls around her, they spin before lunging towards the opponent, impaling them. B version summons 4 dolls around her, they all rotate by one place before lunging, this takes about 1 second. C version seems almost identical to B apart from the fact the dolls stay spinning a tad longer before lunging. Alice is basically a sitting duck until the dolls lunge.

If you hold down the B or C button the dolls with float outwards, then upwards. You can hold it for 5 seconds before they will lunge anyway. Alice can move after holding the button for 1 second and use her melee or whatever button she isn't holding. The dolls will lunge upon release of the button. She can be hit out by melee and bullets. It could be useful on wakeup perhaps? Anyway. Level 1, 4 dolls, 1206 damage, 40% limit. Level 2, 5 dolls, 1609 damage, 50% limit. Level 3, 5 dolls, 1740 damage, 50% limit. Level max, 6 dolls, 2157 damage, 60% limit. This is attack is also grazeable.

It should be noted, that as you increase the level of the skill, the dolls start to act as shields against some bullets, allowing the attack to continue. However the damage averages 600 and Alice can just be hit with melee.

1.10 Change: Extreme change in how this card preforms, but still similar. The dolls will form around Alice in a circle pattern, and then vanish, releasing the button makes them reappear and attempt to spear anything in their way, the dolls do not knock down or wallslam, so this might be a good way to start off a combo if your opponent decides to walk into the middle of the circle. Level 1 starts with four dolls, and levels 2 and MAX add another doll to the circle.

Doll Cremation -- 623B/C:

Tosses a volley of four dolls that explode like Alice's IaMP f.2B, charging it adds 2 dolls to the volley. Extra levels increase the # of dolls thrown. Just like the IaMP version it's probably useless.

Edo High-Explosive Pawn -- 623B/C:

Places a doll on the ground at Alice's feet. Aside from the fact that it will explode on enemy projectiles, unfortunately you can also only have one on the screen at a time, and it will disappear if Alice is hit. A decent skill for canceling out of 66A or 66B. Can be used during bullet corner pressure for added chip and spirit damage. Also great when anticipating a ground dashing attack; throw the doll and jump cancel backwards.

  • B version: The doll will slowly walk forward until it touches the opponent or an opponent's bullets. Leveling up will make the doll faster, gain an additional jumping (but no tripping) ability, and inflict more damage. The doll will only jump if the enemy is nearby. Launches high into the air on explosion. Basically, this version moves slower horizontally but has a higher jump height.
  • C version: The doll will start running forward, when it hits the opponent or her bullets it explodes. Leveling up will make the doll run significantly faster, as well as gain a tripping (but no jumping) ability, which covers a lot of horizontal distance. Launches high into the air on explosion. In other words, this version moves faster horizontally but is less dangerous to midair opponents.
Thousand Spear Dolls -- 214B/C (also air):
  • B version: Rapid thrusts with many dolls.
  • C version: On the ground, rapid doll thrusts while Alice moves forward. In the air, more stabs than the B version.

Gives no combo limit, and is Alice's only melee special. This card's usefulness in combos is very limited as it will only combo into 6A very rarely depending on how the dolls hit, but could potentially be useful in air to air situations, although Alice's other options are likely better. Oddly enough, while the opponent is in hit or blockstun the dolls will not push Alice back. Great option for added damage during Holland, chip or otherwise. Using this in the air will make you fall very slightly slower than normal.


Archer Dolls - 214B/C: (Expansion-only)

Alice summons her dolls behind her. These dolls are armed with bows and will proceed to shoot the opponent. B version is slower and the shots aim more downwards. In the C version the shooting is faster and the arrows travel in more of a straight line. If hit by even one arrow you get knocked down. The arrows will often pull you into another arrow.

Leveling it up increases the numbers of dolls who are shooting, and the damage done by the arrows. Level 1, 800ish for 3 arrows. Level 2, 95x(?)ish for 3 arrows. Level 3, 1200+? for x arrows. Level max, ranges from 1274 ~ 2100ish.

This attack is grazeable. Does not whiff at point-blank.

SP Doll -- 22B/C:
  • B version: Places a doll that orbits around Alice, up to three dolls can be added to the orbit. Using this when all three dolls are orbiting will activate the dolls, which will fire a horizontal laser beam that induces wallslam from each doll. Deals 3 orbs of spirit damage on block with three dolls. This will miss at point blank range.
  • C version: Same as B version except it will place one doll if none are currently available, and fire only one doll if any dolls are currently available.

Hisoutensoku Changes: Lasers can be preformed in the air.

1.10 Change: Using the B Version while having 3 dolls orbiting you will cause not only the dolls orbiting you to fire, but also cause the C dolls you have set to also fire a similar laser. C dolls that fire lasers are used up, and must be re-laid. The C dolls will turn around to laser the enemy, so don't worry if they are facing the wrong way.

Seeker Wire -- 22B/C:

Shoots a red sphere toward the opponent from Alice's hand. The sphere will bounce around if it connects with a wall instead of the opponent. Also Alice will use her standing dolls as nodes for the bouncing sphere. The path that the sphere takes can be different depending on when the dolls were placed. It will always go from the newest doll to the oldest. Like the default 22, Level 2 and Level 4 allow an extra doll to be placed. This move can be used for catching the opponent off guard or for giving yourself a relatively safe approach. Can combo into itself or be comboed after hit.

Note: If a single doll is used, damage is the highest when it is behind the opponent with the string passing through him/her, as the lasers bounce back and forth from the doll to Alice to deal maximum damage (2 hits). With more dolls, however, maximizing damage gets trickier. For 2 dolls on screen, damage is highest when one doll is behind the opponent (as mentioned previously) and the second is INSIDE the opponent, to deal 3 hits for maximum damage. For 3 dolls, it requires 1st doll - behind enemy, 2nd doll - in front (or inside) enemy [aka nearest to you], and 3rd doll - behind enemy, for a maximum of 4 hits. For 4 dolls, it requires: 1st doll - in front of enemy, 2nd doll - behind enemy, 3rd doll - in front of enemy, 4th doll - behind enemy to deal 5 hits, which is the maximum number available.

Spellcards Edit

Magic Sign "Artful Sacrifice" Costs 1 card. Alice lobs a doll at the opponent that explodes in a moderate scarlet colored explosion at their feet. It does very poor damage and has quite a lot of startup time. It's difficult to get this to connect on block since it requires the opponent to be pinned. On block it does really minor chip damage and eats two of the opponent's orbs. Followups after a connected hit are rather limited, since the untech juggle time is so small. Use for weather control.-- Hisoutensoku Changes: Card now combos after a standing 5AAAA.As of 1.10 in Hisoutensoku: Reverted back to SWR's launch speed, no longer combos into 5AAAA.
War Sign "Little Legion" Costs 2 cards. Alice sends a ring of Spinner dolls in front of her that begin to transverse and expand outwards in a spiral. This is mildly useful for combos, but perhaps a bit better after a knockdown, where it can be difficult to avoid. For use in blockstrings, a setup with Alice's special moves or C-type dolls is necessary, as canceling it off a blocked normal can be grazed.
Curse Sign "Shanghai Doll" Costs 2 cards. Alice poses with a doll in front of her and fires a horizontal beam. Pretty decent in combos, very bad in blockstrings due to the startup time, and absolutely horrible when used out in the open due to the long duration and recovery. Only use this on hit, never just spam it randomly. Be careful when using it on block, if canceled from a normal then the opponent can graze and punish. Instead, use C-type bullets or Alice's 214s, 236s, or 22s to pin the opponent in blockstun before using this.
Spy Sign "Seeker Dolls" Costs 2 cards. Dolls fly up equally on either side of Alice before shooting down red lasers that cross over to create a web. Has about 1 second start up. Looks cool but the comboability is marginal at best. Guard crushes on block. Could be useful on wakeup? Does 3313 & 100% Limit if they're about two characters away. Otherwise 2870 point blank.
Focus Power "Trip Wire" Costs 2 cards. In Hisou Tensoku, this can be used in the air. This is similar to Alice's 22x Doll Activation move in the sense that it does nothing on its own. Instead, this will activate any idle dolls on the screen. It will not activate any dolls that have not finished firing. But instead of activating them into spinners it will turn them into red glowing spheres that just hover in place for a moment. The strings connecting to these activated dolls become lasers. Reversal. If possible, it is highly recommended to utilize this spellcard in conjunction with an upgraded Doll Activation or Seeker Wire (for additional C doll placement). More dolls means more area covered and if you can manage to catch your opponent within multiple strings, the damage output will increase substantially. Hitting with all four strings will cause 3172 damage, not bad for a level 2.Note: Touching the dolls themselves causes more damage.
Demonic Control "Return Inanimate" Costs 3 cards. Alice lobs a doll at the opponent that flies much faster and explodes with a much larger blue explosion. Probably the real meat of Alice's spellcard arsenal. It's highly comboable and fairly damaging. It also doesn't instantly cap the juggle limit, so followup combos can also be possible. It isn't good on block though, since the opponent can graze through it. Instead, use C-bullets or Alice's special moves to pin the opponent in blockstun before firing this. Cannot be airblocked.
Doll "Futuristic Hourai" Costs 3 cards. Alice sends a doll directly in front of her and loses her ability to act for the duration of the spell. Instead, you can control the doll yourself by moving it in any direction or using B or C to fire bullets or beams. You can also use a melee attack with the doll if it's within range. This may or may not be a good card to use, it's hard to say. The B bullets combo into themselves and then you can end it with a C beam for a nice combo.
War Command "Dolls of War" Costs 4 cards. This is an upgraded version of the Little Legion spellcard. Alice sends out two rings of spinner dolls that fly around herself in a circle pattern. The rings don't expand though, but this card is really quite useful. Use this in combos, blockstrings, or even okizeme. Has invulnerable frames on activation, making this a potential reversal.
Curse "Hourai Doll" Costs 4 cards. This is a drastically upgraded version of the Shanghai Doll. Alice sends out a bunch of dolls in front of her that fire multiple horizontal beam lasers. Great in combos.
Crimson Sign "Holland Doll" Costs 4 cards. A doll flies diagonally upwards from Alice. Then after a small startup time the doll will begin firing beams in four different directions: One beam targets your opponent's current position, and the other three are at right angles to the first. The lasers last for quite a long time and do very nice damage (4000+ if it hits from start to finish), can finish off with a 6A. Use in combos is limited.Expansion As of 1.10: After the final laser appears to form the X pattern, the lasers will rotate around the center for around 2-3 seconds if used in the corner. If used outside the corner, the lasers will move faster as the opponent takes hits, and will juggle into other lasers coming around if placed properly.
Spear Sign "Cutey Greater Thousand Spears" (Expansion-only)Costs 4 cards. Ground and air usable. Her Thousand Spear Dolls on steroids. The dolls appear and repeatedly stab the opponent while Alice walks forward, Alice finishes off with her 6DA. 4268 damage and 100% Limit. Can combo off a dial 5AAAA for 3887. Can be interrupted with bullets. Ungrazeable. Air use does not end with 6DA kick.
Doll "Lemming's Parade" (Expansion-only)Costs 5 cards. Alice raises her hand and about 30 dolls issue forth marching towards the opponent. Whiffs at point blank, Alice needs to be about a characters width away from them for most of the dolls to hit. Alice is completely frozen while all the dolls are issuing forth, leaving her very vulnerable to any attacks. Damage averages 4600~4700 if all dolls hit. Does 3 Orbs spirit damage. For a fun fact: While activating this card at a corner at a correct distance (about one half of a character), the dolls will juggle the opponent as usual, but there will be a final slow walking doll that will juggle the opponent again and Alice can finish the combo with a 6A or any similar move.

Combos Edit


f.5A 6A 6B - ~1900-2296 Damage | ~14 Hits | ~80% Limit
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Note: 6B will whiff at certain distances.
5AAAA 6A 6B - 2592 Damage | 9 Hits | 100% Limit
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Note: 6B will whiff at certain distances.
5AAAA 66A 66A - 2582 Damage | 6 Hits | 120% Limit
Spirit Orb Usage: 0
Note: Opponent must wallslam to perform second 66A.
2A 3A 5B hj j.6A - ~2278 Damage | 13 Hits | 107% Limit
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
5AAAA 3A(1 hit) 236B hjc9 D6 j.8a - 2650 Damage | 13 Hits | 108% Limit
Spirit Orb Usage: ~2
Note: It is possible to 3a(2 hits), but unadvised due to timing difficulties.


f.5A 3A 2B hj j.6A j.b (j.66) j.6A - ~2200 Damage | ~12 Hits | 100% Limit
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Note: 3A and 2B should only hit once; timing is hard. Don't bother with this one.
f.5A 6A 2B hj j.6A - ~1900-2600 Damage | ~10 Hits | ~120% Limit
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Note: Extend 2B as long as possible to maximize Damage. If the f.5A pushes them all the way into the corner, you can probably tack a j.5A before the j.6A.
5AAAA 2A 3A - ~2416-2499 Damage | ~9 Hits | 80% Limit
Spirit Orb Usage: 0
Note: Does not work against Marisa, Meiling, Suwako and Aya. Against Cirno, you must wait a little (~0,3 - 0,4secs) to perform 2A.
5AAAA 66A *Alt 214B(Thousand Spear Dolls)* - 2197 Damage/*2617 Damage* | 5 Hits/*9 Hits* | 80% Limit
Spirit Orb Usage: 0

Note: Alt 214B is optional, but the timing is rather difficult compared to the extra damage it deals.

5AAAA Alt 214C (Thousand Spear Dolls) - ~2100-2700 Damage | ~10 Hits | 40% Limit
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Note: Let opponent fall for a bit before using 214C to maximize damage.
2A 3A 5B hj j.6A 5B - ~2229 Damage | 13 Hits | 100% Limit
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
5AAAA 2A 3A 5B hj j.6A - ~2900 Damage | 14 Hits | 129% Limit
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Note: Does not work against all characters.

Spellcard Combos

5AAAA Shanghai/Hourai/Return Inanimate (j.6a) - 2986/4191/3094/3564 Damage | 19/64/6/6 Hits | 100%/100%/120/130% Limit
5AAAA Return Inanimate 6[A]- 3753 Damage | 6 Hits | 130% Limit
f.5A 6A Shanghai/Hourai/Return Inanimate (j.6a) - 2737/3912/3327 Damage | 21/69/8 Hits | 100%/100%/130% Limit
6A 2B (4 hits)(Return Inanimate) 236C j.6A - 3700~4000 Damage
Note: Only if your opponent doesn't know that Return Inanimate isn't air-blockable. It's better to make your own opportunities with dolls rather than this. This is not a combo, but more a trick to catch really ignorant players. This will not happen in a higher level match.
5AAAA 2A 3A (3~4 hits) Return Inanimate 6A 5B - 5900~ Damage
Note: Like above, this is not a combo. Only Corner and initial combo does not work against Marisa, Meiling, Suwako and Aya. Against Cirno, you must wait a little to perform 2A.
5AAAA Little Legion 2[C] hj.8 (D8) (j.5A) j.6A - 2700~ Damage
Note: Easier to pull off at a near-corner distance or else the dolls will end up deployed off screen.

Frame Data Edit

Motion  Damage  Prorate  Limit   Startup   Active   Block Adv   Wrongblock Hit Adv  CH Adv   Block   Airblock   Type
 c.5A   200     98       0       8         3        -1          +1         0        n/a      L       No         A
 f.5A   150x6   98       0       10        18       -5          -1         -3       n/a      H       Yes        B
 5A*4   1000    85       40      14        3        -10         -4         D        D        H       No         C
 2A     450     95       0       10        5        -1          +3         +1       +8       L       No         B
 3A     150x    98       8x6     14        18       -alot       -alot      D        D        H       Yes        C
 6A     700     85       40      14        4        -11         -5         D        D        H       Yes        C
 66A    800     85       40      9         4        -1          +5         D        D        H       No         C
 66B    150x6   98       0       10        18       -5          -1         -3       D        H       Yes        B
 66C                             21                 -2          D          +4       D        L       Yes        C
 j.A    500     92       0       10        4                                                 H       Yes        B
 j.2A   300x4   95       10x4    22        12                              D        D        H       Yes        C
 j.6A   700     85       40      14        18                              D        D        H       Yes        C
 j.8A   400x4   95       10x4    13        16                              D        D        H       Yes        C